Hidden Platinum Yacht Ref.226679tbr, Exact Swiss Replica Watches

Every year, in addition to the regular version of the new version, Rolex will launch some hidden watches that are upgraded based on the general production models. Compared with the usual style, it is more advanced and luxurious, and many diamonds and gems are added to the typical fashion. These hidden watches are usually only sold separately for VIPs at the VIP level, and no relevant information can be found on the official Rolex homepage or the catalog launched by Rolex. Today we are going to introduce the Yacht Platinum Hidden Watch Ref. 226679TBR launched in 2021.

It does not look like the Yacht series at first glance. It replaces the most iconic digital bezel of the Yacht series with a shiny diamond bezel and uses a tape watch that did not exist in the previous Yacht series. Bring. Except for the YACHT-MASTER logo on the dial, the classic elements of other yacht series are not used. This hidden model is a bold and innovative challenge for Rolex designers. Exact swiss replica watches.

From the picture below, we can see that although the overall direction is unconventional, the designer still strives to make its image close to the usual platinum Rolex. Therefore, using triangular diamonds on the bezel at noon is not ingenious. Best replica watches.

Compared with the usual model, except for the bezel, part of the case is decorated with many diamonds.

This is the first-hand rendering, which is very eye-catching. In addition to the version we introduced today, the Platinum Yacht Hidden Model has a performance full of stars. The dial design uses a lot of diamond inlays, which are more dazzling than this one.

Series: Submariner
Case Color: Silver-tone
Case Size: 40mm
Band Color: Silver-tone
Model: 116610LN
Brand: Rolex
Case Thickness: 15mm
Band Length: 18cm
Gender: Men’s

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