Three Museum-grade Antiques, Best Replica Watches Review

Today I would like to introduce to you three museum-level antique Rolex watches: Dato-Compax Ref.6036, the magnetic grid series watch Ref.6543, and the large set of Paul Newman Ref.6241.

The picture above is the peerless collection of Gulao that I will appreciate with you today. It is a style that can only be encountered in museums or auctions.

Dato-Compax Ref.6036

First of all, the first one was Ref.6036, produced in 1953. It was called KILLY because Jean-Claude Killy, the famous ski champion and director of Rolex, liked to wear it very much. It is rumored that only 750 steel models like this were made then, and it was rarely seen on the market.

There are two types of KILLY Rolex watches. One is the early Ref.6036, which was born in 1951. It is characterized by the integrated design of the bezel and the case and the double-layer structure of Ref.6036 formed by the back cover. The other is the late Ref.6236, whose bezel and case are detachable, and the back cover includes the three-layer structure of Ref.6236. Best replica watches review.

Finally, the time scale of Ref.6036 and the crown at noon are grooved, which is more ingenious than Ref.6236.

Ref.6543, the first generation of magnetic series wristwatches

The second place is Ref.6543, a magnetic grid series watch produced in 1955. The number of circulation in the market is scarce, and even if you search online, you can find very little information.

Next, let’s discuss the difference between it and the original grid magnetic series watch Ref.6541.

The first is the design of the hands and the dial. Both dials are designed with a honeycomb surface, but the creation of the hands is different. Ref.6541 uses the lightning second hand and the dauphine hand, representing the modern grid magnetic series watches. , Ref.6543 is a Rolex standard straight second-hand with a knife-shaped needle. Ref.6543 feels more elegant, while Ref.6541 is more individual.

Internally, Ref.6541 adopts the double-layer anti-magnetic design of the soft iron cage, and this design has also been extended to the later generations of the grid magnetic series replica watches. At the same time, Ref.6543 does not use the soft iron cage like other Rolex watches. In addition, the back cover of Ref.6543 will be thicker than that of Ref.6541.

In addition, Ref.6543 has two features. The first is that the luminous dots on the dial are not coated with bright materials and do not emit light. Then the distance between the lugs is not the conventional 20mm but 19mm.

Paul Newman Ref.6241

The last one is the famous Paul Newman Daytona watch; Rolex lovers must have heard of its name. It can always be seen in an auction house or a museum. But it is beautiful, especially the panda plate with the red circle is trendy.

The most powerful thing about this Paul Newman today is that it is a complete set, with the original watch box (with a model sticker) and birth certificate, plus the condition of the watch itself is also excellent. If you want to find a perfect one, Paul Newman is the almost hell-level difficulty.

Series: Daytona
Brand: Rolex
Gender: Men’s
Case Size: 40mm
Model: m116500ln-0001
Case Thickness: 16mm
Engine: Rolex Calibre 7750/Mingzhu Engine

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