The Second Generation Submariner Series Ref.6536/1, Fake Watches

Today I would like to introduce a piece of water ghost Ref.6536/1 in the 1950s. It is the second generation of the water ghost series watch launched by Rolex. It was produced from the second half of 1950 to the first half of 1960. It is equipped with the world’s first movement Cal.1030, which can be wound in both directions and is also the second-generation submersible, as well as the Ref.6538 of the same style as the well-known James Bond movie 007.

What catches the eye is its crown without shoulder pads, which is very simple and elegant. This design has to remind us of the Ref.6538 produced simultaneously. There are a few differences between Ref.6536/1 and Ref.6538. The two watches are the same in appearance and design, only slightly different in details, such as the dial’s size and the case’s thickness.


Let’s appreciate the surface of this lacquered plate. The overall gloss could be more substantial than the later lacquered plates. The radium-luminous material of the dial and hands has aged into a gorgeous pumpkin color. The black chassis and pumpkin-colored luminous light make the atmosphere of the antique watch very strong. Among them, the white second hand will not look obtrusive but adds agility to the thick-colored dial, which can be described as the finishing touch.

If you observe the dial, you will find some raised aging on the dial of this watch. This phenomenon is also common in antique clocks. Like every big tree has its unique tree pattern, these spots are the unique tree pattern of this watch replicas. Unlike modern watches, every antique look is unique, which is the charm of antique clocks.


In terms of the bezel, the well-known “Red Top” style is adopted around the luminous pearl, and the red upside-down small triangle shape is one of the characteristics of this period’s water ghost series fake watches.

From the side view of the bezel, we can see that the bezel of Ref. 6536/1 is made of brass, which is very rare in the Submariner series. The edge part has aged to a certain extent, and the color is gorgeous. Brass is more fragile than steel, so most of the Ref. 6536/1 bezels in the market have been replaced. Whether the bezel is correct significantly impacts the value of the Ref. 6536/1 watch.


The case is one of the highlights of this watch. I have seen a lot of Ref.6536/1 before, but the point could be better than the one in my hand. The polished degree is only about 1 or 2 times. From the above picture, the original shape of the lugs is preserved. As a watch from 70 years ago, the watch’s condition is excellent.


A 20mm orange watch chain made in Switzerland is used. From the number on the watch chain, it can be inferred that the year of the watch chain and the case is slightly different but consistent in style; the overall fit is not 100 points. But there are also scores above 80. The condition of the bracelet is excellent, so there is no problem in terms of practicality.

Gender: Men’s
Case Thickness: 15mm
Series: Submariner
Model: 5513
Dial Color: Black Dial
Case Size: 40mm
Brand: Rolex
Band Length: 18cm

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