Co-branded Rolex GMT-Master II, Replica Watch Information

In some discontinued products, some LOGOs have nothing to do with Rolex. These LOGOs are the names of other companies. When Rolex was founded, its popularity and status differed significantly from its current status. At that time, to increase the credibility of its products, it added the names of well-known jewelry companies it cooperated with on its swiss replica watches. The more famous ones were Cartier and Tiffany. I want to share below the Tiffany co-branded GMT-Master II Ref. 16713, which is very popular among watch collectors.

First, take a look at its dial. There is a conspicuous Tiffany mark on the Greenwich LOGO. The early dial in 1990 will have some graininess when viewed with a magnifying glass due to the paint, but these are everyday phenomena and can be ignored. The font of Tiffany is also the same as the trademark. Tiffany with gold letters is generally difficult to see.

The case in the picture looks good, and the sticker on the back cover is still there. And now it seems that the less polished a watch is, the more popular it is. Many friends try to keep the original signs of use of the eye when wearing it. The number of the strap is 402B/62523H, and there is an engraving of [50] on the back of the belt, indicating that it is a sports commemorative bracelet. Replica watch information.

Finally, let’s take a look at its accessories. A complete set of co-branded models should be relatively rare. In the picture is a blue Tiffany outer box, a black inner box, a Tiffany warranty, a GMT brochure, an OYSTER brochure, a calendar, an American paper sleeve, a small green tag, and a small red tag. Its warranty is, of course, issued in the United States. The dial number is 30. It can be seen that it is Ref. 16713 with a black dial and a commemorative bracelet. It also has Tiffany printed on it.

Tiffany’s co-branded models are now attracting more and more attention from the world. No matter which series the number is gradually decreasing, it is becoming more and more challenging to obtain. The circulation quantity is minimal, and the watch model and color cannot be selected, which is probably a headache for many collectors. In addition, many fakes and repaired products are on the market for Tiffany co-branded products. It is said that some physical stores at that time were openly selling and promoting them. In addition, the number of co-branded watch stores selling it worldwide is also minimal, so it is a miracle to encounter a complete set of perfect sports models after the discontinuation of production. I hope you don’t miss it if you can meet a friend with a good and reliable Tiffany co-branded model.

Band Color: Two-tone
Case Color: Gold-tone
Brand: Rolex
Series: Gmt Master
Model: 16713BKSO
Engine: Asian Movement
Gender: Men’s

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