Some Fake Authentic Watches, The Best Replica Watches In The World

“Perfectly playing Franz Schubert’s piano sonata is one of the most difficult assignments in the world. Especially the “D Major Sonata” is extremely difficult. Take one or two movements of this work alone, There are some pianists who can play perfectly to some extent, but if you put the four movements together, you can listen to it from the perspective of coordination, and there should be no satisfactory performance. There are countless pianos so far. The teacher challenged this piece, but each one has obvious flaws, and there is no perfect performance. Know why?”

“have no idea.”

“Because the song itself is not perfect.”

“So why are so many pianists challenging him?”

“It’s hard to explain. But one thing is for sure: some kind of imperfection appeals powerfully to people’s hearts, at least to certain kinds of people.”

The world has no perfection, and the same is true in the watchmaking industry. Rolex, known for its rigor, and Patek Philippe, who are superior, have made some “low-level” mistakes.

It’s just that these mistakes look like the imperfection of the “Sonata in D Major” today, but they hit the hearts of many small collectors. The topic of this issue: It is okay with it taking stock of the beautiful wrong editions in those years. The best replica watches in the world.


Although the quality control of modern Rolex is highly praised, looking back at history, Rolex made mistakes in the past. The most famous wrong version is the double 9 Airmaster 116900, a low-level quality control rollover problem at the time.

Observing the dial, it is not difficult to find that the number of the time scale at 3 o’clock is “9” instead of “3”, but don’t doubt whether it is true or not; it is indeed an actual watch.

Interestingly, in the whole process of watchmaking and sales, the person who assembled the dial did not notice, the person who made the case did not see, the person who inspected the quality did not notice, the dealer did not notice, and even the first to buy Consumers have not noticed that the plot is so magical.

Why so many people have not noticed this obvious error may be because the two “9” s are too coordinated with each other, and the outlines of “3” and “9” themselves are very similar.

Paul Boutros, head of watches at Phillips in the Americas, said: “Dials with this kind of error are really rare, and because of how obvious the error is, it has great appeal to collectors.”

Putting aside the potential for appreciation, this kind of fake watch is full of charm and attracts the attention of collectors.

In addition to Airbus, Rolex has also made mistakes in popular series.

“APH” Daytona “APH” does not refer to a specific model in the series. The reason why it has this nickname is because of a printing error on the disk.

The “COSMOGRAPH” signature left a transparent partition between the “COSMOGR” and “APH” parts, and “APH” was placed alone.

There is also a weirder version, “No Daytona” Daytona, model 16520; I call it: Daytona without Daytona because the word “Daytona” is not printed around the top of the 6 o’clock dial.

These two Daytonas are less conspicuous compared to the Double 9 Airmaster. It is a slight manufacturing anomaly, but in the eyes of today’s collectors, they are also exceptional.

There is also Milgauss 6541 with manufacturing abnormalities. In some watches sold in the UK in 1958, we can see that the dial is highly plain without any model indication, while other Milgauss will be printed with the word Milgauss.

The mainstream view is that this disk is the wrong version, but there are also different voices. The famous collector Wulf Schütz said that this move was a conscious decision by Rolex. Change the disk surface to create scarcity and topicality, thereby increasing sales.

No matter which point of view, the plain face version 6541 is rare.

The Tudor below Rolex also had obvious manufacturing mistakes. The second “I” signed by “OFFICIALLY CERTIFIED” is missing on some of the 2017 bronze Biwan discs, which should be the reason for the delay in printing. I call it: Lost Love (I).


Omega’s updates are becoming increasingly frequent, and the more products there are, the more likely it is to make mistakes. For example, the bottom cover of the seahorse of the collector Jack Wong is engraved with the word Speedmaster, which is a relatively obvious production error.

Omega responded that the watch was a part of the Seamaster, model 165.024, produced in 1967. By observing the serial number, Jack Wong guessed that there were about 50 seahorses in this batch. At that time, Omega may have considered less and installed several spare Speedmaster bottom covers on these seahorses.

In the Speedmaster 145.022-69 produced in 1970, we also found a less obvious error, the “220” in the outer ring of the speed measurement should be “200” because ordinary wearers do not use the speed measurement function, So this error is not apparent. Still, it is a production error, which will cause inaccurate speed measurement.

Patek Philippe

Finding Patek Philippe’s faults takes work, but luckily there are.

Patek Philippe has a clasp supplier in the United States. In a batch of clasps produced in the 1950s and 1960s, the supplier mistakenly printed “PATEK PHILIPPE” as “PATEK PHILLIPE,” and double Ps became double Ls. Patek philippe replica.

For years, it was thought these were just poorly crafted fake clasps, but with research, they can indeed be attributed to a mistake by the watch king.

There is also “Lucky 13”, a special Nautilus 3710, which is usually considered a wrong edition. You can find that the Roman numeral “VIII,” which originally appeared at 8 o’clock, is replaced by “XIII.” 8 becomes 13.

This change came from a special request from a customer who thought that with the number 13, the dial would be more coordinated and luckier. The superstitious psychology of numbers exists in both the East and the West.


As mentioned above, increasing production increases the probability of making mistakes, but it does not mean that errors will not occur if the quantity is small. The independent watchmaking brand Juna once made a joke about improper English spelling.

In the process of making a prototype watch, Juna mistakenly spelled the resonant English “RESONANCE” as “RESONNANCE,” adding an “N.” Juna himself also mentioned this error in a later speech: This proves that I did not study hard to make such an embarrassing spelling error.

Audemars Piguet

After the Royal Oak Offshore model was launched in 1993, the brand continued the usual promotion method and was related to the sports team. Something embarrassing happened in the limited edition timepiece jointly launched by Audemars Piguet and the sailing team Alinghi.

We can see that the LOGO of the Alinghi sailing team at the 3 o’clock direction on the disk has been added with a white outline, but this outline does not exist.


Zenith once provided a clock to the watch media Monochrome for evaluation. Coincidentally, the 4 o’clock hour mark of the watch was upside down. Fortunately, careful readers found out and pointed out that the wrong edition of timepieces did not enter the market further.

Gender: Men’s
Band Length: 20.5cm
Series: Air-king
Brand: Rolex
Case Size: 40mm
Model: m116900-0001
Engine: Rolex Calibre 2813

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