Cheap Fake Rolex Ice Blue Ditto Hold Wristwatch – Luxury Fashion Once And For All!

I believe that as long as you like cheap fake Rolex brand watch friends, this 116506 ice blue face Ditona is not unfamiliar; ice blue watch with an 18K platinum forged expensive shell and unique plate color combination, luxury price positioning makes most of the fans are afraid, can be said to be in the Rolex Daytona series is second only to rainbow Di.

The most excellent version of the cheap fake Rolex universe Daytona series 116506 ice blue face watch by a lot, the pursuit of functional integrity and perfectionists, n4130 is a good choice if the quest for price elements, n and of 7750 is reasonably cost-effective, today will introduce the appearance of the texture and prominent AR production of the full version.

AR Binglendi dial diameter and original maintain the same; the data is 40mm measured (not counting the head) is 38.5mm, the mirror is made of real sapphire crystal glass, after the anti-glare process, an outer ring made of brown ceramic material, the scale for platinum plating process, to ensure the eye appearance texture and scale durability, The disc surface is ice blue color with the texture of radiating grain, and the timing ring is also brown. The time display is marked by time double hands. The most extended hand pointing to the 12 o ‘clock position is the timing second hand, and the logo information is set at the 12 o ‘clock position; the 30-minute hand small dial is charged at the three o ‘clock position, the small second-hand dial is set at six o ‘clock position, and the 12 hours small dial is set at nine o ‘clock position. Of course, in all of the AR Datonhold watch replicas 3 and 9 points, two small plates are displayed and have no actual display function.

AR Binglandi case is made of 904L fine steel forging, gold plating process processing, shell surface through the combination of the bright polishing process and fine wire drawing process processing, 2 point head for the timing start/stop button, 3 point head for the screw type adjustment head, 4 point head for the timing stop/reset button, the bottom cover with a close bottom wire drawing process structure, The movement adopts the top duplicate Cal.4130 automatic mechanical timing movement, and the four ears are engraved with the corresponding logo characters and other information.

The watch band is made of 904L fine steel, the same as the shell. It adopts the combination form of three strains. The buckle adopts the three-section oyster folding buckle, and the seal is engraved with the logo information on the buckle body.

Rolex ice blue face Datong watch has always been a star member of the luxury watch; the unique ice blue face color deeply, AR's leading production technology in the appearance of the texture of the most vividly reflected, the key is. The past AR gold Di, and platinum Di, this new ice blue Di has only a 2850 deficient price factor; it Is very worth a try cheap fake Rolex luxury fashion watch!

Case_size:40 MM
Case_material:Rose Gold
Bracelet_material:Rose Gold (Oyster)
Dial_type:Rose Baton Diamond Baguette
Water_resistance:Water Resistant
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