Rolex Oyster Safety Clasp: Extremely Secure, Fake Rolex Watches

This clasp connects the watch to the wearer and is used more often than any other Rolex component. Every Rolex watch is a treasure for the wearer, and this design focuses on the safety and comfort of the watch more than any other model. The Oyster safety clasp meets the requirements of professional watches and cleverly combines sturdy and precise engineering technology. It is easy to operate, has smooth lines, and, most importantly, is safe and reliable. Fake rolex watches.

The new Oyster safety clasp was first used in the Greenwich II, launched in 2005. This device, developed and patented by Rolex, represents the most advanced engineering technology. It allows travelers and explorers to wear their watches securely and efficiently even in rugged environments such as towering mountains or the deepest ocean parts. This folding and safety clasp is available in 904L steel, Everose gold steel, or 18ct gold styles, which are cleverly matched with the strap and create a harmonious visual effect for the sturdy case of the professional watch on the wrist. This unique design is a paragon of Rolex engineering, with a double safety system that prevents the clasp from accidentally coming loose, even in the most adverse circumstances.

The design of the Oyster safety clasp is straightforward. The gently curved cover fits snugly against the inside of the wrist, concealing the buckle plate, the Rolex Glidelock buckle, and the Oyster folding clasp extension system. At the same time, its beveled edges accentuate its rugged simplicity. Two simple movements are required to access its construction and function. First, gently lift the safety clasp with your finger or thumb to reveal the heart of the buckle, the patented quick-release lever. Next, press the edge with your fingertips to pull open the spring bar, and the elegant buckle plate will release. The strap opens and closes smoothly with enough force, without mechanical pressure.

Extraordinary touch

Buckle-up is equally satisfying. To avoid constricting the wrist, all parts close with the right amount of pressure without any deviation. Two precise clicks indicate the watch is securely fastened, ensuring it is worn confidently. This tactile design is opened and closed at least once a day and countless times throughout a lifetime. Its operation is reliable and easy to use while not affecting the strap’s comfort.

The way the Oyster safety clasp is opened and closed is as ergonomic as a machine. Engineers call the buckle’s quick-install lever a “motor.” Beneath the polished surface, this small and complex part consists of 15 parts, including a hook that connects to the case ear on the bottom buckle plate to ensure that the buckle is locked. The lever is combined with two tiny springs, allowing the buckle to open without exerting pressure on other parts, extending its operating life.

Audible and secure clasp

Accidental impacts and movements, such as clapping or swinging a golf club, can pressure the strap and buckle. Therefore, during the development process, the Oyster safety clasp was subjected to 26 different types of drop tests, including one in which the lever was immersed in a tank of chlorine and salt water with sand and closed 100,000 times, equivalent to about three times the life of the buckle. However, in real life, more than these safety designs are needed. Therefore, a unique closing sound is added when the buckle opens and closes to indicate stability. The crisp and loud sound makes the wearer feel reassured whenever the buckle is closed.

Visual harmony

This buckle is simple to operate and very simple in appearance. However, it is also one of the most complex components, making it a significant challenge for watch designers. The Oyster safety clasp contains profound technical skills and an elegant design comparable to the Crown buckle or Oyster buckle equipped with the Day-Date and Datejust models, making the overall shape and proportions more reliable.

Looking to the future

From the beginning, the design of the Oyster safety clasp was based on many existing extraordinary components, such as the easy-adjust link or the consumable folding clasp extension link of the diving watch replicas. However, the design of the safety clasp has also been improved with future developments in mind, such as the innovative Rolex Glidelock extension system currently fitted to the Rolex Deepsea, Submariner, and Submariner Date. In 2011, the Oyster safety clasp was first introduced as a clasp for the leather strap of the Cosmograph Daytona, with a unique design that elegantly conceals the strap accessories. The Oyster safety clasp brings together the best of Rolex’s past, present, and future.

Outstanding details

One detail shows the ingenuity of the designers and engineers. The large crown logo on the buckle is an aesthetic design element with practical functions. The crown logo is set below the safety clasp, and its bottom edge forms a small end that allows the safety clasp to be opened with the fingertips. This outstanding detail highlights its emphasis on design, function, and the fusion between technology and aesthetics, fully demonstrating the Rolex philosophy and establishing a lasting connection with the wearer.

Brand: Rolex
Model: m126710blnr-0003
Band Length: 20cm
Band Color: Silver-tone
Series: Gmt Master Ii
Dial Color: Black Dial
Gender: Men’s
Movement: Automatic

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