Rolex Oyster Height Buy Replica Watches

Excellent professional diving replica watches review Oyster Perpetual Submariner and Oyster Perpetual Submarine Date; the case is increased to 41 mm. The submarine type is equipped with a 3230-type movement, and the linker calendar type has a 3235 movement.

Oyster-type Hengdian Submarine type, 41 mm, oyster steel Rolex Alain Costa.

Submariner Rolex

Oyster-type heights logo 31,31 mm, white golden steel Rolex Alain Costa

Logging 31 ROLEX

Oyster-type Harmonic Log 3 (Oyster Perpetual Datejust 31) is a white golden steel model (a combination of oyster steel and 18CT white gold). With different colors of dials, the clock mark and Roman numbers are 18CT white gold.

Oyster-type constant 41,41 mm, Oyster steel Rolex Alain Costa

Oyster-style constant moving 36rolex

Oyster-style constant movement 41rolex

Oyster Perpetual series launched Oyster Perpetual 41 (Oyster Perpetual 41), equipped with a 41mm case, and Oyster Perpetual 36, with various bright dials with bright colors to choose from. The watch is equipped with a 3230 movement.

Oyster-style constant moving vertical navigation type, 42 mm, 18CT gold Rolex Alain Costa

The vertical navigable Rolex

Oyster Perpetual Sky-Dweller launched the 18CT gold model. For the first time, it was paired with innovative high-performance black rubber Oysterflex straps, a strap with an oyster insurance buckle, and a Rolex Glidelock extension system, which was comfortable to wear.

Just as all Rolex buy replica watches have obtained an excellent observation of precision time under the observatory, and the green seal is marked, it is guaranteed to surpass the routine and standards of the watch industry in accurate, waterproof, automatic chain and power reserves in all aspects. All certifications are attached with five -a year guarantee in the world.

Oyster Hengdi
The newly designed case and strap, equipped with 3200 series movements

Oyster-type Hengdian Utilities and Oyster-type Hengdian Submariners launched new designs equipped with a 41mm case and widened the strap’s middle chain festival. Adhering to the classic aesthetic characteristics of the prototype watch, the submarine-type oyster steel model is paired with a black dial, and the outer circle is equipped with the same color Cerachrom pottery ring. The calendar type of the submariner is Oyster steel, with a black dial and a green ring; gold steel models (combination of oyster steel and 18CT gold), with royal blue dial and blue character ring; With a black dial and a blue ring. Oyster-type constant dynamic submarine type is equipped with a 3230 movement. The oyster-type Hangye Submarine Calendar type is equipped with a 3235 movement. Both movements are equipped with the Chronergy escapement system that Rolex develops and obtains a patent to ensure the power reserve is about 70 hours long.

Oyster Hengdi
White gold steel and 2236 movement

Oyster-type Hengdi log 31 is a white golden steel model (a combination of oyster steel and 18CT white gold). The first with diamonds inlaid, eggplant purple solar light effect dial, and 18CT white gold Roman numerals, digital VI inlaid 11 diamonds. The other three models have triangular pits, with mint green solar light effect dials, white paint dials, or dark gray solar light effect dials. Syloxi, manufactured and obtained by the movement and obtained a patent, ensures that the power reserve is about 55 hours.

Oyster constant action
Watch and colorful dial.

Oyster -style constant -moving series: Oyster -type constant -moving type 41, two models with silver solar light effect dial and bright black solar light effect dial. Patriarizes with 18CT white golden clock tag markers and pointers. Oyster -style constant -moving type 36 has a bright and dynamic appearance, with five paint dial colors for choosing candy pink, turquoise blue, yellow, coral red, and green. The oyster belt buckle and buckle installation are easy to adjust the chain. This is the first time the Oyster Perpetual series is equipped with a chain. All are equipped with 3230 movements. The movement of the Chronergy escapement of Rolex research and development and patented by the movement ensures that the power reserve increases to about 70 hours.

Oyster Hengdi
Oysterflex strap and Rolex Glidelock extension system

Oyster -style constant moving vertical navigable type with Oysterflex strap for the first time. This is the first time the classic series has adopted this innovative Rolex patent strap. The 18CT gold model is paired with bright black solar light effect dials and innovative high-performance black rubber straps and is equipped with an oyster insurance buckle and Rolex Glidelock extension system, which can quickly and gradually extend the strap, which is more comfortable to wear. Oyster-type constant navigator -type 9001 movement with watchmaking technology is independently developed and manufactured by Rolex, which is one of the most complicated movements of the brand. The movement is equipped with blue Parachrom shots made of unique cashmere alloy to ensure the power reserves are about 72 hours long.

Brand: Rolex
Range: Submariner
Model: 114060
Gender: Mens
Movement: Automatic
Case_size: 40 MM
Case_material: Steel
Bracelet_material: Steel (Oyster)
Dial_type: Black
Water_resistance: Water Resistant

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