Mark Ii’s First Self-winding Daytona. Buy Replica Watches Online

The five-digit Daytona Ref.16520 introduced this time is the first generation of self-winding Daytona. The movement is [EL PRIMERO] Zenith Caliber Cal.4030. The next one is a Ref. produced in 1989. 16520, Ref. 16520, was built in 1989, so 1989 was the early stage of its production. The dial is a very rare [four rows of marks] Mark II dial. As we all know, [EL PRIMERO] has a variety of dials and bezels, and the scarcity of combinations is also different. Those who liked Rolex must have owned several watches, and the market then was more beautiful than now. Among them, the early dial and bezel combination was the rarest, and many collectors are still looking for it. In the early days, the dial was very distinctive. If it were Mark I, it would be [falling literally], but this Mark II has only four lines of text at noon on the dial, which is rare even now. By the way, the so-called [falling literal] refers to the five lines of text at noon, and there is an empty line in front of the last line of [COSMOGRAPH]. If you are interested, you can search it online. Swiss replica watches store.

Let’s take a look at the Mark II dial in the picture. The tritium luminous light fades into an atmospheric color contrasting with the black dial color. Sports black disks of this vintage often have a grainy texture, but they can only be seen with a magnifying glass under light. It is considered an era characteristic, so I don’t need to pay too much attention to it. The bezel is a Mark II bezel and the [225 scale] bezel we are discussing. It has a very distinctive design, like the dial. The bezel in the picture has yet to be polished very much. Sports models of this era generally undergo multiple polishing during maintenance, so watches with deformed bezels are often seen. Although the dial is essential to [EL PRIMERO], the shape of the bezel also dramatically affects the look and feel of the watch. Excessive polishing will significantly reduce its charm, even for this rare Mark II bezel. Although some small use scars are in the picture, the scale is visible, which can be challenging. Although the case has the same polishing marks as the bezel, the overall shape is still very full. It is a thick case that was only available in the early days. You can see it right up to the prefix E, also called [fish shell]. Because it is a watch case that can only be matched with stainless steel models and gold models, many friends also choose the early models because they like this kind of watch case. Buy replica watches online.

The strap is 78360 with the number 503, a 20mm single buckle strap. Although a little loose, it is not deformed and is in good condition for a watch strap from the 1980s. The number of the buckle is [N], which is consistent with the era. We hope it is entirely in date since it is a rare Mark II dial. Choosing your favorite combination from various versions of dials and bezels is one of the charms of [EL PRIMERO]. The initial models with R and L prefixes are rare. Among the five-digit models we call, It is challenging to obtain, and it is estimated that many collectors are still looking for them. This distinctive dial, whether an antique watch or [EL PRIMERO], is more popular. [Four lines of marks] is a feature unique to the Mark II dial. The 255 scale on the bezel is also a feature of the Mark II bezel. This combination of [2+2] is only available with the L prefix. The number is enormous—few styles. The editor once thought about buying one, but he unknowingly exceeded his psychological budget for this old Daytona during his hesitation. It is estimated that finding a watch in good condition will become increasingly difficult. After all, Daytona’s first-generation self-winding model has a specific commemorative value.

Movement: Automatic
Series: Daytona
Dial Color: Black Dial
Case Size: 40mm
Band Color: Silver-tone
Case Color: Silver-tone
Brand: Rolex
Model: 116520BKSO
Gender: Men’s

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