Did You Get The Rainbow Buy Rolex Replica Sent You?

Many things are beautiful but temporary, such as fireworks and rainbows. In addition to this commonality, they all have gradients and brilliant colors. And what people have been trying to do is to preserve those rare moments for longer, like our protagonist today, the buy Rolex replica Rainbow Daytona Rainbow Ring Daytona.

It isn’t the first time Rolex replicas for sale has released the Rainbow Ditona — it debuted platinum and gold versions in 2012. Since Rolex was officially produced in minimal quantities, it quickly became popular with watch fans, resulting in its value almost tripling. This year buy Rolex replica returned with the latest version of Rainbow Daytona, and while it looks a lot like the previous version, it still has its unique features.

The watch’s official name isn’t Rainbow Ditona — that’s what enthusiasts have been calling it for the past few years.

It is officially known as the buy Rolex replica Cosmograph Dittona, model 116595RBOW, precious metal chronograph, sapphire, and diamond setting. Rainbow Daytona is made from Rolex’s rose gold alloy Everose (a perfect rose tone), paired with a black lacquered dial, a pink gold crystal dial, a bezel set with 36 rectangular sapphires, inlaid with 56 diamonds entering the lug and case, and a colored sapphire indicator. 4130 movement, waterproof depth up to 100m / 330ft. So, if you want to go swimming with this watch, that’s fine, which I don’t usually recommend, but it’s more about being in a picture with sun, sand, and sea.

  • To achieve the natural Rainbow effect, a gem of this watch, all the manual cutting and the gradient color are selected. Buy Rolex replica has about 20 gemstone setters who only use IF (internally flawless) quality stones, meaning they have no inclusions, blemishes, or anything. Every stone is close to perfect.

Even so, there are still a lot of people who find it too costly and tacky; for me; I recognized such an evaluation five years ago; you let me wear this watch, I would say “NO,” but a few years, that some are changed, watch of wrist of today’s mainstream market, more and more accepted by people, break through the traditional design style is NO longer confined to those rules.

Even so, this watch is not suitable for most people; luxury is born, doomed to this is not the daily wear of the watch.

Case_size:40 MM
Case_material:White Gold
Bracelet_material:White Gold (Oyster)
Dial_type:Black Arabic
Water_resistance:Water Resistant
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