Rolex Explorer II 216570 Watch Replicas

The original series of Rolex Explorer Explorer wristwatch origins is said to commemorate May 29, 1953, Etymon. Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzin. The Explorer was designed and developed for professional explorers and adventurers after Tenzing Norgay successfully climbed Mount Everest wearing a Rolex Oyster. To differentiate itself from the Explorer I, the Explorer II 216570 is being marketed to speleologists, Cave explorers, and the like, who, after going deep into dark caves, Soon lose their sense of place and time. You can’t tell if it’s night or day, and you don’t know if it’s 4 a.m. or 4 p.m. Just the launch of a watch, the focus is still on the acceptance of the market; the watch replicas is in the early stage of the launch also faced a minor frustration, did not cause a boom in sales, only in the small group of professionals who often have to pay attention to time zone change (such as pilots and air traffic controllers, etc.) to gain love, but in the 1970s action star Steve McQueen and volcanologist Harlan. After celebrities like Haroun Tazieff openly wore them, the watch’s popularity increased significantly, and it is now one of the hottest Rolex styles in the market.

In 1988, Rolex made the first revision to Explorer II and launched the second-generation Explorer Ref. 16550. The most significant change was to change the orange needle to a red arrow and change the 24-hour display to GMT second place time display. The watch replicas can adjust the movement part of the 3135 movements to allow the pointer to be collected 24 hours before and after the quick dial without interfering with the operation of the minute hand and second hand; On the outside, the Explorer II Ref.16550 has a black cut-out 24-hour number, but a few of the original Explorer II 16570 models have a red cut-out number, which is quite rare. Ninety years later, the third generation Ref 16570 has been replaced by a pure white panel. It is said that the committee has the advantage of seeing time during the day and at night and will not be interfered with by different light intensities.

In 2011, the 40th anniversary of the birth of Explorer II was celebrated. The Explorer II Ref. 116710, the third representative model with 3187 movements, was launched to improve precision and reliability to a higher level. It is regarded as the crystallization of innovative technology and aesthetic art. Two of the most significant changes in appearance are the change from the red needle’s second generation to the orange needle’s first generation and the enlarged diameter. It is said that the orange needle is more potent than the red needle in the dark. It also echoes the features of the first generation, echoing the theme of the 40th anniversary of the series. The expansion of the case to 42mm was a successful strategy in consequentialist terms. Faceplate configuration part, hour, and minute hands are more comprehensive than before and more convenient to read the time. In addition, the GMT wristwatch is equipped with a 24-hour hand that can adjust independently. When operated together with the outer ring, the GMT wristwatch can display the time in the second time zone. The Explorer II Ref. 116710, like its predecessor, also comes with a black face plate, which creates a mysterious “Phantom” effect with the pointer floating on the face plate. It also makes the glow-in-the-dark arrow come alive on the face plate with a more three-dimensional shape.

Internal use of Rolex developed 3187 movements; this movement is equipped with several brands of the latest patented technology: such as Paraflex patent cushion device and anti-magnetic blue Parachrom spring, to ensure the cushion performance of the watch replicas to reach unprecedented reliability. The chain strap is fitted with a new oyster-type safety fastener with a safety latch and adjustable chain link, extending the chain strap to the most suitable length for the wearer to enhance wearing comfort.

The richard mille replica Rolex Explorer 216570-0001 switches the red needle back to the orange needle for a higher degree of practicality in reading; The overall proportion of the table after the increase of the diameter is more appropriate and is quite a successful revision. And watch replicas several details of the grinding and chamfering also appears to be more delicate than before; the overall look down compared to the previous generation of works is more worth starting with the reason.

Range:Explorer II
Case_size:42 MM
Bracelet_material:Steel (Oyster)
Water_resistance:Water Resistant
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