Replica Rolex Cosmic Meter Dittona Series 116523 Silver Wristwatch

The wristwatch’s outer ring of the scale speedometer can measure the elapsed time through the timing function to calculate the speed. Whether measured in kilometers or miles, it is ideal for calculating rates up to 400 units per hour. The watch’s second hand allows the wearer to accurately time the clock every 1/8 of a second, while two dials at nine o ‘clock and 3 o ‘clock show the hour and minute, respectively. The movement is made of replica Rolex 4130 automatic chain movement, 100 meters waterproof.

The central second hand of the timer is accurate to 1/8 of a second, and the clock dial at nine o ‘clock and 3 o ‘clock show hours and minutes, respectively. The driver can then know how much time has been spent and decide how to drive the rest of the way to victory.

The design, development, and production process of the replica Rolex watch band and buckle, as well as the rigorous testing that needs to be passed, are all made full use of advanced technology. Like other watch components, the strap and buckle will also be inspected by a specially assigned person to ensure the product’s beauty.

The oyster watch band embodies perfect shape and function, exquisite and charming. Introduced in the late 1930s and made of three rows of broad, flat links, the metal watch band is robust and remains the most widely used Oyster line.

The Cosmo Daytona is equipped with the 4130 automatic winding mechanical timing movement, which is entirely developed and manufactured by replica Rolex. The construction of the movement simplifies the number of timer components, thus making the action more reliable.

  • Like all Rolex constant-motion movements, the Type 4130 has received the Swiss Official Chronograph Certification, awarded to accurate fake watches that have successfully passed the Swiss Precision Chronograph Testing Center (COSC). The timepiece is equipped with Parachrom for resistance to impact and temperature changes.

  • The timing function of the Ditonard is activated by a button, which can be tightened like the crown of a chain watch when not in use to ensure water resistance up to 100 meters deep. You can start, watch, stop or reset the meter with just a tap, using the most advanced technology to make the moment you press the button sound crisp.

In addition, the labor soil watchmaker is more special with the finger pressure to improve this device further to ensure that the watch can start time instantaneously, accurately, and reliably.

Case_size:40 MM
Case_material:Steel & Yellow Gold
Bracelet_material:Steel & Yellow Gold (OysterLock)
Dial_type:White Diamond
Water_resistance:Water Resistant
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