Which Do You Prefer, Wine Tasting Or Watch Playing, Cheap Rolex Replica

Wine is spiritual, without thick sweetness, no throat-piercing alcohol, only wisps of fruity aroma, light sourness, and a little alcohol strength. After drinking, the fragrance lingers on the lips and teeth, making people intoxicated and endless aftertaste. Red wine is an exceptional kind of wine. The taste of red wine is both simple and complex. It can be called beautiful and profound prose, which requires patience to calm down and read. Watches are also an item that is needed and worth tasting. Its added value far exceeds its use value. On a precision mechanical object, the watch conveys the brand’s spirit and reflects a person’s taste, temperament, identity, and other connotations. Fine wine and watches are both men’s favorites. When the two compete, do you prefer wine tasting or watching playing, or are both indispensable?

The American writers of the “Lost Generation” exiled in Paris often drank wine in cafes and salons, generally thinking about philosophical problems. In A Moveable Feast, Hemingway once said, “In Europe, we generally think that wine is a healthy and common drink like food. It is also a source of happiness, health, and joy. Drinking wine does not mean snobbery, nor is it a symbol of education, nor is it used for religious rituals. Drinking wine is like eating, which is indispensable to me. I can’t imagine how a meal without wine, cigars, and beer can be swallowed.”

It can be seen that men’s love for wine has never stopped from ancient times to the present. The history of watches is also long. Time has not diluted these two things, but it has made them have a more significant impact on people, and their friendship has strengthened us.

Picking wine versus choosing watches

Red wine is an alcoholic beverage made from fresh grapes or fermented grape juice. Due to the quality of grapes and their origins, there are many ways to choose wine, such as referring to the Price, year, origin, variety, taste, etc. Due to limited space, the editor only discusses two common ways here.

Price is the most intuitive factor for laypeople and experts, making it easier to operate in practical applications. Cheap wines range from tens to hundreds, while expensive wines range from thousands to hundreds of thousands. The Price of wine varies in different countries and distribution channels. A bottle of good wine first reflects the hard work done on the grape vines throughout the year, and all these costs are reflected in this bottle of wine. In addition, the year is another aspect many people pay more attention to. If you choose a “good year,” the taste must be different. For example, French wines are priced by the sky. The quality of the grape year is related to the amount of rain before the grape harvest that year. Too much rain will make the wine lighter. For example, in 1991 and 1992, Bordeaux was rainy. As a result, the grapes in these two years needed to be sweeter; the skin was thin, and the wine brewed required to be more robust and tasted poor. This is why tycoons often compare the year table to choose wine.

Choosing a good watch that suits you is as essential as choosing red wine. You can refer to the watch’s Price, brand, material, functions, etc.. Price is naturally the first consideration, followed by brand. Historical big brands may be more traditional and classic while emerging brands are more modern. Both have merits, but big brands often have more robust vitality after the test of history. In addition to having muscular economic strength, a big brand also has a cultural heritage that has accumulated for hundreds of years. From the designer’s equipment to the design and selection of watches, the best will be selected to show their unique brand characteristics. When you have determined the Price and brand of the watch, it will be easier to choose according to other requirements. Swiss replica watches.

Opening wine versus peeling off the film

When you have a bottle of good wine, opening it is a process complete with expectations, including the accumulation of years and the taste of life. The wine bottle is not just packaging for the wine. Its shape, size, and color are like clothes integrated with the wine. Moreover, the elegant action of opening a bottle is an art. In foreign countries, there are special wine servers who open wine. They open wine as a professional performance.

The first step of opening wine is to use a bottle opener to cut the seal along the protruding part of the lower edge of the bottle mouth and a blade to hook it off. It should be noted that the cutting action is to turn the hand along a circle rather than turning the bottle body below. Because if it is an aged wine, there is often average wine residue precipitation at the bottom of the bottle. Turning the bottle usually makes the sediment float up, affecting the appearance. The second step is to wipe the bottle mouth with a wet tablecloth to remove dust and prevent mold and ash from floating into the wine and affecting the taste. It is expected to have ash, and it is never said that the wine has gone wrong. The third step is to insert the tip of the screw drill vertically into the middle of the cork and never insert it next to it to prevent the cork from breaking and fragments from falling into the wine. Then, rotate it clockwise and drill it into the cork.

