A Rare Rolex Turquoise! Buy Replicas Watch

Rolex’s precious metal watches have very few popular styles, except for the ice blue and green gold. Due to the scarcity of the dial, the output is minimal, and it is also the object that Rolex week calendar series watch players are keen to pursue.

In the 1980s, if you wanted to buy a popular style of Rolex’s day-date, you might have to be tied with a steel Daytona that even pawnshops were unwilling to accept. The irony is that if you plan to buy a hot black and white Gundy at the counter now, you may need to buy at least one diamond-encrusted women’s day-date all-gold watch for the price you pay.

This is the impact of fashion trends on the value of watches. Suppose you stretch the time axis to 10 years as a unit and look back at the fashion trends of watches. In that case, today’s popular steel watches, such as Water Ghost and Panda Di, including High premium fake watches such as Nautilus and Royal Oak, maybe at the top of this wave of fashion trends.

But from the perspective of a watch manufacturer, the profits brought by precious metal watches are much better than those hot steel watches, which is especially important for Rolex. For example, Rolex will deliberately limit the supply of steel water ghosts so that more consumers will choose gold-style water ghosts. After all, the price difference of more than 30% is where the real money is made compared to using precious metal materials.

Compared with other brands of formal watches, the Rolex Cellini series has always been on the street, but the week calendar, which is all made of precious metals, has always assumed the role of Rolex’s flagship watch for more than half a century. The advantage of the weekly calendar is not in the function. Still, while maintaining the reliability, sturdiness, and waterproof performance of the Rolex watch, it can combine its decoration and status symbol through the unique presidential chain design and the use of precious metal materials. for one.

In terms of collocation, the most significant advantage of the week calendar series buy replicas watch is that no matter whether you wear a suit with shiny leather shoes or a floral shirt and shorts with flip-flops, this watch will not have any sense of disobedience when worn, and it is very comfortable to wear. Matching and commuting capabilities, as well as high recognition, are the reasons why the week calendar series watches are so popular in the global market.

The watch in this issue is the 36mm week calendar gold watch 128238-0071, released at the 2019 Baselworld Watch Fair: very simple, three needles plus a week and calendar display.

But it is a watch that is challenging to buy because its dial is a unique natural material dial in Rolex-turquoise dial. In the past few decades, Rolex has launched many weekly calendars watches with unique raw materials, including malachite, solid wood fossils, genuine meteorites, opals, etc.

The main feature of this type of watch is that the output is small, and the natural material of the dial surface should be selected according to your preferences. It does not have a fair market price like popular sports models, but more often, it is when you want to buy. Is it fate to find your favorite unique dial watch?

Brand: Rolex
Range: Day-Date II
Model: 218235
Gender: Mens
Movement: Automatic
Case_size: 41 MM
Case_material: Rose Gold
Bracelet_material: Rose Gold (President)
Dial_type: Black Baton
Water_resistance: Water Resistant

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