Interpret Discount Fake Watches Rolex’s “Di Tong La Nap 4130 Movement.”

Di Tong has always been the hottest watch of Rolex, and it uses the Rolex 4130 automatic timing movement in Ditong. Over the years, many introductions and interpretations of 4130 movements have been introduced. The 4130 movement is an automatic timing movement that combines practical, leading technologies, compact design, and perfect combination. I will summarize the technical characteristics of the 4130 movements and conduct a centralized interpretation of the Rolex 4130 movement.

Rolex 4130 automatic timing movement movement

Rolex 4130 automatic timing movement, the essential information is as follows:

Rolex 4130 automatic timing movement was launched in 2000. It is Rolex’s first self-produced automatic timing movement. The 4130 automatic timing movement, the first time it was used on Di Tong Nap 116520, replacing the 4030 automatic timing movement used on Di Tong Nakang 16520 (El Primero time movement when the Rolex purchased the real power, after the improvement, the number 4030 movement To.

Rolex Tong, who started using 4130 movements in 2000, has been used to obtain 116520, which has been discontinued and replaced by 116500.

4130 automatic timing movement, size of 30.5 mm, 6.5 mm thick, 44 gem bearings, 28800 times/hour, 72 hours of power, column wheel, vertical clutch.

Rolex is currently on sale of Dicota 116500 and uses 4130 movements.

The 4130 movements have been developed for five years, with 201 parts. Compared with the 4030 movements (the true force of the Rolex version of the El Primero movement), the 4130 activity decreased by 60%, and the 4130 campaign has also reduced the types of parts. For example, the 4130 action reduces the screw to 12, while the 4030/El Primero movement uses 40 species. The simplification of parts and components increased the reliability of the 4130 campaign and facilitated maintenance.

Rolex 4130 automatic timing movement movement

4130 is the first type of Rolex. It uses the self-produced movement of the ceramic pearl-bearing automatic tuber—the two-way upper string (note that it is self-produced; 4030 is outsourced). Due to the use of ceramic pearl-bearing mechanical tubes, the efficiency of the upper line was improved by 68%. At the same time, it is also the first movement of Rolex to use Parachrom Blue Hard.

Rolex transformed the 4030 movements (left) from the El Primero movement and the original El Primero (right), which shows that the two are consistent.

The Rolex 4130 movement’s layout differs from most automatic timing movements.

Rolex 4130 automatic timing movement, vertical clutch, the second round layout of the movement center (the second round is in the center of the movement, and the dual wheel is at 6 points). And most other pillar wheels and vertical clutch automatic timing movements usually use the partial two-wheel movement layout (that is, the second wheel is not in the center of the action, and the dual wheel is in the center of the movement). The Rolex 4130 movement uses the direction of the second round of the center to make the movement thinner and avoid the “common problem” that is usually thicker when the automatic timing movement is generally thicker.

The reason for the problem is the “vertical clutch.”

The vertical clutch is a primary standard configuration of modern timing. The vertical grip, the time of the second wheel, the dual timing wheel, the upper and lower “vertical” layout (some movements are “intertwined and down” form), and through the “friction film” in the middle, the clutch of the upper and lower gears (gear connection or separation). The advantage is that the two bags are “upper and lower” connected through the “friction film” clutch, so there is no gear bite, jitter, or unsatisfactory problems.

On the Rolex 4130 movement, the vertical clutch is used.

However, there is a disadvantage of the vertical clutch, that is, the “vertical” layout of the second wheel and the chronograph wheel, and the vertical grip is often deployed in the center of the movement (most of the timing of the campaign uses a partial two -wheel layout, the second wheel is in the center of the action, so the timing seconds second The wheel and vertical clutch are done in the center of the movement), and the automatic upper components and automatic tubes of the mechanical timing movement are also in the center of the action—the problem of significantly increased thickness.

Rolex 4130 movement, timing component structure.

So this is why many new automatic timing tables (using vertical clutches) are relatively large, but players can feel that Rolex Tongtong is thinner—a unique movement design.

