“Palace Style Daytona” Rolex Knockoff Magic Change

French modified watch brand SKELETON CONCEPT has received a commission from a client, hoping to integrate his Rolex Daytona 116505 into the local impression of Paris, the French capital, to pay tribute to this world-famous “City of Light.” It seems that the watch’s owner should also be a native of France, so he wants to inject his memory of his hometown into the eye so that no matter where he goes, as long as he wears the watch, he can think of his dream home.

Paris is a city with a long history and full of a humanistic spirit. Usually, when we mention Paris, we think of a fashionable and elegant style, but how to put the urban kind of Paris into Rolex knockoff Daytona? This is the key to the SKELETON CONCEPT having to discuss a clear direction with the watch owner before modifying the watch. In the end, the watch owner proposed that he hoped to name his limited eye after the French presidential palace – Elysée Palace. , Starting from this concept, SKELETON CONCEPT has a more precise direction of changing the look.

This modified watch, named Elysée Concept, is set to reflect the Parisian style. Since the eternal rose gold material of the watch itself is similar to the original copper color of the Eiffel Tower, SKELETON CONCEPT does not explicitly target the case. However, the watchmaker of the brand carefully re-polished and modified the case and chain belt to make it look more fortitude tempered by history.

SKELETON CONCEPT hollowed out the 4130 movements inside Daytona 116505 and changed the dial to sapphire crystal material, which allows the hollowed-out movement to be directly presented to the watch owner. To highlight the hollowed-out structure of the action, the modified watch brand, especially The bezel, is replaced with carbon fiber material, but this is different from the traditional carbon fiber material in our impression because its surface has been dyed and polished. The dark blue bezel will reflect charming light under the light, reminiscent of the colorful colors of the Paris night scene. SKELETON CONCEPT filled the word “UNITS PER HOUR” at the beginning of the tachymeter scale on the bezel with dark orange paint to distinguish it from the white paint on the tachymeter scale. In addition, a groove was opened in the middle of the crown and filled with a dark orange tint. The color becomes a hidden highlight to embellish the watch replicas.

The time scale of the Elysée Concept has been changed to a circular shape. The watch’s owner specially requested to change the luminous material of the time scale from 1 to 3 o’clock to orange, which can also echo the orange decoration on the bezel and crown. In addition, the modified watch brand also retains the eternal rose gold frame of the small dial inlaid with sapphire crystal and printed with the white scale on the outer edge. As for the hands of the dial, the original eternal rose gold parts are retained, but the tip of the central clock’s sizeable second hand is also painted in dark orange to make the timing process look clearer.

From the appearance of the watch to the polishing and polishing of the internal movement, it conveys SKELETON CONCEPT’s interpretation of the Parisian style, including a sense of elegance and sophistication, and SKELETON CONCEPT also abandons the original factory settings at 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock on the dial The multi-line brand logo, series name, etc., put the own brand logo and “COSMOGRAPH” at noon, so that people can focus more on the hollowed-out parts on the dial and see their precision. The operation process of permutation, combination, and seamless cooperation has a unique power to heal people’s hearts.

Dial Color: Pink Gold Dial
Case Size: 40mm
Series: Daytona
Case Thickness: 15mm
Brand: Rolex
Model: m116505-0012
Gender: Men’s

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