Rolex’s “Heavy Stunning” Discount Replica Watch New Products Of The Year

On November 1, 2022, Rolex released the annual “heavy” product: the new deep-sea challenge. The “heavy” mentioned here has two meanings: First, it has an 11,000-meter waterproof level, which refreshes the impervious limit of the mechanical watch, which is of great significance. The second layer of meaning is that to achieve this waterproof performance, the size and weight of the profound -sea challenge type are very radical, and it is a perfect watch.

Rolex Deep Sea Challenge
  • As the first mass-produced discount replica watch with a waterproof depth of 11,000 meters, the profound -sea challenge shows Rolex’s technical strength and its position in the field of diving watches. It breaks through the waterproof limit of 3900 meters deep and increases the waterproof record of the eye to more than 10,000 meters.
Deep diving special edition, 1960
  • The reason for the emphasis on mass production is that as early as the 1960s, Rolex developed an experimental model that could sneak into the bottom of the Mariana Trip of 10,916 meters. Still, the work was not facing the consumer field. After a lapse, the Rolex Deep Sea Challenge eventually broke its record and is a product that consumers can buy.

Waterproofing has always been the field of Rolex. Rolex’s waterproof technology can be traced back to the oyster case in 1926. After years of development, the oyster case has now become one of the core technologies of Rolex and is used by many existing products. This is why Rolex professional fake watches are named after a specific type of oyster constant.

RLX titanium case
  • There is also a place different from the previous Rolex watch, which uses a level 5 titanium case. Titanium metal has become increasingly popular because of its light and corrosion resistance. Although Rolex has previously used titanium on the bottom cover of the “Ghost King” deep diving type, the primary material of the case is still oyster steel.
Model: 126067
  • The launch of the new deep-sea challenge has enriched and improved the product line of the Rolex diving watch. The Rolex diving watch is divided from low to high, with four large models. From 41 mm to 50 mm, from 300 to 11,000 meters, Rolex diving watches have completed a comprehensive coverage of different meters and different waterproof grades: the first-generation work of the basic model (water ghost) was released in 1953. It is the first—waterproof depth of 100 meters. The current waterproof level of the sale is increased to 300 meters. The 41mm meter diameter is used. The total size, recognition, and price factors are popular with everyone.

Waterproofing performance ranked second in the sea. It is positioned as a more professional diving watch. The first-generation product was released in 1967 and had 610 meters of waterproof performance. In 1978, Rolex raised the waterproof level of the seafront to 1220 meters. The standard has been used, and the current sales products still follow the 1220-meter waterproof standard. Ref.126600 was launched in 2017. It uses a 43mm diameter. This generation of seat type is characterized by the “Sea-DWELLER” in the disk to return to the early version of the single red font of the earlier version, so the list is red. The most significant difference between sea envoys and submarine types is that the rowing device is added, and the internal air pressure balance can be achieved by pressing the valve on the side.

There is a unique model in the sea envoy type: deep diving type. It is affiliated with the seas of the junior, not an independent series, which can be understood as an enhanced version of the series. The deep dive type is also called the “ghost king” by the player. Its waterproof performance has reached an ultra-high 3900 meters, more than ten times that of the submarine type (water ghost). However, to achieve high-level waterproofing, the cost required is to increase the size and thickness of the case. Whether it can accept the deep dive type varies from person to person.

The new deep-sea challenge is also a particular model of the sea confession. To achieve 11,000 meters of waterproof performance, it goes further. The diameter of the case reaches 50 mm, and the thickness has reached 23 mm. This is the most controversial place for the watch. The radical size is doomed to wear the profound -sea challenge. In any case, on the road to exploring the eye’s ultimate performance, the corresponding choices must be made, as well as the ultra-thin and ultra-light watches to compete for the absolute first in the field.

Brand: Rolex
Range: Deepsea
Model: 116660
Gender: Mens
Movement: Automatic
Case_size: 44 MM
Case_material: Steel
Bracelet_material: Steel (Oyster)
Dial_type: Black
Water_resistance: Water Resistant

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