What Kind Of Rolex Does Jay Chou Wear? Fake Rolex Watches

In 2018, Chinese pop king “Jay Chou” became the Asian ambassador of the watch brand Tudor.

Jay Chou posted several photos of him preparing to attend a good friend’s wedding on his Instagram. Dressed in black and white, the gold watch on his wrist is very conspicuous. Some watch friends are asking what kind of watch Jay Chou is wearing. Could it be Tudor that he endorses?

Jay Chou is wearing an antique Rolex, the Daytona series Ref. 6241, Paul Newman + JPS + gold case.

The Daytona is one of the most popular Rolex models. The regular black and white steel model Ref. 116500 has an official price of 96,700 yuan, and the secondary market price has reached 170,000+.

Then, what is “Paul Newman”?

The difference between the “Paul Newman” Daytona and the ordinary Daytona is only a dial. The movement, case, and artistry are the same.

In the mid-1960s, Rolex Daytona released a different dial style called “exotic dials.” The most apparent difference between this kind of dial and ordinary dials is that there are small squares at the end of the small chronograph dial scale. “Paul Newman” Paul Newman is not a separate series under Rolex but refers to several unique models in the Rolex Daytona chronograph series. These include Ref.6239, Ref.6241, Ref.6262, Ref.6264, Ref.6265, and Ref.6263. These six models all use “exotic dials” style dials. Fake rolex watches.

This unique “exotic dial” Daytona was not famous when launched in the 1960s and was a slow-selling item. Consumers then preferred the ordinary version of Daytona found before, with a more straightforward and cleaner dial. Because the market demand is small, the number of unique “exotic dials” Daytonas produced by Rolex is also tiny. It is said that there is only one “Paul Newman” Daytona for every twenty Daytonas.

From the mid-1960s to the late 1980s, the price of the unique “exotic dials” Daytona was about the same as the regular Daytona. But now, the price difference between the two is at least double, or even four or five times.

The reason there is such an “abnormal” price difference is that, in addition to the rare quantity, it is also because it was worn by “Paul Newman,” a soldier, actor, philanthropist, and entrepreneur, and is very inspirational. This is why this “exotic dials” Daytona is called the “Paul Newman.”

On October 26, 2017, the “Paul Newman” worn by Mr. “Paul Newman” was publicly auctioned. The final price, including commission, was as high as 17.75 million US dollars, approximately 117.84 million yuan. It also broke many world records. Records include “the most expensive stainless steel watch in history,” “the most expensive auction watch in history,” “the most expensive Rolex in history,” etc.

Jay Chou is wearing the Ref. 6241 of the Daytona series. In addition to the Paul Newman dial, it has two essential attributes, “JPS” and “gold case.”

“Gold case” is straightforward to understand. The Daytona series back then was a slow-selling product, with very few steel models and very few expensive gold models. The antique Daytona is divided into two case versions: 18K and 14K. The 18K gold content is higher. That year’s 14K watch case products were designed to avoid high import tariffs in certain countries, such as the United States. Looking at the photo, it is impossible to tell whether Jay Chou is wearing the 18K version or the rarer 14K case. Swiss models replica watches.

“JPS” is the abbreviation of “John Player Special” in English. “John Player” is a British tobacco company. In 1978, the Lotus team, sponsored by this company, won the F1 championship. The “gold on black” color scheme used in cars at that time profoundly impacted people. The Ref. 6241 of the Rolex Daytona series also has the same color scheme called “JPS.”

Antique Rolex + Daytona + Paul Newman + JPS + gold watch case. After reading these five elements, watch friends must know that the watch in Jay Chou’s hands is worth much money.

On May 11, 2019, Phillips Auction House sold a model of the same model, Ref. 6241, with a transaction price of 800,000 Swiss francs, approximately RMB 5.5 million. At the same time, that one is still a belt version, and the gold belt version worn by Jay Chou will be more expensive.

Series: Daytona
Brand: Rolex
Gender: Men’s
Case Size: 40mm
Model: m116500ln-0001
Case Thickness: 16mm
Engine: Rolex Calibre 7750/Mingzhu Engine

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