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Whenever Rolex is mentioned, the most popular sports models that appear in our minds are Submariner and Daytona. But Rolex’s lineup has the most significant production volume; most people wear it, and the most popular style is the Datejust.

Rolex Datejust Yellow Gold 126333

Statistics show that of Rolex’s annual output of 1 million pieces, the Datejust accounts for nearly 300,000 (282,000 pieces). Far more than other Rolex models, it is the absolute “mainstay” of Rolex. Unlike Rolex sports models, Submariner’s specialty is diving, Daytona’s is racing, Greenwich’s is flying between places, and Explorer’s is mountaineering adventure. The Rolex Datejust has no professional direction, but it is a watch that can be used on any occasion. Replica watch information.

The Rolex Datejust, initially born in 1945, model 4467, was launched to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Rolex brand (1905 to 1945) and was equipped with a five-bead chain for the first time. The official name of the five-bead chain is “commemorative bracelet,” which is named after this 40th anniversary. Subsequently, the log type underwent several necessary technical upgrades:

In the 1950s, it obtained a modern dog-tooth ring; in 1955, it obtained the ability to jump to the calendar at midnight; in the 1970s, it obtained the ability to adjust the calendar quickly; in 1988, it obtained a sapphire mirror and a sapphire magnifying glass.

Rolex’s first date was just 4467 in the 1940s.

After many technical upgrades, the only thing that remains unchanged is the classic appearance of the Datejust that continues to this day (the details have been fine-tuned in different periods). Among the many Datejust models, the gold model has become the “standard impression” of Rolex among the general public. The photo in the article is the model 41mm 126333 of the Gold Datejust on sale.

The gold-toned Rolex Datejust is the “standard image” of Rolex in people’s minds.

The current model for sale is Datejust 126333, which was launched in 2016.

The journal type currently on sale is the new generation 126XXX, which replaces the previous generation 116XXX. Gold gold 126333, size 41 mm.

The previous generation also had a 41mm model (Datejust II 116333), but the 41mm proportions of the old Datejust needed to be more consistent. The bezel was too broad, the crown was too small, and the hour markers were too large. The reason is that in 2009, when the trend of large watches became popular, Rolex increased the size, but the design could have been more robust. In 2016, the new generation of Datejust 126333 adjusted its appearance proportions. You can see that the width of the bezel and the crown size are just right, matching 41 mm. The proportions are coordinated, and there is no fault at all.

Rolex’s new generation, Datejust 126333, has coordinated size and dial proportions.

Gold-on-gold Datejust, the bracelet’s bezel, crown, and middle part are all made of 18K gold. The gold dog tooth ring, connected to the gold part of the bracelet, is wildly gleaming under the light. Although the Gold Datejust and most of the watches are made of steel, the exposed gold part, coupled with the large area of polishing on the front and sides of the steel case, dramatically enhances the Luxury of this watch and even shows that it goes beyond Luxury for its price range. It is difficult for steel, titanium, and ceramic replica watches in the same price range to visually compare with Rolex’s gold-on-gold.

The Rolex Datejust is made of gold, with a bezel, bracelet, and crown; the gold parts are very luxurious.

This 126333 gold-on-gold watch has a silver disk with radial pattern decoration. The time scales of the new generation Datejust 41 are much slimmer than the old model, and the dial is more flexible than the old model. The date-type hands and hour markers are also gold. At the same time, Rolex is very good at handling details. As you can see, the calendar window under the magnifying glass is recessed downwards, and the edges are sandblasted. The small crown below the 6 o’clock position on the dial indicates that this watch is a new generation of Datejust using the 32 series movement.

Rolex Datejust 126333, disk details.

Rolex Super Observatory standard, and an error of +2/-2 seconds per day.

Rolex Datejust 126333 is the new 3235 automatic movement under the solid case back.

Since the launch of Rolex’s new 32 series movement in 2015, there have been some controversies, mainly surrounding the movement’s low swing and slow travel time. I have also encountered a problem with the 32 movement. Before, I got a Datejust 41 that was in poor condition. It had a low swing frequency and a slow running time of 7 seconds. During the maintenance, it was discovered that the sludge caused a problem in the automatic gear train that affected the timing of the gear train. The cause of the problem is that my friend rotates the watch on the watch counter daily, accelerating the wear and tear. But apart from this exception, I have found no problems with other 32-movement Rolexes I have come into contact with, and the time is accurate. This 126333 has been worn for three years, and the daily error is from 0 seconds to +1 seconds, which is very accurate. There may be some design problems with the early 32 movement, but Rolex must have improved in later batches.

Rolex’s new 3235 automatic movement

Rolex’s new generation Datejust can be equipped with a five-bead chain or an Oyster bracelet. With a five-bead chain, the price is slightly higher than the Oyster bracelet. This 126333 is fitted with a five-bead chain. The five-bead chain has 22 sections in total length, while the Oyster bracelet has 11.5 sections. The five-bead chain has more links, is denser, and fits the wrist better. The Rolex Datejust was born in 1945 and is equipped with a five-bead chain, a classic combination. But the problem with the five-bead chain is that dirt quickly accumulates in the links. The Oyster bracelet is better. In addition, the Oyster bracelet looks younger. Of course, whether you choose a five-bead chain or an Oyster bracelet, the clasp is always an Oyster clasp, and you can fold the ends of the links to fine-tune the length.

Rolex Datejust 126333, with five-bead chain and Oyster buckle.

With the replacement of datasheets, the prices of famous watches have increased. The public price of Datejust 126333 has reached 121300 (with a five-bead chain) and 116100 (with an Oyster chain). From the previous generation of the old model 116333 to the present, the public price of the 41mm gold-on-gold Datejust has increased by about 20,000 yuan. Since the beginning of this year, the market for luxury watches has declined across the board, with Rolex bearing the brunt. Nowadays, the diary type is in a regular market in both primary and secondary markets. There is nothing wrong with buying it usually.

The durability and waterproofness of Rolex Oyster watches, the Luxury of gold watches, and the cost-effectiveness of steel cases are all concentrated on the Datejust. The professional attributes of the Submariner Daytona, the all-gold Luxury of the weekly calendar, and the neutrality and peace of the Datejust are all reflections of the Rolex way.

Case Size: 36mm
Band Color: Two-tone
Model: 116233
Gender: Men’s
Series: Datejust
Brand: Rolex
Movement: Automatic
Dial Color: White Dial

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