Why Is The Rolex Green Water Ghost Fake Watch So Popular?

First of all, the color and eye-catching Rolex green water ghost have aroused the attention and favor of most lovers of the table; However, for men too, the “green” this color is often not good; the Rolex green water ghost is absolutely an accident, in the Rolex with the same fake watch series, the green water ghost not only the highest price, the department has no discount, But that hasn’t stopped true love fans from making reservations, even though they often run out of stock and have to wait for months.

In the watch industry, have such a word: if you don’t know what to buy a watch, so choose Rolex for it. It can show the audience rate that Rolex, ignorant of the small white table, or the most understood table higher-ups, quality and brand are a positive attitude towards Rolex, Rolex since more than a century of tabulation history makes Rolex fake watch of wrist of classic luxury brand in one of the most well-known brands.

  • As “a table is difficult to find,” why is the green water ghost so expensive can attract so many people, resulting in all the counters being basically out of stock, mainly because the Rolex green water ghost outer ring is the most difficult to do the ceramic ring, every production of 100 green water ghost, nearly two-thirds will be in the final high-temperature irrigation pressure ceramic burst, the finished product is less than 30%. That’s why all Rolexes get a discount except the Green Water Ghost.

  • Rolex watch has been committed to the pursuit of excellent quality and reliable performance; the fired ceramic ring is extremely strong, scratch resistant, and corrosion resistant; UV radiation will not fade; ceramic luster and the polished surface of the crew are in sharp contrast, the effect is more three-dimensional, the color effect has been improved, the shape is eye-catching, clear and easy to read, I think this is why the Rolex Green Water Ghost is so popular with fake watch lovers.

Rolex swiss replica website watches did not rely on rare materials and high-profile restrictions like other brands to win but still have ultra-high value preservation, which is related to many factors. For example, Rolex 904L steel corrosion resistance is more robust, the color of the table can be durable, such as the classic oyster structure, such as the most resistant three-needle 3135 movement, such as the world’s first automatic chain mechanism, such as anti-magnetic blue Parachrom spring high impact resistance, even after sale and maintenance also have a good guarantee, All of these step by step established the Rolex watch solid and reliable status, Rolex quality reputation, has a high value, has a high degree of recognition in the market.

Model:116610 LV
Case_size:40 MM
Bracelet_material:Steel (Oyster)
Water_resistance:Water Resistant
Detailed address:

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