For watches, the excitement and excitement of peeling off the film can be completely comparable to the mood of opening red wine. The film is applied by the watch factory to prevent friction during transportation and ensure that the surface of the watch purchased by the customer is not damaged. Many people regard removing the film from various newly purchased products as enjoyable, and removing the film from watches is even more enjoyable. There are 18 original films of different sizes on this Rolex watch. Every time you remove one, you will have a new expectation. It is said that the watch’s metal that has just been removed from the film shines with an icy and pure luster. This luster will only appear once on each watch. No matter how you refurbish it or repair the film, it will be useless. That luster only belongs to the first appearance, which will then be exclusive to you. People who understand watches will complete this work carefully and enjoyably. Cheap rolex replica.

Wine tasting versus watch appreciation

Tasting red wine is an artistic knowledge. Unlike beer, which is drunk in a hurry, red wine tastes more tasteful. The first step is to control the temperature of the red wine. Traditionally, drinking red wine is excellent at room temperature, between 18 and 21℃. At this temperature, red wines of various years are in the best condition. A bottle of chilled red wine has more pronounced tannin characteristics than red wine at cool room temperature, so the taste is more astringent. The correct way to drink is to pinch the goblet stem with your fingers instead of holding the glass with your hands. Otherwise, the different wine temperatures will affect the wine’s coordination.

To make the aged red wine more flavorful, we need to sober up so that the red wine can be fully exposed to the air and oxidized, and the rich aroma will be revealed. This process takes an hour at best, creating an atmosphere full of wine aroma. At this time, you can pour the wine. A goblet is the most necessary. You can choose a universal 6-ounce wine glass (it is a very suitable wine glass for drinking any wine. Its medium-sized cup belly gradually shrinks upwards, sending the aroma of the wine directly to the mouth of the cup), put the wine glass horizontally and pour the red wine. As the liquid slowly flows into the cup, the red color in the transparent glass is enough to seduce the heart.

The new wine has an intense fruity scent, while the aged wine has this flamboyant personality deeply restrained.

Although watches and red wine have different attributes, both need to be experienced step by step to appreciate their beauty. The so-called “long-awaited” surprise is more worth pondering. Doing it in one step or one fell swoop will only waste the various connotations of the watch and every detail of the carving and fail the watchmakers’ efforts.

To appreciate a watch, you should start with the appearance and touch the soul with visual feelings; everyone will encounter a watch they love at first sight. For example, Breguet’s watches inherit the noble lineage of Breguet from the bottom of their hearts, flowing with pure royal blood. Under the sapphire mirror, the blue fisheye pointer is slender and intelligent, and the moon phase display is the icing on the cake. In addition, the dial adopts a hand-carved gold-plated silver design with engraved decoration, which is exquisite. The case is made of 18K rose gold and matched with a crocodile leather strap. The design and material selection of every detail inherits the consistent style of Breguet.

After seeing the appearance, you need to understand the internal structure further; like red wine, you can only feel the natural feeling after tasting it. Each movement also has its characteristics. For example, Lange’s movement has a unique version and luxurious decoration, which is sought after by watch friends; Rolex’s movement is simple but hugely “strong,” precise, and sturdy. Although hidden under the bottom cover, it is difficult to conceal its super strength. Finally, when the watch is worn on your hand, you can experience a sense of closeness and feel the honor and high quality of the brand.

The taste of red wine brewed from grapes of different qualities naturally has subtle differences, and the same is true for watches. Various designs and materials will also produce various types of watches. The more you taste the wine, the more mellow it is, and the more you play with the watch, the more you love it. Red wine adds a touch of charm to life and watches make life more precise. Both will bring people different experiences and feelings, and they will be excited.

Red wine blends the aroma of grapes and the flavor of oak into the wine, and the wine produced is refreshingly sour, mellowly sweet, and elegantly bitter. Men who know how to taste wine must be very charming. Under the diffused soft light, the shaking wine glass is hung with “tears of red wine.” At this time, any decorations on the hand are redundant, and only watches can compete with them because tasting a bottle of old wine with a sense of age is like meeting an old friend. Time is the best winemaker, and watches are the best companions.

Band Length: 20cm
Brand: Rolex
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