What Will Rolex Announce In 2021? Best Replica Watches

Log type


Palm leaves are also popular in recent years, especially on INS, which has been popular with many Internet celebrities. The journal type is one of the oldest and classic models of Rolex. Adding this new dial also helps to change the stereotype of the journal type as “old-fashioned.”


In addition to the basic model with a green aperture, the new DJ has a triangular pit pattern “Spike Ring” and an inter-gold version. Since there are many models, I will list them in various ways. They all have one thing in common: they use a 36mm diameter.

However, until now, the response to this new product is still relatively flat. Watches – covered up by the Oyster Perpetual.

Ladies Datejust

When it comes to Rolex, we often associate it with words such as toughness and domineering, and it is usually easy to ignore its female best replica watches. Rolex female watches are also exquisite. The new women’s journal-style diamond-set models are divided into gold (Ref. 279458RBR) and platinum (Ref. 279459RBR) versions. The entire watch is inlaid with 1089 diamonds, which is dazzling.


To match this watch’s diameter and the effect of setting diamonds, it uses a “head of state” strap equipped with a design of three rows of semi-ring links, and the strap part is inlaid with 596 diamonds, which is elegant and luxurious.



However, the product Ref.226570 finally unveiled has poured cold water on everyone. It did not have a vast improvement, as rumored. Compared with the previous generation, it just replaced the original Cal.3187 with Cal.3285, and the GMT needle Fine-tuning the details is more like a conservative regular upgrade.


Although the new product Tan 2 did not surprise people, the highlight of the series upgrade fell on Tan Yi. First, the most intuitive change of Ref.124270 is the watch diameter, which is changed from 39mm of the previous generation to 36mm. Although there are two opinions about this, there is no doubt that the 36mm has a better look and feel. Luxury replica watches.


The rose gold bezel and inter-gold chain belt reveal a little luxury style, and the compact 36mm diameter is delicate and elegant. At the same time, it is also the inter-gold sports model with the lowest entry threshold for Rolex. The price is RMB 86,900. Ready to buy.

Greenwich II

Rolex also added the Oyster chain version to the GMT “Coke Circle” and “Blue Black Circle.” Still, it is not so much an update and upgrade as it is a return to the classics because the previous generation of the series, Ref.116710, also uses the Oyster chain.

Ref.126710BLRO (Oyster chain)

Except for the different strap styles, the 2021 GMT has the exact details as the 2018 Ref.126710BLRO, which can also be understood as “changing the strap,” making people feel that the original design is a kind of reincarnation. The controversy between the oyster chain (also known as the plate chain) and the five-baht chain has existed for a long time. In terms of aesthetics and wearing comfort, both have their advantages. It is difficult to say who is better, so they have their loyal flock.

126710BLNR (five baht chain)

It should be noted that the launch of the new Oyster chain GMT has continued the production of the five-baht chain version, and the products of the two straps are currently on sale simultaneously. The brand’s positioning for the five-baht chain is higher than that of the oyster chain. Chain.

Long Voyager

The vertical navigator type uses a 42 mm diameter, the series of products contain precious metals, and the materials are luxurious. It is the youngest series among many Rolex products, and it has only been ten years since its debut at Baselworld in 2012. Compared with the awkward official translation name “Vertical Navigator,” players prefer to translate Sky-Dweller as “Skywalker.”

Rolex Cal.9001 movement

Skywalker adopts Rolex’s iconic triangular pit pattern “spike ring” design, equipped with Cal.9001 movement specially developed by Rolex, with GMT and annual calendar functions.

Ref.326933 and Ref.326934

Rolex also updated the product in a low-key way. Unlike GMT, which changed from a five-baht chain to an oyster chain, the new Skywalker Ref.326934 changed from an oyster chain to a five-baht chain. The price difference between the two chains is 4900 yuan; correspondingly, The inter-gold Ref.326933 was updated accordingly. In addition to the blue discs of the Skywalker series, which have always been popular, the prices of black and white discs are also rising in the secondary market, which is expected to become the next hot model.

Cosmograph Daytona

Daytona is positioned as a professional racing watch with a timing function. The three small timing dials are designed with contrasting solid colors and are highly recognizable.


Meteorite discs are nothing new, and they were used in earlier series models. However, the Daytona back then was far less famous than it is now. It was not until the appearance of the meteorite disc with a platinum shell, “Coke Circle,” that this material returned to people. Regarding vision, Rolex strikes while the iron is hot, bringing this element back to Daytona equipped with a ceramic ring.

Although many meteorites fall to the earth yearly, very few can be used for dial processing. Each piece must be sliced and chemically treated to reveal the inner structure and layered effect. After the meteorite is processed, the unique texture presented is also called “Widemann’s cross pattern.”

If you only used one word to describe Rolex’s new products in 2021, it is “seek progress in stability.” First, drastic changes regarding product form have yet to be made, and the previously circulated ceramic circle has failed. Keeping the product’s appearance and upgrading the movement can stabilize the primary market. On the other hand, the newly designed palm-leaf log type and the restart of the meteorite-faced Daytona all let us see its aggressiveness.

Band Width: 20mm
Dial Color: Aerolite Dial
Model: m116519ln-0038
Gender: Men’s
Case Size: 40mm
Case Color: Silver-tone
Series: Daytona
Engine: Rolex Calibre 7750/Mingzhu Engine
Brand: Rolex

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