Rolex Cellini Series M50535 Moon Phase Watch Replicas Online Free

Rolex Cellini series m50535 moon phase watch is a unique formal wear moon phase function automatic mechanical watch replicas online free in the Rolex brand. It is a representative work to improve the diversity of the whole brand, with moderate size and classic design elements showing a unique artistic beauty.

Rolex Cellini series m50535 moon phase bell and ross replica watch size of 39mm, more suitable for a wrist circumference of 15.6cm-20cm between the watch replicas online free friends to wear, covering the vast majority of the population; this size is more convenient even for women.

BXW produces this top-of-the-line Rolex Lunar Phase watch replicas online free. 1: 1. The size and detailed structure of the original is restored. The diameter of the dial is also 39mm. The plate comprises classic Cellini series elements, a large three-needle marking time display, a long crescent needle indicating calendar display function, set the moon phase display window at six o ‘clock, and the inner and outer multi-layer scale bar and digital circle are perfectly matched.

The movement of the BXW Rolex moon phase watch replicas online free adopts seagulls precision grinding custom movement st2108 modified original Cal.3195 complex automatic mechanical movement, in the perfect reduction function simultaneously. There is an outstanding walking time accuracy and stability; the case is forged with 316 stainless steel, and after an 18K real gold thick plating process, luxury texture can be reached.

The buckle is forged with the same fine steel as the shell, 18K actual gold electroplating treatment, and the watchband is made of imported calf leather material, adequate hand sewing treatment.

Case_size:39 MM
Case_material:Rose Gold
Bracelet_material:Alligator – Black
Dial_type:Black Baton
Water_resistance:Water Resistant
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