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Today, I’m going to talk about Rolex again. It’s a very ordinary Rolex, the Rolex gold-plated diamond DJ (DATE JUST, hereafter referred to as DJ according to custom).

Rolex Diamond 126334 (left) and Diamond 126333 (right)

Official picture of Rolex diamond-covered 126333. Note that there was no small crown logo in the middle of the SWISS MADE dial of 126333 in the early days.

Official picture of Rolex diamond-covered 126334. Note that there was no small crown logo in the middle of the SWISS MADE dial of 126334 in the early days.

Because the homophonic pronunciation of gold and diamonds is very similar to “progress and profit,” which has a good meaning and is liked by many people, the gold-covered DJ is also one of my favorite Rolexes. Of course, some people say, wouldn’t a DD with all gold bars and diamonds be better (DAY DATE)? DD is undoubtedly good, but the public price starts at 250,000, which is expensive (the general price of 36mm starts at 250,000, and the public cost of 40mm starts at 280,000. The actual price depends on individual circumstances). In comparison, a DJ with gold and diamonds is much more affordable.

Rolex Diamond 126334 (left) and Diamond 126333 (right)

Of these two DJs, one is gold-coated diamond 126333, and the other is platinum gold-coated diamond 126334. Among them, 126333 is an oyster plate chain, and 126334 is the latest five-bead chain. Both watches are currently on sale. I prefer the 126333 between gold and gold and wear it more. After all, gold can be seen at a glance. Replica swiss watches.

Rolex bag diamond 126333

Rolex bag diamond 126334

The new generation of DJs currently on sale has two sizes: the number 1263XX is 41 mm, and the number 1262XX is 36 mm. 41 and 36 are the classic sizes of Rolex DJs for many years. They are both men’s watches, which mainly depends on personal preference. Both of these are 41, with steel shells and gold rings. The case and lugs of Rolex DJ are polished (the lugs of the old 16233 in the early years were brushed). The polished case is brighter under the light, from which we can also see that the DJ tends to be more formal. 126333 and 126334 are dog-tooth rings; 126333 is a gold ring, and 126334 is a platinum ring. Regardless of gold or platinum, the gold ring is characterized by brightness, especially the shape of the dog-tooth sawtooth. It reflects light at various angles and is very shiny.

Rolex Diamond 126334 (left) and Rolex Diamond 126333 (right).

Rolex bezel detail.

Rolex diamond-packed DJ, the hour markers on the dial are all diamonds. In addition to the magnifying glass calendar at 3 o’clock and the crown at noon, there are ten diamonds on the dial embedded in the gold base. In the 1990s, the old Rolex diamonds were called “small diamonds” because the bottom bracket was relatively small. Later, Rolex improved the design (after about 1996) and enlarged the bottom shelf. Since then, Rolex’s bag diamonds have been “big bag diamonds.” With diamonds on the dial, the dial flickers immediately, and the fire of the diamonds can be seen under the light. Although the drill is insignificant, the effect is good with the cooperation of the diamond bottom bracket, gold ring, and gold needle. If we observe, we will find delicate radial patterns on the disk surfaces of 126333 and 12334. At the same time, the English language of the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust is printed on the top of the disk, and the English language certified by the Super Observatory is printed on the bottom of the disk. One detail that needs to be noted is that the new generation of Rolex DJ now has a slight crown in the center of SWISS MADE below the 6 o’clock position on the disk. This is the symbol of the new generation of 3235 movements (32 series movement) Rolex (the early 3235 in previous years) Movement DJ; there is also the phenomenon that there is no small crown). Bell and ross replica.

Rolex bag diamond 126333

Rolex bag diamond 126334

For these two DJs, 126333 is equipped with an Oyster bracelet (plate chain), and 126334 is fitted with a five-bead chain. Oyster and five-bead bracelets are commonly used for Rolex DJs—especially the five-bead chain on the 126334. On the DJ of the new generation of 3235 movements, the five-bead chain canceled the previous hidden crown clasp and changed to a five-bead chain with an oyster clasp. This is a new Variety. The links of the Oyster bracelet are relatively tight, while the links of the five-bead chain are rather loose. This depends on personal preference. It should be noted that 126333 is gold between gold, the bezel, and the middle link of the oyster bracelet is gold; 126334 is gold between platinum, and the bezel is platinum, but the bracelet is steel. Since the new generation of DJs are all equipped with Oyster clasps, whether an Oyster chain or a five-bead chain, the end of the watch section can be folded to extend or shorten the half-section length.

Rolex’s new generation DJ comes with an Oyster bracelet and a five-bead bracelet. Both bracelets have Oyster clasps, and the last section can be folded.

The new generation of DJs currently on sale already use the Rolex 3235 movement (32 series). The 3235 campaign was launched in 2015. After five years, it has passed the test of time. Second, the new technology used in the Rolex 3235 movement (32 series), hollow Chronergy escapement, 70-hour power, etc., are familiar to everyone. Several of my 3235 movement watches, DJs, and yachts all have excellent timekeeping, reaching the Rolex Super Observatory +2/-2 standard. Generally speaking, I have bought all Rolex before and after. Whether it is the 3135 movement, 3235 movement, or 4130 clocks, they are all very accurate. Series and nine series movements are represented).

Rolex 3235 movement and details.

The public price of this yellow gold 126333 gold-encrusted diamond is 113,800, and the general cost of the platinum 126334 gold-encrusted diamond is 92,500. Compared with the famous sports labor, the market of Rolex DJ is much more rational. Considering factors such as discounts, exchange rates, and the secondary market, the final actual price is below the public expense (the final price depends on individual circumstances). In terms of cost-effectiveness, it is a relatively cost-effective product.

Although it is said that DJ is a Rolex that tends to be formal, DJ is also a standard Rolex Oyster watch, which is waterproof and dustproof, and the lock handle is 100 meters waterproof. It is straightforward to wear on various occasions. Coupled with gold and diamonds, it is considered luxurious and durable.

Of course, you can also find that many young people don’t like DJs, especially Jianjin DJs, who think they look old. Firstly, people’s preferences will change over time; secondly, after you get started, you may find that gold and diamonds are perfect.

Case Color: Silver-tone
Gender: Men’s
Dial Color: Blue Dial
Engine: Rolex Calibre 2836/2813
Case Thickness: 12mm
Series: Datejust
Band Width: 20mm
Brand: Rolex
Model: 116234BLDJ

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