The Universe In The Dial: Rolex 118235f With Meteorite Face, Buy Fake Watches

Speaking of meteorites, everyone should be familiar with them. After tens of millions of time drifting, only a few of these stones from outer space successfully landed on the Earth. The Earth receives “meteorite gifts” from the area almost every year. In terms of quantity, an average of about 50,000 tons of meteorites land on the Earth every year. Most of them burn and decompose at high altitudes and have no chance to land. Many meteorites fall Into no man’s land or the ocean; very few can reach the ground. Rolex 118235F.

The magical stone from outer space, its composition is mainly iron and nickel; after contact with nitric acid (or other chemical substances), the surface will show memorable lines called the Widmanstatten Weidmann pattern, its unique appearance. It is a texture that traditional dials cannot give.

Rolex is also the first brand to use meteorites as dials. It was first used in 116519, and its dial uses “Gibeon” meteorites with IVA grade. In 1836, the Hoba meteorite “Gibeon Meteorite” was discovered in the Namibia desert in Africa. Scientists guessed that it fell to the Earth about 80,000 years ago. The composition of this meteorite is 84% iron and 16% nickel, and there is detectable Cobalt, classified as belonging to the nickel-rich meridians. Buy fake watches.

Apart from its rarity, meteorite dials’ most attractive feature is their unique textures. Because meteorites have undergone slow vacuum cooling for millions of years in space, they will form an octahedral meteorite structure (so this iron-nickel alloy crystal cannot be artificially synthesized on the Earth); the processing manufacturers first cut their meteorites into Several layers of thin slices, and then select the thin slices that meet the factory standards, and then carry out the subsequent chemical pickling process to become a unique and beautiful meteorite dial.

The reason why meteorite can become a unique material used on dials in the watch industry is not only because of its preciousness but also because even if each meteorite dial has a “Weidemann pattern,” the short straight lines interlaced like weave patterns also Create a unique texture.

Today’s 118235F is also from Rolex’s meteorite disc surface, the DAY-DATE weekday log type made of rose gold case material; as mentioned earlier, each meteorite disc has its unique texture and is equipped with high-end precious metal materials. The watch is more luxurious. Rolex replicas for sale.

If you zoom in and take a closer look at the surface of this meteorite disk, everyone will be amazed. The ruddy 18K rose gold is inlaid with high-quality, flawless white diamonds. Magnify the beauty of diamonds infinitely.

After the meteorite disk is carefully cut, each opening is decorated with precious metals, and there is a high probability that it will be backed by K gold. This is also the necessary standard for Rolex for high-end gemstone disks. Whether it is a high-end disk can be seen from the border one or two.

The surface of the acid-washed meteorite disk is uneven, and it is not easy to print characters. Pad-printed black lacquer fonts will be slightly deformed and faded when pasted on the plate. I’ve even seen some cases where the fonts were blurry, and the color was too light, and this meteorite disk is a relatively good case.

The iron-nickel material of the meteorite surface will rust, so a special anti-oxidation coating must be attached to the finished dial to ensure that it will not oxidize. The formula here is more critical. If the paint is thick, it will affect the effect of the dial surface; if it is thin, it will not be able to protect the dial. This is also the key to determining the impact of the meteorite disk.

The short straight lines are staggered like weaves, the textures are transparent and crisscrossed, and the mimeograph is full and undistorted—just like a modern abstract painting, the most straightforward lines express emotions, purely spiritual expressions, and unconstrained imaginations.

All kinds of DAY-DATE disks provide you with a lot of choices. There are high-grade and rare gemstone disks, gorgeous mother-of-pearl disks, odd-shaped wood grain disks, changeable and straightforward metal disks, and various diamonds. Precious metal decoration makes the discs very varied, and you can always choose a DD Daikin Lao that you are satisfied with.

Regarding size selection, I still follow my favorite 36MM size, and the weight is controlled within a reasonable range of 170 grams. Although the public price is more than 300,000 yuan, it is economical and affordable. Compared with many popular sports, this style is still very conscientious.

In the early days, 118235 was still equipped with an ear-piercing buckle, and the precious metal dog head mark (the mark of St. Bernard, the Swiss national dog after 1995) can be seen. In addition, the standard used in the early Rolex rose gold was 4N (copper content), but now it is 5N, so the current rose gold will be redder.

The rose gold configuration is gorgeous, extravagant and stands out against the unique meteorite surface. I have to say that wearing this 118235F, the natural feeling of falling, shining jewelry, and a particular meteorite disk-the possibility that people will not see you Sex is almost nonexistent.

Rolex Day Date: Model: 118235F, Diameter: 36MM, Movement: Cal.3155

Case Size: 40mm
Brand: Rolex
Series: Day-Date
Engine: Rolex Calibre 2836/2813
Gender: Men’s
Dial Color: Meteorite Dial
Model: 228206

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