Why Does Everyone Like To Buy “Coke Rings”? Discount Fake Watches

When it comes to the “Pepsi Circle,” the first thing that comes to mind must be Rolex’s GMT red and blue circle. Getting a steel version of the red and blue “Coke Ring” is challenging in the current Rolex market. It is not only due to market factors such as hunger marketing and hype that the “Pepsi Circle” watch is complicated to find but also related to the production process of the watch itself. If you have already bought a “Coke Ring,” please cherish it because this watch proves Rolex’s solid and exquisite innovative technology and emotional historical background.

The birth of the “Cola Circle.”

In 1955, Rolex launched the GMT-Master watch. Rolex’s GMT-Master II was a watch designed specifically to meet the needs of pilots and the development of the golden age of the aviation industry. The word circle of the first-generation watch was divided into two halves: one half was red, indicating daytime and the other half was blue, symbolizing nighttime. Imitation watches.

1995-GMT-Master (two-color Plexiglas) 24-hour scale bezel

Innovation of “Cola Circle”

In 2005, Rolex used innovative technology to replace the previous aluminum ring with ceramic to create an integrated two-color ceramic word ring. Since presenting two colors on ceramic components is difficult, Rolex initially only launched a single-color ceramic word bezel component. However, it has never given up its plan to reproduce the red and blue two-color “Cola Ring.”

Generally speaking, the color is formed from mineral pigments. To color ceramic materials, these pigments need to withstand high-temperature firing. Ceramics will become denser and harder only when fired at high temperatures. However, red is not a stable mineral pigment, making it challenging to form Cerachrom components.

Faced with challenges, Rolex engineers continued to develop and innovate and finally found a solution. They added an innovative coloring process to the standard Cerachrom bezel production process. They created a solution of a particular compound that turns red into blue. First, make sure that the two color areas have sharp contrast and the boundaries are clear and accurate; then, the part of the word circle that represents night (6 p.m. to 6 a.m.) is immersed in a specific amount of compound solution and the ceramic is passed through a high temperature of more than 1600 degrees Celsius. Firing, during which the ceramic becomes denser, and the added compounds react with the essential elements of the red Cerachrom word ring to form the final azure hue.

Finally, in 2014, Rolex’s new platinum version of the GMT-Master II watch with a red and blue two-color Cerachrom bezel was released. This watch combines high technology with the classic aesthetics of the original 1955 model. The outside world agrees that this color combination cannot be made of ceramic, so the emergence of this red and blue two-color “Pepsi ring” watch can be a dream come true for many watch fans.

Rolex GMT-Master II series white gold watch (No.: 116719-BLRO)

In 2018, the GMT-Master II series combined a five-link Oystersteel commemorative strap and a red and blue two-color Cerachrom ceramic bezel for the first time to launch an Oystersteel red and blue “Coke Ring” watch. This commemorative strap replaces the Oyster bracelet that GMT had previously used and distinguishes it from the white gold version.

Rolex GMT-Master II series Oystersteel watch (No.: 126710BLRO)

After seeing this, everyone should understand why this Rolex “Cola Ring” is so famous! However, although everyone loves the “Pepsi Circle,” not everyone can buy it. So, how can we satisfy our craving? We might as well come up with a “curve to save the country” and look at other brands’ red and blue colors!

Tudor Black Bay Series

Tudor Black Bay series watch (No.: M79830RB-0001)

At the 2018 Baselworld Watch and Clock Fair, Tudor’s classic Black Bay series launched a new GMT-Master watch, which, in addition to the regular display of the local time, can also display the time in two other time zones. 41 mm frosted steel case, black domed dial with classic Tudor “snowflake” angular hands. It has a stainless steel two-way rotating outer ring embedded with a 24-hour scale. The watch is fitted with Tudor’s original movement MT5652 and has a power reserve of approximately 70 hours. The bright and unique red and blue matte color scheme (aluminum ring) brings unique visual charm to the watch. Discount fake watches.

Seiko PROSPEX series

Seiko PROSPEX series watch (No.: SRPA21J1)

This Seiko PROSPEX series diving watch can be described as a fighter among entry-level watches. It is a watch jointly produced by Seiko and the international professional diving organization PADI in 2016. Made of stainless steel, a 44mm abalone-shaped case equipped with an automatic winding movement is waterproof to a depth of 200 meters.

However, naming them “Coke Circle” is inappropriate because some cousins love red and blue, not because they love drinking Coke. But because – Barça.

It can be said that the popularity of this “Coke Ring” watch is high, and it is tough to buy. The reasons are from these two aspects: First, it comes from the “Coke Circle” appearance. The color matching of the red and blue bezel is highly recognizable, young and fashionable, and not quickly outdated. Therefore, it has attracted many watch friends who love fashion and can control bright colors. Secondly, it is brand influence. Whether it is Rolex, Tudor, or Seiko, they are all well-known watch brands with excellent reputations for quality. If you choose them, you can buy them confidently, wear them with peace of mind, and have a decent reputation. So, do you like the “Pepsi” circle? Besides red and blue, what other color combination do you want?

Series: Gmt Master Ii
Model: m126710blro-0002
Engine: Rolex Calibre 2836/2813
Band Color: Silver-tone
Brand: Rolex
Gender: Men’s
Band Length: 20cm
Case Size: 40mm
Band Width: 20mm

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