Best Fake Rolex Daytona Rainbow-ringed Watch

Since its birth in 1963, the best fake Rolex Oyster constant-motion cosmic meter Dittona Watch has been a symbol of the legendary invention of Zol, and the new watch unveiled at Baselworld 2012 exemplars this feature with its craftsmanship.

Rainbow-colored outer ring

Made of 18 ct gold, the cosmic Daytona is fitted with an outer ring of iridescence gemstones that sparkle with red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, and purple, just like the color-changing colors of the sky. Best fake Rolex carefully selected small and delicate stones and set them together to give the swiss replica watch a strange glory.

The lugs, shoulder pads, and the clock logo are also encrusted with gemstones, highlighting the attractive features of this Dinah.

Exclusive GOLD CRYSTALS chronograph

The color of the crystal clock contrasts sharply with that of the black dial and interacts with the color of the gemstone. These everyday timepieces are cast in 18 ct gold alloy by Rolex in its foundry. The attractive reflective effect and beautiful colors show the exquisite structure of the gold crystal. The crystal of each timepiece is unique; each is a natural masterpiece of art.

Oyster Case:¬†Excellent water resistance means the Universe Meter Ditona’s 40mm Oyster case is guaranteed to be 100 meters water resistant, a model of complete proportions and elegance. The typical intermediate case is cast in a single 18 ct block of solid gold. The bottom cover is tightened by a best fake Rolex watchmaker’s unique tool to seal the point entirely. The upper chain crown uses a patented three-button lock waterproof system and is protected by the crown’s shoulder guard, which, like the timing button, is firmly tightened on the case. The mirror is made of scratch-resistant blue crystal glass. The fully sealed cosmic meter-type Dittona Oyster case provides the best protection for precise movement.

Movement 4130 – Advanced fine chronometer

Cosmic meter Datona adopts the complete 4130 automatic chain mechanical meter opportunity core developed by Rolex. Like all constant-motion movements, the Type 4130 movement is officially certified as a time-gauge. This certification is specially awarded to the precision watch tested by the Swiss Fine Chronometer Testing Center (COSC). The structure of this movement is the same as all oyster movements, accurate and reliable. The watch’s heart and balance wheel use Rolex’s patented blue PARA CHROME spring, made in-house from standard alloy. This fluff is not affected by the magnetic field, it is still very stable under temperature change, and its seismic force is ten times higher than traditional gossamer.

Function and safety of the oyster-type safety buckle

The Oyster watch band is made of 18 ct gold and is equipped with an Oyster-style safety buckle to prevent unexpected opening. Developed and patented by best fake Rolex, this elegant, solid chain strap is both comfortable and cumbersome. The watchband also has a delicate EasyLink adjustable chain link system, which can easily adjust about 5 mm watchband length, ordered to wear warmer in various conditions.

Case_size:40 MM
Case_material:White Gold
Bracelet_material:White Gold (Oyster)
Dial_type:Black Arabic
Water_resistance:Water Resistant
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