40 Millimeters To Explore One, And Now I Can “Sit Down And Flat” With Empty Tyrants’ Fake Watches

Rolex Exploration Home is positioned as an outdoor hiking watch. It is a long-established series and has endured for decades. The adventure home watch is also referred to as “exploration one” by players to distinguish the Explorer II (“Explorer”) with the function of the two places. Following the launch of the 36mm version equipped with the CAL.3230 movement in 2021, the series now adds a 40mm version again to provide us with the current aesthetic and wearing habits.

Explorer 40 watch (model: 224270)

In the past, it explored the “Getting Started Three Treasures” of Rolex professional models with Empty Battle and Magnetic (green glass). However, due to the diameter, the 36mm exploration one is only recognized by some cousins. In addition, the green glass is discontinued, and the choice space of Rolex’s entry model has been further reduced. Launching the new 40mm exploration one not only enriches the choice of Rolex’s entry model but also makes the diameter no longer the factor that restricts players from choosing it.

The first-generation exploration home watch (model: 6350)

The history of Rolex adventure family-type fake watches can be traced back to 1953, aiming to commemorate the Mount Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay trip. The first-generation model of the series Ref.6350 is characterized by the use of 36 mm diameter and Arabic numerals 3, 6, and 9 times. Later generations also continue these characteristics.

Ref.214270 (39 mm/left) and Ref.124270 (36 mm/right)

From Ref.6350 in 1953 to Ref.114270, suspended from production in 2010, a 36mm diameter was used for a long time for more than half a century. It was only in the REF.214270 in 2011 to increase the diameter increased from 36 mm for the first time. To 39 mm. However, the 39mm diameter maintained a generation, and the Ref.124270 launched in 2021 returned to 36 mm again. For this generation of works, the most controversial point is the diameter. You must know that under the trend of 40 mm or even larger diameter, the audience of 36 mm is limited, which is why the series has increased by 40 mm today.

The 40mm models of this appearance and the 36mm models launched in 2021 are not iterative relationships. The two-sized exploration one is currently on sale on the Rolery official website. One is the classic size of the series. The use time spans half a century, which is the appearance of a generation in the minds of an era; the other is the size that is more in line with modern aesthetics and wearing habits and can meet the preferences of different players to the greatest extent. Essence

Explore a simple design and strong practicality. Although at the entrance level, the performance in all aspects is equal: the watch combines an oyster case and strap, and the middle point is cast with solid oyster steel with the higher-level professional model. The look is consistent. The oyster case is equipped with a crown of rotation, allowing the eye to achieve a waterproof depth of 100 meters (330 feet).

At the same time, professionalism of Tanichi is also reflected in the use of oyster insurance buckles, which can effectively prevent accidental touch. The clip is also installed with the easy-to-adjust chain extension system developed by the brand. It can extend the bracelet for about 5 mm without the premise of the surface section.

From the perspective of appearance, exploring the classic elegant black plate, the pointer is the famous “Mercedes -Benz needle” of Rolex. This pointer style has a high degree of recognition. The dial’s 3, 6, and 9 hours use Arabic numerals; the 12 points are the inverted triangle. The above Rolex developed and patented the luminous material, and the brand named it “Chromalight.” Different from the SUPER-LUMINOVA bright material widely used in mainstream watches, Rolex replica watches have been converted to Chromalight luminous since 2008. This glowing material is white in the sun, and the blue light exudes bright blue light in the darkness.

In addition, the uniqueness of the Rolex watch is to use “oyster steel.” This material belongs to the 904L steel category and is widely used in various high-tech industries (such as aviation and chemical). Oyster steel has the advantage of strong corrosion resistance and is long-lasting and glorious. Even if you experience extreme environments, you can keep the initial luster.

The new product is equipped with the CAL.3230 automatic chain movement, the same as the 36mm model. The campaign was first unveiled in 2020 and is one of the main movements of Rolex today. Compared with the previous generation 3130 movement, the most significant change of the 3230 movements is that the power storage is increased from the original 48 -hour to 70 hours, and the structure of an autonomous shock absorber and bearings is used.

Another reason why 40 mm exploration and empty tyrants “sit up and flat” are the price. Currently, the public cost of Ref.224270 is RMB 59,800, and the general price of the 20022 airbags REF.126900 is RMB 5,8200. The gap between the shared expenses of the two products has been further reduced.

Summary: As the classic size of the series, the 36mm meter diameter was used for up to half a century, which profoundly affected the development of Explore. This is why the ample-scale diameter has become the mainstream trend and why the 36mm model retains the 36mm model is still maintained. However, although it is a classic, not all players are willing to pay for this “feeling.” The 40 mm diameter that meets today’s habit is easy for most users to recognize. From this perspective, when the diameter no longer restricts the choice, the 40 mm exploration has achieved the “flat sitting” with the empty bully.

  • Gender: Men’s
  • Series: Explorer
  • Brand: Rolex
  • Model: m214270-0003
  • Movement: Automatic
  • Band Color: Silver-tone
  • Case Color: Silver-tone

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