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Today, we talk about Rolex souvenirs.

A group photo of four souvenirs. It is said that the price of the four of them together is equivalent to a Rolex magnetic watch.

Fetish 1: Crown-shaped key chain

A key chain inspired by Rolex’s famous triple buckle waterproof crown shape

This key chain is very exquisitely made, and the back is mirror polished to be used directly as a mirror. It is a gift from the media and VIPs of the 2018 Rolex Basel new product preview in China and the Sea-Dweller’s 50th-anniversary national tour. How do you tell if it is a Rolex triple buckle waterproof crown? Because three dots are under the crown, the height has a tripartite locking structure, equivalent to the smallest submarine hatch. Best replica watches.

These three Rolex watches all use triple buckle waterproof crowns.

Fetish 2: Crown-shaped crystal paperweight

Rolex’s triple buckle waterproof crown-shaped green crystal paperweight has such a long name that Rolex fans nicknamed it “Green Mooncake.”

Rolex green mooncakes are very famous. It is a media and VIP gift launched to commemorate the opening of the Rolex China Exhibition Center, also known as Rolex World, in September 2011. It was just before the Mid-Autumn Festival, so the name Green Mooncake came into being. The Rolex World was open from 2011 to 2018, so Green Mooncakes have been continuously issued for seven years, and they have a profound influence and are pretty popular. Richard mille replica.

Rolex China (Shanghai) Exhibition Center opened from 2011 to 2018 – Rolex World.

In fact, in the history of Rolex, there is more than just this green mooncake. Another green mooncake with two dots should have been released in Europe in the 1990s. However, the European version of green mooncakes is smaller and has no water ripple decoration on the back. Its aesthetic value could be better than the Chinese version of green mooncakes, so people have gradually forgotten it. Occasionally, you can see the European version of green mooncakes in some European antique stores.

Fantastic object three: Crystal paperweight in the new Basel exhibition hall in 2013

Rolex 2013 Basel new showroom crystal paperweight, commonly known as “Snow Skin Mooncake.”

The number of snow-skin mooncakes exists far less than that of green mooncakes. Snowskin mooncakes were only released for a year, or just a few days, to be exact. It is to commemorate Rolex’s opening of a new exhibition hall at the Basel Watch Fair in 2013. All Rolex-registered media and dealers who attended the Basel Watch Fair that year can receive this gift. In other words, it is not given to those who arrive in Basel but those invited to enter the Rolex showroom and listen to the new product launch briefing.

The snowskin mooncake is much more giant than the green mooncake. The front pattern is an embossed Rolex showroom, and the front is slightly tilted. This may make it easier for the owner to appreciate the way when used as a paperweight.

Divine Item 4: Alloy Big Crown

Comparison between alloy big crown and two moon cakes

The large alloy crown is weighty and does not respond to magnets. At first, many friends thought it was made of copper. But later, after calculating its density, it was not copper, so we had to call it the “big alloy crown.” The alloy crown was a gift from Rolex’s 2009 “Crown Forever” theme exhibition. That exhibition invited 2,000 guests from all over the world to gather in Beijing, meaning that about 2,000 alloy crowns exist.

During the 2009 Rolex “Crown Eternal” themed exhibition, the Beijing Financial Street International Conference Center was renovated inside and outside.

What kind of exhibition is the “Crown Forever” themed show? It is not just a watch exhibition that combines high-tech display means such as sound, light, and electricity. The significance of the existence of “Crown Eternal” is more equivalent to Rolex’s centenary celebration. Eleven years have passed, and the “Crown Forever” exhibition can still serve as a benchmark for single-brand watch exhibitions.

The “Crown Eternal” theme exhibition reception hall has the same decoration style as the Rolex headquarters in Geneva.

The interior of the “Crown Eternal” themed exhibition. The five dots of the crown are the five themed exhibition halls.

The theme of the “Crown is Eternal” exhibition is that someone can understand how big this crown is with reference.

Other less-than-fabulous Rolex gifts

Rolex “computer dial” pattern leather wallet

Kang Laoshi has also seen Rolex gifts: sunglasses, folders, ballpoint pens, slapped leather, spoons and forks, luggage tags, blankets, T-shirts, ties, golf balls, fans, chocolates, and perfume.

And, of course, that:

Rolex golf hat

Case Size: 40mm
Band Length: 18cm
Band Color: Silver-tone
Gender: Men’s
Model: 116610LV
Case Thickness: 15mm
Series: Submariner
Brand: Rolex
Case Color: Silver-tone

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