Rolex Vs Omega Is A Famous Big Pk Discount Replica Watch

ROLEX and OMEGA are the two most popular trump cards in the mid-priced high-end brands. They have many similarities in product quality, design, and price. However, Rolex is always more popular in the market, which directly reflects In the secondary market where the cost of watches is rising; at the same time, the original factory price of Rolex watches is also constantly increasing, thus slightly widening the distance from Omega.

However, because fake Rolex watches are becoming increasingly difficult to obtain, many people in the market have begun to turn their targets to Omega watches that are also in good condition. It stands to reason that these two brands have their characteristics and personalities. If watch lovers can’t buy a Rolex Submariner, they can consider Omega’s Seamaster. The two brands each have a piece of the sky, so no one is better or who is more worthy. I have a question about buying, but I would like to know if you have noticed in recent years that some styles of these two brands are becoming more and more similar.

Two sets of pictures were shared on IG. In the photo, Rolex’s Submariner, Sea-Dweller, Daytona, and OP were listed respectively, compared with Omega’s Speedmaster, Seamaster, and Aqua Terra, which are familiar and popular series, but at first glance, Why does it feel weird, as if there is a concept of two brands looking in the mirror.

The first prominent control group is the Aqua Terra 38 color dial released by Omega in 2022, which makes people think of Rolex’s Oyster Perpetual. In addition to the colored lacquer surface, other colored face plate styles are treated with solar radiation patterns. However, because the colored lacquered surface styles are so popular, the Oyster Perpetual, originally a little unpopular initially, has instantly become a hot item that many people want. Omega may have spotted such a color business opportunity, so based on its hippocampus Aqua Terra, it released a three-needle date watch with as many as five colors and solar radiation patterns. The functions of these two products are roughly similar, and the prices are identical. It’s similar, and after the latter added the color face plate elements, it also took advantage of the situation to let some people who don’t want to wait or buy OP at a super price can buy Aqua Terra with similar conditions with a similar budget.

Another set of pictures lists the popular models of Rolex, including Deepsea D-Blue, Lu Jindi, Green Water Ghost, Daytona Shawn Yue (116518LN), etc., almost all of which are hot and high premium styles. Initially, Omega could find similar options. , but this choice suddenly becomes much more evident in 2022 because OMEGA has successively launched Planet Ocean Ultra Deep, Moonshine™ Gold Speedmaster Moon Watch Green Surface and Gold Surface, and Seahorse Diving 300-meter Green Surface. Planet Ocean Ultra Deep is a brand-new model; the others are modified models of Omega’s existing models. For example, the moon watch can correspond to Daytona, and the seahorse diving 300 meters can compare to water ghosts.

Left: Rolex Daytona M116518ln-0048
Right: Omega Speedmaster 31062425099001

Left: Rolex Daytona M116508-0013
Right: Omega Speedmaster 31060425010001

Left: Rolex Green Water Ghost 116610LV
Right: Omega Seamaster 21030422010001

Left: Rolex Sea-Dweller 126660-0002
Right: Omega Seamaster Marine Chronograph 21530462103001

Of course, Omega does not follow suit completely, including the performance of the watch (such as Planet Ocean Ultra Deep’s water resistance of 6,000 meters), material (Omega’s exclusive alloy), and color (green is a darker olive green) are all similar to those of Rolex. There are subtle differences between the divine watch, but if you look at it at a glance, it gives people a sense of déjà vu that may be confusing, almost like a brother discount replica watch. Sometimes I don’t know whether the brand is intentional or purely coincidental. Still, one advantage is that if you want to find an alternative to the Rolex, as mentioned above, it will be much easier and faster to choose directly from Omega. However, everyone feels differently about this familiar design, except for the appearance at first glance. A little close, in fact, the works of the two brands still have their design origins and characteristics, and what materials and colors they want to use is everyone’s freedom. It is not a patent exclusive to a specific brand, so it argues whether there is a deliberate operation Intent; it is better to be happy to see the benefits of more choices.

Case Color: Silver-tone
Series: Sea-Dweller
Model: 116660-98210
Gender: Men’s
Band Width: 22mm
Brand: Rolex
Movement: Automatic
Case Thickness: 18mm

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