How To Choose The Rolex Voyager Series Replica Watch?

If it weren’t for the fact that Rolex is so famous now, you can’t even see watches on the counters. Most watches in the Long Voyager series should be frequent visitors to the corner of the counter because it is costly and complicated. Before the launch of the steel model in 2017, it had yet to be able to get rid of the fate of unsalable models.

How do you choose the Long Voyager series of watches in the current market situation?

Before Rolex changed its official Chinese translation name to “Voyager,” we used to call this watch “Skywalker,” perhaps because Luke Skywalker in Star Wars is too famous, and this Sky-Dweller of Rolex is also “Skywalker” means. So far, the favorite model of this series still used to be called “Blue Sky.”

Like the Yacht-Master II, the models of the early Voyageur series have three inherent “disadvantages”: first, they are too large, with a diameter of 42mm and a thick Oyster case, which indeed belongs to the “big man” in the Rolex family. “; secondly, it is too heavy. The initial “high-end setting” of all precious metals made this series of watches either very heavy, or the leather strap version is easy to cause top-heavy, which is uncomfortable for daily wear; the third is that the dial is too complicated. The early versions of Roman characters and Arabic numerals made the entire dial too tricky. The result of complexity is the reduction of aesthetic fit. Many people think that this kind of complex dial element is piled up in the Rolex replica watch series, and there is no beauty. to speak of.

After several years of struggle, the fate of the Long Voyager was entirely rewritten by the “Blue Sky Tour” in 2017. The launch of the steel model significantly reduced the weight and price of the Long Voyager series watches. For visual differences, Rolex has changed the time scale on the dial into the most straightforward style. Unexpectedly, such a change has brought about a significant optimization of visual effects. Bell and ross replica.

In this way, with the official price of RMB 100,000, blue dial, platinum dog tooth ring, unique Ring Command outer ring adjustment method, and sand compass calendar function, this “Blue Sky” has been a special counter since it was launched. If you can’t buy it, you need tying and a premium. The last story is simple. With the full-scale sales of Rolex steel watches starting in 2019, the actual market price of this “Blue Sky Travel” is now about RMB 70,000-80,000, more expensive than the official price.

Driven by the hot sale of the steel version, Rolex has also optimized the product series of the vertical sailor in the past two years, and the precious metal version no longer uses complicated Arabic or Roman numeral time scale designs. A five-baht chain strap is added to the watch, and the protagonist of this episode is the all-gold version of the Long Voyager with a rubber strap replaced.

The benefits of the rubber strap are apparent: First, it can reduce the price of the gold and rose gold versions of the Voyageur to a level of just over RMB 300,000, which is the same as the 40mm basic watch with the week-date kingpin, and it gives the look with a thicker wrist It is a new option for male users at the same price; secondly, the adhesive tape also makes the precious metal version more comfortable to wear, and the combination of black and gold is also more fashionable and youthful, which expands the scope of potential user groups. After all, Rolex is the most complex on sale. For watch models with movement, as long as the price is in place, the coverage of the natural market will also expand accordingly.

This is also where Rolex is brilliant. Compared with other watch brands, it does an excellent job of after-sales service to ensure a better value retention rate and circulation convenience in the second-hand market. At the same time, it is also better than other watch brands in a new series. It is more patient in cultivation. Rolex has waited many years, from the birth of the Vertical Navigator series to the actual hot-selling styles. Once there is a breakthrough in a particular manner, the large-scale adjustment of the product line will be followed up in time to meet the changes in consumer demand when the market trend changes.

Band Width: 20mm
Case Thickness: Around 15mm
Brand: Rolex
Model: m326238-0009
Dial Color: Black Dial
Gender: Men’s
Series: Sky-Dweller

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