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Rolex Ref.4113 Split-seconds Chronograph, Replica Watches

Certain antique watches have special magic that makes people’s hearts beat faster whenever they see them, and the Rolex Ref. 4113 split-second chronograph is one of them. Ref.4113 was manufactured in minimal quantities. The one pictured in this article was produced 1942 during World War II. It is a unique watch. Multiple factors shape its […]

Rolex Souvenirs, Best Replica Watches

Today, we talk about Rolex souvenirs. A group photo of four souvenirs. It is said that the price of the four of them together is equivalent to a Rolex magnetic watch. Fetish 1: Crown-shaped key chain A key chain inspired by Rolex’s famous triple buckle waterproof crown shape This key chain is very exquisitely made, […]

Why Do You Never Forget The “Panda Plate”? Rolex Replica Watches

Speaking of panda dials, are you familiar with them? For example, Rolex’s Daytona Paul Newman panda dial watch is a very typical panda dial design. But the panda plate has nothing to do with our cute giant panda. It does not draw inspiration from the giant panda but the chronograph watch style in the 1960s […]

Different “Green” Other Fashion Trends, Replica Rolex Watches

From the perspective of the color design of watches, “green” timepieces are now more popular among everyone, almost to the point of “everything green will be popular.” Various watchmaking brands have also integrated this bright and beautiful color into their designs. , forming a market state in which a hundred flowers bloom. Today, I have […]

Oyster Perpetual Deepsea Challenge, The Best Replica Watches In The World

On March 26, 2012, James Cameron dived into the Mariana Trench with an experimental wrist to a depth of 10,908 meters (35,787 feet). It was this practical watch that inspired the design of the Deep Sea Challenge model. The Deep Sea Challenge is made of RLX titanium and is guaranteed waterproof up to 36,090 feet. […]

Mark Ii’s First Self-winding Daytona. Buy Replica Watches Online

The five-digit Daytona Ref.16520 introduced this time is the first generation of self-winding Daytona. The movement is [EL PRIMERO] Zenith Caliber Cal.4030. The next one is a Ref. produced in 1989. 16520, Ref. 16520, was built in 1989, so 1989 was the early stage of its production. The dial is a very rare [four rows […]

Co-branded Rolex GMT-Master II, Replica Watch Information

In some discontinued products, some LOGOs have nothing to do with Rolex. These LOGOs are the names of other companies. When Rolex was founded, its popularity and status differed significantly from its current status. At that time, to increase the credibility of its products, it added the names of well-known jewelry companies it cooperated with […]

Rolex, Gold, And Diamonds, Replica Swiss Watches

Today, I’m going to talk about Rolex again. It’s a very ordinary Rolex, the Rolex gold-plated diamond DJ (DATE JUST, hereafter referred to as DJ according to custom). Rolex Diamond 126334 (left) and Diamond 126333 (right) Official picture of Rolex diamond-covered 126333. Note that there was no small crown logo in the middle of the […]

Rolex Released A Skeleton Fake Watch

Skeletonized Rolex Daytona watch Upon closer inspection, this is another modified watch factory Label Noir masterpiece. Label Noir is a professional watch modification factory located in Geneva, Switzerland. Founded in 2011, the brand slogan is “Creative luxury dedicated to the arts of personalization.” It specializes in modifying watches according to customers’ customized needs. The Rolex […]

Recommended Diving Watches, Best Replica Watches Review

Diving watches are the most popular sports watches. Although most watch lovers do not have any diving needs, diving watches have both excellent appearance and excellent performance and because diving requires watches to be corrosion-resistant, most of them are made of fine steel, which makes the watch very resistant and durable, suitable for daily wear […]