What To Do If You Can’t Buy Replica Rolex Daytona

Daytona is one of the hottest Rolexes on the market right now. The steel model Ref.116500 has a public price of 102,400 yuan. The new price in the secondary market, the white plate panda noodles, has approached 190,000 RMB, while the black plate is also around 170,000 RMB.

Many cousins like it, but unless it is true love or not bad money, they are persuaded to leave when they see this price.
Zenith’s showy operation can be said to have stunned cousins worldwide.

Zenith launched the new Chronomaster Sport simultaneously globally. At first glance, cousins worldwide had the same idea. Isn’t this guy a “Rolex Daytona”?

The black ceramic bezel, the three-eye chronograph dial, and the brushed and polished three-section strap are not 100% similar, but at least the similarity is 80%+.

On the first day of its public appearance, everyone said that it was evident that Zenith copied the Rolex Daytona this time.

To prove its innocence, Zenith’s official Ins posted four consecutive pictures to explain that the new Chronomaster Sport is based on its antique watch elements, not pure plagiarism.

For example, the lug design and the gray-blue color of the dial come from the antique watch Ref.386; the scale on the chronograph outer ring comes from the antique watch Ref.A277; the brushed and polished strap draws design inspiration from the antique watch De Luca.

In addition, Zenith also specifically explained that the inside of this watch is very different, using the latest Cal.3600 self-produced mechanical movement. Its central chronograph second hand can rotate once every 10 seconds so that the timing accuracy can reach 1/10 second.

At the same time, the movement has a stop-second time synchronization function, and the power reserve time has been increased to 60 hours.

However, this Cal.3600 movement is not a new movement developed from scratch but an upgraded version based on the 51-year-old “ancestral movement” El Primero. This is similar to Omega’s new Cal.3861 campaign based on the Cal.1861 movement with a coaxial escapement.

Seeing this, some watch friends may have “changed their minds,” thinking that Zenith’s new model looks like Daytona is just a coincidence. But Zenith is copying Rolex.

Replica Rolex watches have more than 100 years of history, and the appearance design has fallen into a bottleneck or even become similar. This is a normal thing, just like cars have four wheels. But it is doubtful that Zenith’s new model is the same as the Oyster strap for the movable parts, such as the clasp. In addition, the overall style and various collocations make the chance of having the same inspiration too low.

So why does Zenith do this?

The reason is straightforward: the market is too big, and misplaced competition can also make money.

The actual price of the Rolex Daytona steel model is about 180,000 RMB, and many people want it but can’t afford it. If a similar style is on the market now, the public price is only 76,500 yuan; many consumers are still willing to pay the bill. At the same time, this Zenith does not need to increase the price; you can also get a discount.

In addition, compared with buy replica Rolex Daytona, Zenith’s new Chronomaster Sport also has a back transparent and 1/10 second timing, which undoubtedly increases its appeal to ordinary consumers.

As long as 10% of consumers switch from Daytona to Chronomaster, Zenith has made money.

The last brand to do so was Vacheron Constantin.

Vacheron Constantin’s vertical and horizontal watches are models launched after seeing the popularity of Audemars Piguet Royal Oak and Patek Philippe Nautilus. For a long time, the world has been overwhelmed by Royal Oak and Nautilus. After the replacement, the movement is upgraded. Then three quick-release watch straps are officially equipped as standard, convenient for adapting to different wearing environments, and the cost performance is gradually improved. The blue face is beautiful because the dial is made of thin lacquer, with two variations of blue-black and blue-white.

The price increase of Royal Oak and Nautilus is incredibly touching. Still, it sets off the high-cost performance of Zongsihai, and the secondary market prices of Zongsihai 4500v and 5500v have also risen and sold very well.

Letting go of your face and working hard to make money is the dignity an adult should have. For commercial brands, making more money under legal circumstances is the most extraordinary satisfaction.

Making money this way is short-term, and the vision is not long-term enough. This reminds me of a joke that eating instant noodles is terrible for your health. I have eaten instant noodles, but I still care about my health.

Law is the bottom line of morality, morality is the high standard of law, and there is a vast world in between.

Brand: Rolex
Range: Daytona
Model: 16520
Gender: Mens
Movement: Automatic
Case_size: 40 MM
Case_material: Steel
Bracelet_material: Steel (OysterLock)
Dial_type: White Baton
Water_resistance: Water Resistant

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