Precisely The Diving Meter, Not A Diving Buy Replicas Watch

Ref.16628, 1992

Yacht-Master, Rolex Yacht, is considered a diving watch by many watchmakers because of the characteristics of a rotating outer ring and rotating crown. In fact, according to the brand positioning, the yacht is a “watch of sailing.” It was born for the sailing competition and was also created for celebrities for yacht travel. The series’ characteristic is that many precious metal materials are used to show a luxurious sports style. Waterproof performance is not its focus.

Ref.16622, 1999

As a rising star of Rolex watches, the history of the yacht is short. The first generation of products debuted in 1992, only 30 years. Most of the traditional precious metal watches are formal style. In the 1990s, when the luxury attributes of famous luxury replica watches were continuously enlarged, sports watches also needed a gorgeous transformation. To this end, the yacht has emerged as a response. It follows the appearance of Rolex’s professional eyes and incorporates the classic watches’ popular precious metals. It covers the two themes of “sports” and “luxury.”

Ref.116622, 2012

Luxury material is one of the characteristics of yacht names. The series does not have pure steel watches. All models are made of gold, platinum, rose gold, and platinum. A small number of steels are used for the bracelet part. Regarding the choice of diameter, the yacht’s name is also rich and diverse. It provides three sizes of 37, 40, and 42 mm, which significantly meets the wearing habits of different gender and different body watchmakers. In addition, the yacht is the only series with three types of diameter in the professional buy replicas watch Rolex is selling.

Ref.268621, 37 mm, now sell

Rolex professional watch, commonly known as “sports.” Except for empty tyrants, exploration 1. Green glass has no outer ring; the other series uses ceramic outer circles. Only the outer ring of the yacht is made of precious metals. From the material perspective, it is unique. However, the texture of the precious metal is relatively soft, and the surface is easy to leave scratches after long-term use, which affects the beauty of the watch. To this end, Rolex’s solution is to scrub the central part of the word ring, which can offset the impact caused by minor scratches to a certain extent. In addition, the scattered texture is also significantly compared with the polishing scale on the surface, making the observation clearer.

Ref.126655, 40 mm current sale

Different from the unidirectional rotating bezel of the submarine type (water ghost), the outer ring of the yacht can rotate freely in both directions, which is closely related to its function. The outer ring of the conventional diving meter is used to calculate the diving time, and the countdown scales are used to the position of the cock. When the equivalent needle goes to the 0 rankings on the diving ring, the countdown is just completed. To prevent the timing of less than the actual time, the divers are often designed to rotate in only one direction due to insufficient oxygen, so there is only a lot of timing, ensuring safety.

Ref.226659, 42 mm, now sell

The outer ring of the yacht is mainly used for the time calculation of the sailing competition. If the sailing boat passes through the distance between the two buoyant lengths, it can rotate freely in both directions. Considering that the use scene of the sailing competition is in the daytime, the inverted triangle area of the inverted triangle that represents the 0 scales is removed. This is also the difference between the yacht’s outer ring and the diving meter’s outer ring.

Yacht famous II Ref.116680

From the appearance point of view, you can rotate the outer ring, Mercedes -Benz needle, convex lens calendar window, and rotating crown. The yacht’s favorite iconic type has almost all elements of Rolex sports models, which should be another explosion of Rolex. Only 100 meters of waterproof level seems challenging to convince the crowd, making this watch less “sporty.” In addition, the starting price of RMB 90,100 (37 mm) is not apparent at the same price competitive advantage. For various reasons, the recognition of the yacht’s fame could be better than the submarine (water ghost) or even the sea envoy.

Yacht famous II Ref.116681

There is another second-generation version of the yacht name (yacht named II, from now on referred to as “travel two”). You Er continues the series of luxurious styles, but the case material is no longer limited to precious metals. The pure oyster steel version of Ref.116680 began; the outer circle was replaced with ceramics, and only one option for 44 mm diameter was provided. From the appearance to function, the two generations of products have a significant difference: the outer ring of tourism can only be used for a 60-minute timing, and the Ring Command outer ring of the Two Two can achieve a synchronous countdown.

Yacht famous II Ref.116688

Generally speaking, the outer ring of the watch is operated separately from the movement. The two do not interfere with each other, and the Ring Command outer ring of You Er is connected to the movement component, which is part of the movement function. The wearer only needs to rotate the bezel counterclockwise, press the 4 -point button, and pull out the crown to adjust the timing. Finally, the outer ring is turned to the original position to complete the setting. This also makes You Er the only timing watch with a mechanical memory.

In the end, “You 1” or “You Er” are not well-known in Rolex professional watches. If the characteristics of Youyi are the appearance of the similar diving meter and the luxurious precious metal case, then the submarine type (water ghost) also has a lot of 18K gold or room models, and the waterproof performance of 300 meters is better. From this point of view, the advantage of Youyi is its wealth of tablets. On the other hand, You Er’s mechanical memory timing function is too professional, and it can only formulate a schedule within 10 minutes, which limits the use scenario; plus, the 44 mm diameter is also a factor that persuades many watchmakers. It is difficult for people to consider Di Tongtai, which is not weighing recognition and wearing a higher comfort.

Brand: Rolex
Range: Day-Date
Model: 118238
Gender: Mens
Movement: Automatic
Case_size: 36 MM
Case_material: Yellow Gold
Bracelet_material: Yellow Gold (President)
Dial_type: White Roman Numeral
Water_resistance: Water Resistant

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