The Rolex 4130 automatic timing movement is uniquely designed. The second wheel is at 6 o’clock in action; the timing dual wheel is in the center of the activity. The vertical clutch was moved away from the center of the movement. The “vertical” layout of the original vertical partial second wheel and the chronograph wheels turned into the design of a “plane” and “around the level.” This dramatically reduces the thickness of the movement.

The thickness of the 4130 movements is reduced, but a new problem needs to be solved. Although the Rolex 4130 movement, the thickness problem is solved, Rolex also has a new problem to solve it. As mentioned earlier, Rolex turned the second wheel and timing dual wheel of the “upper and lower” layout vertically to the “upper and lower” form, which became the “level around the level” layout (the vertical clutch below was driven by the second wheel part, the upper layer and the timing dual wheel bite, and the upper and lower wheels should be a bite. The upper and lower wheels should layer mesh/separate through the friction piece).

Rolex 4130 movement, details of timing components, pay attention to the particular timing second wheel with unique shapes.

The thickness dropped, but Rolex had to face the meshing problem between gears and gears again. (Generally, the vertical clutch of the chronograph table is thick in the center of the movement, but the second and chronograph wheels are superimposed up and down. Ten is perfect).

Senior players may have heard that in the Rolex 4130 movement, there is a special gear made of micro-electric technology (MEMS). This is the “timing wheel made by MEMS technology” in the 4130 movements to solve the gear Moisture between gears.

The timing second wheels made by Rolex using Microelectronics Technology (MEMS) are very special.

Microelectromechanical technology (MEMS) can directly form the gear through the light engraving method, which can shape various unique shapes, making the parts very smooth. They do not need to be processed manually. In layperson’s terms, a mold is carved with light so that the metal is injected into it, and the parts are OK. The timing second wheels are made by Rolex Microcroofrior Technology (MEMS), the middle of the teeth is the main body, and the left and right two petals are elastic (similar to spring). When the gear meshes, the left and right pedals can be bent inward to ensure that the gear bite can be used to bite the bite. At this time, complete contact, no gap, ensure that when the timing function starts, there will be no “timed seconds shake.” This is an essential technology in Rolex 4130 movement.

It should be noted that the early Rolex Tong Tong took the 4130 movements and did not use Microelectronics Technology (MEMS) timing second wheels. In the later period, Dicoto, now on sale, was replaced with microelectromechanical technology (MEMS) timing dual wheels. The early 4130 movement Di Tong. If the Rolex official after-sales were maintained and maintained, the official would replace the early 4130 with the Microelectronics Technology (MEMS) timing second wheel. The office itself will be replaced automatically.

The timing second wheels made by Rolex Microcrovae Microelectronics Technology (MEMS), teeth details.

Finally, by summarizing the technical details of the Rolex 4130 movement, we can find that the pursuit of practicality and elements of Rolex’s rival discount fake watches reached the extreme. Of course, Rolex is not the only famous replica watches review with meticulous research on the movement’s gear. Among the century-old B01 chronograph movements, there are similar gears in the vertical clutch transmission, but the difference between the movement of the movement with Rolex (I will be after the Bailian Ling B01 I will Write a detailed saying); Patek Philippe is similar to technology and design in the movement.

The transmission gear used on the timing B01 and the timing component is also a particular tooth.

On the new 26-330 movement of Patek Philippe, at the bottom left of the automatic Tuo, you can see a special gear similar to the “metal brush” shape.

Rolex currently rises throughout the year due to supply and demand problems. Aside from the market, every player who has bought Rolex should be able to feel that Rolex’s watch is outstanding in terms of performance and wear feelings. Although Rolex has no complex functions and has no prominent features (the design is very fried, cool, hollowed out, ultra-thin), but the comprehensive ability is convincing, which is convincing.

Brand: Rolex
Range: Daytona
Model: 16520
Gender: Mens
Movement: Automatic
Case_size: 40 MM
Case_material: Steel
Bracelet_material: Steel (OysterLock)
Dial_type: White Baton
Water_resistance: Water Resistant

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