Imitation Rolex “Lightning Needle” Vs Omega “Bumblebee”

The Rolex “Lightning Needle” and the Omega “Bee Needle” are simply a “match made in heaven.” When the Omega “Bee Needle” came out a few years ago, players immediately compared it with the Rolex “Lightning Needle.” The Rolex “Lightning Needle” and the Omega “Bee Needle” oppose each other regarding functions and features. Both are professional antimagnetic watches, and both have a unique secondhand style.

Omega Bumblebee and Rolex Green Glass.

Rolex’s green-faced lightning needle is commonly known as “green glass,” and Omega’s bee needle is known as “bumblebee.” Green Glass is Rolex’s professional antimagnetic watch with an antimagnetic level of 1,000 Gauss. The Hornet is Omega’s first coaxial escapement watch to reach an antimagnetic level of 15,000 Gauss. Some foreign players have already tested the antimagnetic capabilities of these two antimagnetic fake watches. Through experimental results using strong neodymium magnets and nuclear magnetic resonance, it can be concluded that:

  1. Although Rolex green glass (Lightning Needle) is marked with 1000 Gauss antimagnetic capability, the actual antimagnetic capability can reach at least 7000 Gauss.
  2. Although the Omega Bumblebee (Master Coaxial) is stated to have an antimagnetic capability of 15,000 Gauss, the actual antimagnetic capability can reach 60,000 Gauss or even higher.

Omega Bumblebee and Rolex Green Glass.

Although from a numerical point of view, Omega’s 60,000 Gauss far exceeds Rolex’s 7,000 Gauss, because these are all experiments under extreme conditions, no one in our lives would put their watches on solid neodymium magnets and nuclear magnetic resonance. , so the magnetic fields we encounter are nothing to worry about for these two watches. Omega’s current 15,000 Gauss antimagnetic (actually can reach 60,000 Gauss) is the world’s first. This is undisputed, and no other watch can compare.

Regarding “appearance,” it’s tough to say who is higher and who is lower.

Omega’s Bumblebee size is 41.5 mm, and Rolex’s green glass is 40 mm. Put together, the Bumblebee is larger. Because Omega’s antimagnetic technology uses non-magnetic materials to move, and Rolex’s antimagnetic technology uses an antimagnetic inner case, the green glass watch is thicker because of the antimagnetic inner case. Omega’s Bumblebee has higher antimagnetic capabilities but is thinner. If you get started, Bumblebee feels better.

Omega Bumblebee

Omega and Rolex treat watch cases differently. Omega’s case lines are more complex, and Rolex’s are more rounded. The Hornet is the same as the regular Seamaster AT. The sides of the case and the lugs are relatively complicated.
The lugs are divided into three sides. The two sides are brushed, and the middle is polished. The case has many changes in light and shade. These are Features of Omega: the Rolex green glass case, bezel, and lugs are fully polished, and the corners of the case are very rounded. Although other models, such as Submariners, will mainly use brushing, the relatively smooth treatment of the case is a characteristic of Rolex.

Rolex green glass

The dial of the Omega Bumblebee is a combination of yellow and black; the Rolex Green Glass is a combination of orange and green. The time scales and brand logos of both watches are three-dimensional. It should be noted that the Omega Bumblebee, like other Seamaster ATs, uses Omega’s “yacht deck” concept decoration on the disk. There are “deck vertical lines” on the disk, which is lovely. In addition, the antimagnetic standard of “>15000 GAUSS” (greater than 15000 Gauss) is specially written on the Bumblebee disk in yellow, and the antimagnetic standard of MILGAUSS (1000 Gauss) is written on the Rolex green glass in orange.

Of the two watches, the most important is the second hand. Rolex’s green glass is most famous for its “lightning needle.” Rolex has used the lightning-shaped second hand since the first generation of professional antimagnetic watch 6541, then canceled it on the second generation antimagnetic watch 1019, and then restored it on the current green glass 116400. The lightning needle is a significant symbol of Rolex’s antimagnetic watches, and the orange lightning is very cool. The Omega Hornet is aimed at the Rolex Lightning Needle. Your Rolex has a “lightning needle,” and I, Omega, have a “bee needle.” Because there is an arrow at the end of the Omega Seamaster second hand, with yellow and black colors, it is very similar to the poisonous needle on the tail of a bee, very fierce. Although the Bumblebee did not make the second hand into a unique shape like the lightning needle, it changed the color and still looks fierce.

