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Regarding 14060, there are two versions: 14060 and 14060m; M’s meaning is Modified, so you can see that the difference between the two is minimal. 14060 was discontinued from 1989 to 2000, while 14060M was suspended from 2000 to 2011. Since the appearance of the two is almost different, Rolex only adds an M to differ in terms of model differences. Other versions are different, and looking at the market is the primary way to identify the 14060 quickly.

The first is the early version of 14060. The most prominent feature is the two lines under the disk surface. Because the observation cost of the Observatory was more expensive, buy fake rolex secretly saved the money, so the market still retained the two lines of antiques.

At the same time, the T25 disk was adopted in the early days. Here is some Xiaobai explanation of the T25 disk: here refers to a line of the “SWISS-T <25” logo at six o’clock. Lemon light uses radioactive substances, and its content is within the safety scope. The most prominent feature of this T25 disk is that its luminous effects will fail after a long time, and some T25 luminous coating will slowly turn yellow. Another notable feature is that the outer circle scale uses a flat head four design, and 4 of the 40 numbers at 8 o’clock are flat. This is also a way to identify the old circle from the new process quickly.

To enable the timepiece to read smoothly in the dark environment, the scale of some style dials and the pointer has been applied to the radioactive luminous substance. According to the provisions of the ISO-3157 Guidelines of the International Certification Organization, timepieces can only use radioactive nuclear species in the specified regulations. The watch is mainly used for the eye. SWISS-T <25 refers to the table made of Swiss, containing , and its radioactivity is less than 925 MBQ (25 mci)

The 14060 starts to enter the transition period from the U and A-shaped heads, and the plate surface and the outer circle begin to replace the new version. Replace it with Swiss Made, and the luminous material uses a unique exclusive secret combination of Super Luminova.

The P line is precisely the transition period of 14060 and 14060M. In the finding information, the 14060M has been replaced with a new type of luminous and tip four outer circle. It is thinner, sharper, and called “frog feet.” It is said that it is an alternative version of the factory produced by Z2-Z7-prefer. This crown can also be seen in the early V -heads of the first generation of Ghost King 116600.

After the Z7, the launch of 14060M began to print the Observatory of the Observatory under the disk surface, referred to as the four-line front surface, which also laid the standard printing disk for modern water ghosts. No astronomical logo exists, but the movements are strictly by Rolex’s factory standards. The Observatory can verify them. It is a simple or complex choice for players. The two lines of characters are relatively simple and more aging, which is also the fun of many cousins followed; and the most ending period of 14060M has garbled and G -shaped heads. Higher and more stable, this is also the character many watchmates seek.

Speaking of the difference between 14060 and 16610, he was designed with hollow belt perforation in the entire series. The later 16610 has been put on a solid leader, and the button has also been upgraded. The 14060 had only changed once it was discontinued.

How to choose your own 14060?

The most significant difference between 14060 and 16610 is the simple disk surface, so the good products of the two lines are good choices. Of course, if you can buy a Daquan set or an early T surface fade circle, the budget is similar to 16610. Choose one of the two, and the rest will be given to the wallet to decide.

The taste of antique replica watches is to pay tribute to time seriously. The careful care of each watch owner has had a beautiful appearance for more than ten years or even decades. There is a story that belongs to him.

  • Band Color: Silver-tone
  • Model: 114060-97200
  • Band Length: 18cm
  • Case Thickness: 15mm
  • Series: Submariner
  • Brand: Rolex
  • Case Size: 40mm
  • Band Width: 20mm
  • Gender: Men’s

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