Why Is Rolex’s Glass Higher Than The Watch Replica?

Many brothers have noticed that the Rolex glass is higher than the watch.

It wasn’t until something happened later that I finally understood why Rolex made the glass higher.

The Rolex glass is higher than the bezel. I was very puzzled at first. I even told my friends I don’t know why the Rolex glass is slightly higher. The design is unreasonable, and it is easy to knock. Then, one day, I was wearing an IWC (now that I think about it, I have bought several IWCs. I like the look of IWCs). I didn’t pay attention when I was walking. The watches were relatively big, so I knocked them on the table. The table is made of tempered glass, so it didn’t feel too heavy. When I raised my hand to look at the watch, I found that the bezel had a few holes. The bezels are made very narrow and sharp to make the dial of IWC watches appear more significant. When the bezel is knocked out, it looks like a knife has cut. All the brothers who wear IWC watches know what it looks like. I feel bad for it because I can’t fix it myself at this level.

The dial of IWC is enormous because the bezel is very narrow.

My friend who wears Wanguo also told me that the bezel of his watch is easy to knock and leave pits. I later learned more about it and found that my knock was relatively minor, just a cut. The Portuguese seven a brother wore was quite heavy and affected the dial. Because after the bezel was knocked in, it squeezed into the dial, which also damaged the dial.

The bezel of the Flying Meter is also very narrow.

I thought to myself, I used to feel like I was getting bumps a lot when wearing a Rolex, so why was there no hole left? I looked at the watch in my hand and found that there were almost no pits except for some scratches on the bezel. I heard people say before that the Rolex watch replica mirror is used to protect the bezel. I didn’t quite understand it then, but now I believe it. The Rolex glass mirror is higher than the bezel and is used to protect the bezel. The bezel.

From this angle, Dafei can see the narrow bezel.

The bezel is the most easily knocked part of the watch.

The most easily knocked place on a watch is the bezel. Diving watches with outer rings are fine, especially since some high-end diving watches have ceramic rings, so they are not afraid of scratches. But ordinary watches with steel cases and gold cases will not work. The glass and bezel of many watches are basically on the same plane, so the bezel must be hit first. Steel and gold rings are relatively soft and can quickly leave a hole if knocked. Rolex made the glass a little higher than the bezel. When knocking, the glass will be hit first, so the bezel cannot be hit (of course, besides Rolex, there are also some watches like this. I will take Rolex as a representative).

Some people will say that if you don’t knock the bezel, won’t you be afraid to knock the glass? It’s true; glass is really “not afraid of knocking.” Everyone knows that the mirror glass of high-end watches is now sapphire glass, which is artificial sapphire.

Rolex’s raised glass protects the bezel, especially the dog-tooth bezel.

Some people will think at first glance that this number is similar. The actual situation is that the hardness difference between each number is quite significant. For example, a diamond is 10, and a sapphire is 9. The difference in the middle is that the hardness of a diamond is 100 times that of sapphire. The gap between each level is a considerable amount. So, sapphire glass is much more complex than the steel shell. Rolex usually knocks on the sapphire glass and leaves no trace. What I want to talk about here, in particular, is the dog tooth collar. Because Lao’s dog teeth rings are all gold rings, they are soft, and the angle is very sharp, so if it hits it, it will cause a hole. The sapphire glass higher than the bezel protects the dog’s teeth very well and is not easy to get knocked on the dog’s teeth. Patek philippe replica.

The watch glass of Rolex sports watches is also a bit taller.

Is everything OK with glass protection? That’s not it.

Rolex’s taller sapphire glass (including other watches that use this method) usually looks good, but the most tragic thing is that the glass is directly knocked off.

A piece of Rolex glass that has been knocked many times. The glass was cracked and had to be replaced.

Knocks on the steel or gold shell can be repaired, or you can make it less evident by polishing it yourself. The more expensive part is that one piece of official glass costs a little more than 1,000 pieces (one piece of green glass costs almost more than 3,000 yuan). Still, when replacing the official glass, the movement needs to be maintained together because when the glass is replaced, the movement If you don’t wash the oil after taking it out, it may not meet the original standards due to dust or other reasons (this is the reason). If you calculate it like this, the cost of replacing a glass and cleaning the movement is about 4,000 (green glass is more expensive).

We can see the protruding part of the green glass, which is more expensive. The price of replacement is very high.

Engine: Rolex Calibre 2813
Gender: Men’s
Series: Milgauss
Case Thickness: 12mm
Brand: Rolex
Model: m116400gv-0001
Band Width: 20mm
Band Color: Silver-tone

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