The Competition Between Three Popular Watches, Buy Replica Watches

Rolex is a god-like existence in the hearts of many watch lovers. There is a famous saying in the world, “There are two kinds of watches in the world, one is called Rolex, and the other is called other watches.” Although Rolex is one of the most successful companies in the world, it could be better. What we admit is that Rolex is indeed the most famous watch brand. Even the entry-level models are often sought after, so much so that when you walk into a Rolex store, only expensive and “elderly” watches are left. Among the entry-level Rolex watches, there are three trendy watches with high and low public prices, but the strange thing is that the purchase price does not follow the value law of public prices. Buy replica watches.

The first choice for entry-level Rolex Air Master

Many people think that Rolex is very expensive, costing easily 80,000 yuan, but Rolex also has watches that are less than 50,000 yuan or even more than 30,000 yuan. In the price range of less than 50,000 yuan, I would first choose Airmaster. Air-King is a fascinating watch. Its name is “Air-King”. In the 1940s, many models were launched, but only the Air-King was left. Dominate this watch. However, before the birth of the new Air Master, its small diameter (35 mm) and traditional design made it less famous. In 2016, Rolex redesigned the Air Master and increased the diameter to 40 mm. It is very similar to Tanyi. Everyone has always compared it with Tanyi, but its public price is only 48,000, which is several thousand cheaper than Tanyi because, except for 3/6/9, other numbers are printed. Tanyi is an accurate three-dimensional scale with luminous. There are still differences, but this does not hinder; Airmaster is a good entry-level Rolex, unique. Tag Heuer replica watches.

Rolex’s mature personality Explorer watch

Before the birth of the new Air Master, the Explorer was the best choice for entry-level Rolex. It was cheaper than the Datejust but a little more advanced than the Oyster. At the same time, the Explorer has consistently been recognized as a professional watch, so Very well known. Rolex launched Explorer to meet the needs of global explorers who must understand time in complex and extreme environments. Therefore, the Explorer has at least two characteristics: the time scale is apparent, and the light is luminous. Accurate. After the launch of the new Tanyi, the scales were modified, mainly to make the proportions of various parts of the disk more coordinated, and at the same time, the 3/6/9 digital scales were filled with luminous light. 3132 movement, Airmaster is 3131 movement, there is essentially no difference. 3132 movement uses Rolex’s Paraflex shock absorber, and 3131 movement uses a KIF shock absorber, so 3132 has better shock absorber performance.

The new movement failed to catch all the Rolex Datejust 126300

It’s strange to say that everyone has been waiting for so long for the new Rolex movement to be used in entry-level models. However, when the Rolex 3235 movement became popular in the 126300 model, it was less popular than expected. It was the 126334, which is the one with the platinum ring. Payment log. For a long time, the journal type of tooth ring has been more popular than the journal type of aperture. After all, the tooth ring is made of K gold, which looks luxurious, while the aperture is made of all stainless steel, which is a bit too plain. Of course, the public price is also significantly different. But the 126300 cannot be compared with the above. As an entry-level model, it can be compared with Airmaster and Tanyi. After all, the movement of the latter two still needs to be updated. It has a new movement, the latest technology, and a similar price. Luminous scales, hands, and a calendar display represent Rolex, right? So, this is undoubtedly a good choice if you choose the entry-level model.

Gender: Men’s
Series: Explorer
Brand: Rolex
Model: m214270-0003
Movement: Automatic
Band Color: Silver-tone
Case Color: Silver-tone

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