Omega Bumblebee and Rolex Green Glass

Omega’s antimagnetic technology is now absolutely number one in the world.

When I first heard about Omega’s release of the Bumblebee, I was shocked. Antimagnetic 15,000 Gauss, directly 15 times that of the Rolex Lightning Needle! And there is no antimagnetic inner case. I thought at the time that Omega, this Bumblebee, would change the development of mechanical watches. As a result, Omega changed history. The Hornet is Omega’s first watch to use 15,000 Gauss antimagnetic technology and uses the 8508 coaxial movement (60 hours of power). Now, the brothers know that Omega has used 15,000 Gauss antimagnetic technology in most Omega watches.

The 8508 coaxial movement used in the Omega Hornet is the first with 15,000 Gauss antimagnetic capability.

To put it bluntly, Omega’s 15000 Gauss antimagnetic technology means that the movement is made of non-magnetic materials. The hairspring and balance shaft, which are most afraid of magnetic fields, are non-magnetic materials. All movements can be seen through the bottom, and the calendar window can be opened without affecting it. Rolex’s green glass uses the 3135 series movement (3131, 48 hours of power) and uses an antimagnetic inner case. Because I removed the green glass and opened the bottom cover, another bottom cover is inside. I remember there was a letter written on it. “B” is the antimagnetic inner shell. Because the antimagnetic inner case used by Rolex must tightly cover the movement, the calendar window cannot be opened on watches with antimagnetic inner cases, and the pointer sleeves are also made very thin, lest the magnetic field “run in.” If Omega makes a 15,000 Gauss antimagnetic watch, it doesn’t matter. The key is that Omega has mass-produced 15,000 Gauss, which would be awesome. The current Master Coaxial movement is 15,000 gauss antimagnetic, standard on Omega. It does not hinder the watch’s function and the movement’s transparency at all. No other watch brand can compare in terms of antimagnetic, so I must accept it.

The Omega Bumblebee has a transparent bottom (top), and the Rolex green glass has a dense bottom (bottom)

The watch chain is still better than Rolex.

Omega Seamaster’s bracelets, including Bumblebee’s, are similar to Rolex’s Oyster bracelets. The difference is that the Omega bracelet has more links, and the Rolex Oyster has fewer links. This is mainly because the Rolex clasp is very long. The best part of a Rolex watch chain is the buckle. Brothers all know that except for the Oyster Perpetual, other imitation Rolex watch chains can be folded to adjust the length or directly slid to adjust the size. The green glass clasp can be folded at the end to adjust the size. The bumblebee clasp does not have this function. Because of the fine adjustments, Rolex bracelets are more comfortable to use.

Finally, let’s talk about price.

Although Green Glass and Bumblebee are watches with the same function and style, the brothers also know they are not in the same price range. The public price of green glass is RMB 63,200, and the public price of Bumblebee is RMB 48,800. There is a significant price difference. Green glass is also one of the popular products, but compared to watches such as Submariner and blue-black circles, green glass is less prevalent. Therefore, based on factors such as secondary market exchange rates, discounts, and secondhand prices, the actual price of green glass is okay and low.
In contrast, Omega is fine with tight supply. In addition, the public price of Bumblebee is lower, so the actual price is still better than that of green glass. The actual cost of Bumblebee is quite reasonable.

Omega Bumblebee (top) and Rolex green glass (bottom)

Both green glass and Bumblebee watches are beautiful. Green glass is more expensive, while Bumblebee is cheaper. Functionally speaking, the Hornet 15,000 Gauss antimagnetic performance is more robust. Of course, due to its “hunger tactics,” Rolex gives people the feeling that a watch is complicated to find (if you have enough money, you can buy any watch), making it look more awesome. The two watches, Green Glass and Bumblebee are conventional watches with nothing to worry about. I look at my wallet and decide which one is suitable. No one can beat the other. After all, they are both conventional watches.

Engine: Rolex Calibre 2813
Gender: Men’s
Series: Milgauss
Case Thickness: 12mm
Brand: Rolex
Model: m116400gv-0001
Band Width: 20mm
Band Color: Silver-tone

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