Rolex Released A Skeleton Fake Watch

Skeletonized Rolex Daytona watch

Upon closer inspection, this is another modified watch factory Label Noir masterpiece.

Label Noir is a professional watch modification factory located in Geneva, Switzerland. Founded in 2011, the brand slogan is “Creative luxury dedicated to the arts of personalization.” It specializes in modifying watches according to customers’ customized needs.

The Rolex steel case Daytona 116520 used for modification has been discontinued. Its bezel tachymeter scale is slightly different from the Daytona currently on sale, but it is equipped with a new generation of Rolex chronograph movement 4130—72 hours power reserve.

Label Noir custom-made Rolex Daytona 116520 flying tourbillon watch

This is not the first time Label Noir has “surgered” on Rolex. If you log on to Label Noir’s official website, the product catalog is Rolex (but its refitting business is not limited to Rolex). In the past, we have seen a lot of modified Rolex, basically changes in appearance. It may be for the case and bracelet to be coated or blackened, inlaid with diamonds, or embossed on the dial. At most, it is time to change the uniqueness. The hands, hour markers, and movement do not move. Still, Label Noir is unsatisfied with this and even launched a flying tourbillon in response to customer needs, which surprised people.

Label Noir 4 Rolex Milgauss 116400 watches with a flying tourbillon.

After all, Rolex has always emphasized durability, precision, and practicality. In the past, the most complicated function was only when the annual calendar was superimposed on two places or the countdown. The irrelevant flying tourbillon is entirely different from the brand spirit. Apart from sensationalism, it can almost be regarded as a copycat fake watch.

Because to add a tourbillon structure, it is necessary to remove dozens of parts of the movement and then add dozens of pieces (depending on the function of the action), and Rolex does not produce these added parts. , and even the vibration frequency is different. Not only is such a movement unoriginal but its accuracy may be compromised.

Label Noir modified Rolex Explorer II 216570 dual-time watch.

Some people like to modify their cars to be calm and handsome, and others want to change their watches for the same reason. Wearing a limited watch is different and unique. As the Explorer Ⅱ watch modified by Label Noir above, it is exciting to change. The cartoon character on the disk is Popeye (Popeye). Children probably don’t know him now. This one will become infinitely stronger after eating canned spinach. The cartoon hero is a vital childhood memory for children born in the 60s, 70s and 80s.

Popeye is dressed in a baseball uniform, his two thick arms turn into hour and minute hands, and the bat he swings turns into a second-time zone pointer. The bat flies away from his palms. Whether he hit a beautiful home run or was struck out depends on the wearer’s interpretation. The watch is limited to 10 pieces.

Seeing Popeye, does anyone think of Bamford Watch Department (BWD), another famous watch modification factory?

BWD modified Rolex Yacht-Master watch

BWD was founded in London, England in 2003. The founder, George Bamford’s father, is the chairman of JCB, the world’s third-largest construction equipment company. There is an interesting anecdote about the founding of BWD. It is said that George Bamford once wore a Rolex Submariner to an event and frequently bumped the watch at the scene. Later, he asked the technicians of the family company to make a DLC diamond-like carbon black coating on his eye and then wore it to another social occasion. More than 20 friends placed orders on the spot, asking George Bamford to change their watches, So an exclusive business began.

BWD remodels the Chronomaster flagship series El Primero Radar limited edition watch for Zenith

BWD modified TAG Heuer Monaco series watch

However, you must know that the brand does not authorize most watch modifications. Customers come to the door and propose modification ideas. However, these modified watch brands do not approve, and the brand will reject future repairs and maintenance. Outside. However, after years of operation, BWD has established a certain weight in the minds of watch fans. In recent years, watches such as TAG Heuer, Zenith, Bulgari, Kunlun, and Girard-Perregaux’s cat’s eye series of ladies’ watches have all BWD is officially authorized to modify it, and even some limited watches will be sold on the brand’s official website. Tag Heuer replica watches.

Girard-Perregaux Cat’s Eye series watch modified by BWD.

When the refitting of watches went smoothly, BWD also launched its watch brand Bamford London in 2017, but I wonder if it will change the model for Rolex for a long time. Let’s see if these Bamford London are outstanding in appearance design. Have a Rolex feel?

In addition, Bamford London has also put Popeye on the market. This watch with dual time function is priced at 1,250 pounds, approximately 11,400 yuan, on the official website. It is limited to 50 pieces and has already been sold out!

Popeye x Bamford LondonGMT watch

Another manufacturer well-known in the modified watch industry and known as 2B with Bamford is Blaken from Menden, Germany. It is best at using DLC diamond-like carbon coating to alter the case, and The bracelet is black-plated, no matter whether it is a Submariner, Daytona, Sky King, Yacht-Master, or Greenwich Series, all are black to the end, and each one looks like Darth Vader, cool and stylish.

Rolex watch modified by Blaken

Blake has also put cartoon characters on the disk. Still, unlike the above two modification factories who love Popeye, the cartoon character used by Blaken is Peppa Pig, which suddenly turns Rolex’s sporty Bailian steel into a finger-wrap soft, very special.

Rolex Explorer II watch modified by Blaken.

In addition to the several professional modified watch factories introduced above, Titan Black from the UK, MAD Paris from France, and Blackout Concept from Switzerland are also masters of limited watches.

Series: Daytona
Brand: Rolex
Gender: Men’s
Case Size: 40mm
Model: m116500ln-0001
Case Thickness: 16mm
Engine: Rolex Calibre 7750/Mingzhu Engine

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