“Moon Phase Transformation” Rolex Black Water Ghost Exact Watches Replica

The well-known Swiss modified watch brand Artisans de Genève accepted the commission of Paul Watson, a famous marine wildlife conservationist, to help him change his Rolex Black Water Ghost 116610LN. Paul Watson’s long-term sailing life inspired artisans de Genève. For example, he would use the stars to identify the direction during the voyage or predict the tide rise and fall by observing the moon, so this brand was transformed for Paul Watson. The black water ghost project is called “The Sea Shepherd Challenge,” and the inspiration for the creation of the watch is related to the astronomical elements of the stars and the moon.

Aul Watson is a citizen of Canada and the United States. He started sailing in Vancouver when he was young. During the process, his awareness of environmental protection began to spread. There are rumors that he is one of the founders of Greenpeace, but later, because of conflicts with the organization, Opinions were divided, which led him to leave the organization in 1977 and create the Sea Shepherd Association. This organization is considered a more radical marine ecological conservation group because they oppose hunting marine animals. They even call themselves an environmental protection organization, investigating illegal fishing activities and using water cannons or stink bombs to drive away fishing boats. Therefore, Paul Watson has been sued by the governments of Japan, Costa Rica, and other countries, and his position of actively defending the marine environment is sometimes considered controversial. Still, it also highlights his passion for the ocean.

Leaving Paul Watson’s radical behavior aside, his interest in watches may be the same as most watch lovers. In addition to pursuing practicality and ease of use, he also wanted to wear a unique style with his personality, so he turned to Artisans de Genève The watch was modified, and the brand also made every effort to tailor a very special water ghost for Paul Watson. From the following three points, we can see the main changes in this watch after modification:


The original ceramic bezel was replaced by aventurine material carved and chiseled by hand.

face plate

On the one hand, the dial is made of aventurine, which echoes the starry sky that Paul Watson often sees at sea at night. At the same time, a sizeable fan-shaped window is opened in the lower part of the dial, which is related to the upgrade of the function of the watch.

automatic disk

Artisans de Genève replaced the black water ghost with an automatic platinum disc inlaid with aventurine, and the brand name was also engraved on the lower edge of the mechanical disc.

In addition to the above three transformation points, the side of the watch case has a concave layer dug inward first, and the brand then sandblasted its surface. In addition, the middle part of the crown is also engraved with a full circle of concave. Layered, blue paint is added inside to echo the three sides of the aventurine bezel and dial. The addition of a sizeable fan-shaped window on the dial is valuable. It turns out that the 3135 movements equipped with the Artisans de Genève watch have added a moon phase module. The moon phase disc is set in the middle of the front of the movement—the enamel glaze of black and white looks similar to the starry sky effect of aventurine. In addition, the brand also carved two gold moons by hand, and the fan-shaped window on the dial indicates the moon’s cloudy and sunny.

A concave layer is excavated on the side of the case, and then the surface is sandblasted.

The unidirectional rotating bezel inlaid with aventurine can echo the tone of the dial.

We have seen several examples of Artisans de Genève refitting Rolex replica watches before. It is a standard design for them to replace the transparent bottom cover. After all, the watch owner spends money to take the eye to the refitting factory for modification. Of course, he also wants to get a more enjoyable look. Fun, so when the brand designed this The Sea Shepherd Challenge black water ghost, it naturally changed it to a transparent bottom cover so that Paul Watson could not only see the structure of the movement but also see the aventurine inlaid The automatic platinum disc rotates dynamically.

A recess is cut in the middle of the crown, filled with blue paint to echo the impression of the entire watch.

The moon phase disk is inlaid with two hand-carved moon patterns, and the image of the starry sky similar to aventurine is interpreted with enamel paint.

This refitted moon phase water ghost, the overall shape continues the classic design of the original factory. Still, through the introduction of aventurine material and the addition of moon phase functions, the watch’s appearance and uniqueness are improved immediately. For Paul For Watson, the moon phase is not just a romantic decoration. In the future, when he wears this watch to go out, he can also predict the tide through the moon phase. It is a very convenient and practical idea. When he gets the modified exact watches replica, the sense of amazement in my heart must be more robust than that of you and me.

The mechanical disc is made of platinum and inlaid with aventurine, which is pleasing to the eye under the transparent bottom cover.

Gender: Men’s
Case Thickness: 15mm
Series: Submariner
Model: 5513
Dial Color: Black Dial
Case Size: 40mm
Brand: Rolex
Band Length: 18cm

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