Talk About Rolex’s New Table, This Year’s Exact Watches Replica

This year, I saw a lot of fun points in Rolex, such as minor subversion and even a little playful -change in the impression of “traditional serious” in the past.

Judging from the latest investigation of Morgan Stanley, Rolex accounted for almost 30 % of the watch industry in 2022. For its current status, it is tiny to do some innovation, but some topics are better.

The first appearance is Binglan Di (Platinum Tongtong).

At first glance, what is the difference between this table and is not only today?

For the 60th anniversary of the birth of Di Tong, Rolex made some changes to Di Tong’s case straps and movements. The most important thing is to turn the table over.

Is Rolex back thoroughly?

Someone was saying, “Rolex is forgotten the ancestral training!” But after a while, the “how to buy” voice flooded his ears.

The new 4131 movements are equipped with the Chronergy escapement system, the Paraflex cushioning device, and the improvement of the pearl bearing. The automatic Tuo is 18K gold, but many people are no longer concerned about these details.

After all, Rolex has always been defined as a “tool watch.” It is durable and does not rely on too much modification as the highlight. It is already a default norm for not showing the movement.

The rules that the fans adhered to were broken by Rolex himself overnight.

Some people talk about Rolex’s movement as needing to be more exquisite. These are not important at all. For Di Tong, it will not change its “fire.”

In the second player, oyster-type Hengdian Yacht Famous 42, RLX titanium (strong corrosion resistance and anti solid -deformation ability) is very light. This is also Rolex’s second titanium exact watches replica (the first is the profound sea challenge).

Oyster-style constant mowing venue type (everyone is used to calling it heaven). This time it is more attractive to me is a mint green dial. Dark dials are lighter than dark dials because this table is a bit heavy. Essence

This time, there is a watch as a miniature dark horse -Hengmou 1908; at first glance, it is thought to be Chelini.

The name “1908” represents when the “ROLEX” trademark is officially registered in Switzerland. This is 18K platinum with a black dial.

It shows that it is a historical model, and the classical style is indeed very pleasing -the particular pointer shape, the noodle clock mark, and the arched delicate pit pattern outer ring all symbolize the tradition of the Rolex fake watches.

In the past few years, it has been the season of sports tables, but every time I see an elegant formal table, I can’t help but stop -at a certain age, it seems that I can instinctively awaken myself. Should I have something?

A new watch with 51 balloon oysters.

It is divided into three sizes 31, 36 and 41

When it comes to colorful oysters, it is necessary to review the unusual 2020. At that time, Rolex launched five new colored oyster-style tables. When it appeared, many people expressed disdain, and you saw what you liked afterward.

The color balloon color on the dial is from these five colors. As for whether it will be hot, do you still ask?

The reason is straightforward. Rolex has its traffic. However, some unique design and output supply is in good store and will inevitably be hot.

Finally, for many people, the ultimate goal of Ai Rolex will want to have a DD (week calendar type).

As you get older, you will feel more and more desire for DD.

First, after the demand for the primary DD meets, everyone starts to aim at the color dial. This can also be understood why the price of some rare dial DD is very high (of course, the output is also tiny).

This is one of the new calendar 36 new models, green sand gold stone plates.

Everyone is no stranger to turquoise. It is a lot of popularity. This year, 18K platinum models are added, which is low -key than gold models.

For the DD of Rolex’s unique material dial, do not hesitate to like it. Book the first time! Although some Rolex did not stop production, with its low output, when the second piece came, I didn’t know it. Everything was early.

Still 36 mm gold size, this piece is an 18K gold model.

At first glance, many people were stunned, and then quickly flashed in his head, “It’s so fond of like but can’t buy it.”

Its dial uses internal enamel technology, but there is no more conventional display on the week and calendar windows -the weekly window display “Love, Peace, Hope” and other English words, expressing moods, and the calendar window have 31 different expressions of different expressions It can be freely combined.

This is the 18K platinum model.

We can understand as aside from time constraints, it reduces anxiety and has a more exciting life.

  • Brand: Rolex
  • Band Color: Silver-tone
  • Movement: Automatic
  • Series: Daytona
  • Model: 116506IBLDO
  • Band Length: 19cm
  • Engine: Rolex Calibre 7750/Mingzhu Engine
  • Gender: Men’s

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