Cross-border Fusion Of Clocks And Football Exact Swiss Replica Watches

With the most attention in the football world, the competition for the World Cup champion is becoming increasingly intense, and major brands have launched many activities or new products around this topic. AET Remould, a watch-modified brand from Germany, threw a football-themed watch, customized based on Rolex Di Tong, called “Football Feast).

Overall, this watch uses colorful colors and transparent sapphire crystal cases to create an atmosphere of football passion and tension. As a significant advantage of the AET Remould brand, many watch enthusiasts have favored the sapphire crystal process. On the football feast watch, the transparent case shows a very dynamic experience.

Looking at the dial design, it is easy to taste the core theme of the watch. The dial depicts a football scene. There are four characters of characters. The characters accompany football shapes. AET Remould has given the dial more vitality with colorful colors. It is reported that these colors are taken from the classic team’s jersey color.

Time clockwise, time labels, scales, dating, crowns, and function buttons blend gold elements, echoing the championship trophy. And the Dicong Crystal Watch, which AET Remould has transformed, will find that the previous sapphire crystal case has a silver crown and function button. Di Tong Crystal, the two are quite a contrast.

A significant advantage of AET Remould Di Tong’s Crystal Watch is that we can watch the operation of the internal movement through the blue gemstone crystal bottom cover, which is not visible in the Rolex original Ditong watch. They can also see their redesign through the transparent sapphire crystal bottom cover. The golden swing Tuo echoes the color of the championship trophy, and the pattern portrayed above corresponds to the front dial.

In addition to the light and comfortable wearing feeling, the white fluorine rubber strap also highlights the richness of the best replica watches. Through the actual weight test of some overseas bloggers, thanks to the characteristics of sapphire crystal materials, compared to the original metal or stainless steel, the sapphire crystal watch, after the transformed by Aet Remould, usually has a lighter weight. This is a significant improvement for people who are wearing comfortable.

Overall, Aet Remould conveys the support and love of football by combining football elements with exact swiss replica watches, and it must also make many fans and watch fans feel happy. This is an exciting idea of renovation, and it is also the usual design style of the AET Remould brand. For example, before that, they also combined racing and Picasso art with watch design to create a lot of classics. This time coincides with the World Cup, this “football feast” watch that conforms to the current trend has also brought surprises as scheduled.

Brand: Rolex
Range: Yacht-Master II
Model: 116680
Gender: Mens
Movement: Automatic
Case_size: 44 MM
Case_material: Steel
Bracelet_material: Steel
Dial_type: White Baton
Water_resistance: Water Resistant

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