Why Is Tiffany The Hottest Among So Many Rolex Replica Joint Disks?

Many watch friends may be new to Rolex antique styles, wondering what a Rolex Tiffany disc is. The simple explanation is that the ordinary Rolex dial not only has the ROLEX logo but also has the name Tiffany & Co. printed on it. Of course, more is needed to explain the origin of cross-border cooperation between jewelry and watch brands. It also needs to clarify how Tiffany’s market is so attractive among many double-signed and other-bet markets, and the price is so high. And which models have made this unique signature dial? Today I will introduce it to you in detail.

Why is there a double-signed version of Rolex?

Before the official introduction, I also want to explain why there were so many double-signed or other versions of rolex replica watches in the last century. We all know that Rolex has rigorous control over its products. This practice has continued to this day, but the joint branding method of the brand was prevalent in the 1960s and lasted for more than 30 years.

But the Tiffany dial is just a tiny wave in the antique Rolex collection world. This is also because of the Rolex antique styles, there are too many exciting and interesting watch models, such as COMEX, various Middle Eastern disks, orbital disks, Tropical discs or Paul Newman, etc., but the minor signature of Tiffany today has a significant impact on the value of the watch.

The origin of cooperation between Rolex and Tiffany

What is the first reaction to Tiffany & Co. Tiffany now? The iconic Tiffany blue? All kinds of beautiful diamond jewelry? Yes, most people respond that this jeweler is well-known worldwide, but Tiffany is not just a famous jewelry brand. In the early days, its sales channel was perfect. Tiffany is a long-term seller of top Swiss watch brands—the history of products, such as Patek Philippe and Rolex.  Patek philippe replica.

Having said that, Tiffany, which has the right to sell Rolex, reached a joint agreement in the late 1950s, allowing Tiffany to sell Rolex in New York boutiques, with the words Tiffany & Co. printed on the watch face. Initially, only New York Stores could be hand-stamped, and later spread to other Tiffany points of sale.

Problems with Tiffany dials

Tiffany Service Centers also stock replacement dials for repairs. Therefore, many replacement Tiffany dials come from service centers or sales points. The official post-change behavior of this point is still different from the original embossed watch in the New York store, so it also caused Tiffany dials to follow up in the market—one of the reasons for misleading.

And another reason is that Tiffany’s quality control is indeed uneven; the production period of the disk is quite large, the early stage needs to be uniform production, and there is rough and flawed printing. Some surviving versions look at it. It’s crooked. The word NY is always distorted, so the Tiffany dial is also one of the most forged dials in antique watches. Identifying the authenticity and distinguishing the original from the original has become challenging. , more depends on experience and vision.

Rolex later also took over the production of most of the joint dials and specially embossed the Tiffany logo with the Geneva factory in Switzerland. In the early 1990s, Rolex decided to stop supplying common double signatures. With this news, Tiffany also announced that it would stop selling Rolex watches, and the two companies eventually parted ways.

It should be noted that Tiffany is one of many dealers who can print its brand on Rolex dials. Other double-signed versions include:

Rolex Bucherer (Bucherer) plate

I want to mention a few more words here. Bucherer is the translated name of Bucherer, but Bucherer refers more generally to the Bucherer Group, which is the watch and jewelry sales business, and Bucherer refers to wristwatches. Although the watch brands belong to the same group, Bucherer operates independently, and it is necessary to distinguish between them clearly.

Rolex Cartier plate

Rolex Van Cleef & Arpels plate

What series of watches have a Tiffany dial?

Rolex and Tiffany dual signature dials, are not limited to a specific series or model. During the cooperation period, Tiffany sold many Rolex watches involving almost all series, so many Rolex are equipped with Tiffany dials. First, we look at some functional and tool-type eyes that go up to the sky and into the water.

Left: Ref.5500 Right: Ref.5501

Airmaster type: Airmaster models with Tiffany dials account for many models, including Ref.5500 and Ref.5501 when Rolex and Tiffany first started cooperation in the 1950s and Ref.14010 in the late 1980s.

Left: Ref.1016 Right: Ref.14270

Explorer type: The explorer is the watch with the most significant contrast after printing Tiffany, a jewelry brand, printed on the watch specially made for going up the mountain and down the cave. Explorer watches with Tiffany dials, including Ref.1016 and the scarce black dial and black lacquer 369-hour markers Ref.14270.

Left: Ref.1655 Right: Ref.16570

Explorer II: Ref. 1655 is the first replacement of the Explorer II watch, also equipped with a Tiffany dial. At the end of the cooperation between Rolex and Tiffany, Ref.16570, which has just been put into production, is also quite collectible.

Daytona: Daytona is also indispensable for the running series, but Tiffany’s Daytona is a bit surprising. The reason is that some early Daytona watches are less popular but not very popular. Therefore, the number of Daytona with Tiffany special note is relatively rare, such as this Ref.6239 Paul Newman Daytona.

Greenwich-type: The proportion of the Tiffany dial in the Greenwich-type is relatively high, and the representative work is Ref.1675.

Greenwich II: The Rolex Greenwich II series was released in 1982. It is also close to the end of the cooperation between the brand and Tiffany. However, this series still has many styles with Tiffany dials, the representative work Ref.16710.

Left: Ref.1680 Right: Ref.5513

Submariner: As one of the most famous watches in the history of Rolex, Tiffany also has a lot of discs. In addition to Ref.1680 with a calendar display, there are also Ref.5513 without a calendar and Ref.5512 certified by precision timepieces.

Left: Ref.1665 Right: Ref.16660

Sea-Dweller: The Sea-Dweller series first came out in 1967. At that time, the cooperation between Rolex and Tiffany had been established for more than ten years. Therefore, like the early Sea-Dweller watches, Ref. 1665 or the later Ref. 16660, all have Tiffany dials.

After reading the tool-type sports watches, let’s look at some classic eyes. Due to the simple design of the classic watches, compared with stacking with various waterproof and other information, the words Tiffany will be more prominent after matching the simple dial. It looks better.

Left: Ref.1803 Right: Ref.18038

Day-date type: The jewelry brand is matched with the big gold watch’s logo day-date, and everything looks very suitable. Starting from the first two generations of the presidential alert, many styles are equipped with Tiffany dials, including Ref.1803 and Ref. .18038.

Left: Ref.1601 Right: Ref.16220

Datejust: The best-selling watch in the history of Rolex, the Datejust, will naturally not be missed, from a large number of antique journal watches at the beginning of the cooperation between the two parties in the 1950s, such as Ref.1601 and later Ref.16030, to the latest Ref.16220 of the late early 1990s.

Oyster Perpetual: The most entry-level Oyster Perpetual also has a Tiffany plate, which is relatively rare in style.

After reading these masterpieces of Rolex’s Tiffany discs, let’s go back to the beginning; why are there so many joint discs that Tiffany is famous for? As far as I understand it, there are several reasons. First, it is good-looking. We have also read it above. Whether Cartier or Van Cleef & Arpels, the literal design is too big and will be too grabbing. Although Tiffany & Co. has various fonts, a small line of characters fits nicely on the dial, especially on classic watches. Another reason is its high popularity. The font of Bucherer is similar to that of Tiffany, but most people need to learn about this oversized watch and jewelry dealer, and Tiffany’s popularity is indeed too high. The last point is also something that everyone can find out after reading the representative works. Tiffany discs have a large output, boasting decades of cooperation, resulting in many surviving stocks. For players, the pursuit of a suitable Tiffany disc, It’s relatively easy. All these reasons make me think that Tiffany’s noodles are so hot.

However, you must still be cautious when buying these popular antique Rolexes. After all, the antique-style market is more complicated than modern watches.

Gender: Men’s
Band Width: 20mm
Case Color: Silver-tone
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