The Higher The Swing Frequency Of A Famous Watch, The More Accurate The Travel Time, Rolex Copy Watches

Some players may ask whether the higher the swing frequency of the watch, the more accurate the travel time will be. Let me talk about the conclusion first no.

Rolex 32 series 3255 movement

The balance wheel part of the Rolex 3235 movement. The swing frequency is 28800 times/hour.

The ordinary watches on the market have a swing frequency of 21,600 times/hour and 28,800 times/hour. In addition, the Omega coaxial movement is mainly 25200 times per hour, and the Zenith El Primero movement is 36000 times per hour. Rolex copy watches.

To put it bluntly, Wobble frequency is the number of times the watch moves and the balance wheel swing. For example, 28800 times per hour means the balance wheel swings 28800 times in one hour.

There are 3600 seconds in one hour, 28800 swings in one hour, and eight swings in one second. In one second, the balance wheel swings eight times, which drives the second hand to “vibrate” 8 times, but because the speed is too fast, the naked eye cannot distinguish it. We can see the “smooth” movement of the second hand on the replica watch.

Patek Philippe Caliber 324

Patek Philippe caliber 324 balance wheel, with a swing frequency of 28,800 times per hour.

The swing frequency of 21600 is six times a second, which can be accurate to 1/6 second; the swing frequency of 28800 is eight times a second, which can be accurate to 1/8 second; the swing frequency of 36000 is ten times a second, which can be accurate to 1/10 second. Like Zenith’s el primero movement, it always says 1/10 second; that’s how it came about; that is, the balance wheel swings ten times in 1 second, driving the second hand to “vibrate” 10 times (dividing 1 second into ten parts is 1/10 second).

Some players may say, what’s the matter with seeing swing frequencies 3HZ, 4HZ, and 5HZ occasionally (HZ means Hertz)? This changes the previous 21600, 28800, and 36000 expressions (changing a unit). 28800 means that the balance wheel swings eight times per second. The balance wheel is round and swings eight times to the left and right. Now, one cycle is counted from the left to the right, four cycles, which is 4HZ (4 Hz). So 28800 is 4HZ swinging eight times per second. That’s how it came about.

L951.6 manual chronograph movement used by Lange DATO

The balance wheel part of the Lange L951.6 movement has a swing frequency of 18,000 times per hour.

Twenty-one thousand six hundred means 3HZ swings six times per second, 28800 means 4HZ swings eight times per second, and 36000 standards 5HZ swings ten times per second.

What impact does the swing frequency have on the travel time of famous watches?

The higher the swing frequency, the better the travel time. The reason is that the higher the swing frequency, the faster the balance wheel swings, and the watch is less likely to be affected by wrist swings and external vibrations when worn on the wrist. If the swing frequency is low, the balance wheel swings slowly, and it is easy to be vibrated by the outside world, which affects the balance wheel frequency. That’s all. But the swing frequency of famous watches is mainly 21600, 25200, 28800, and 36000, and the difference could be more apparent. Like the 18000 swing frequency common in antique clocks in the past, it is rare in famous watches (there is a special Lange DATO with an 18000 swing frequency). Therefore, the swing frequency 36000 is more accurate than the watches of 28800 and 21600; there is no such thing. The Rolex movement is 28800, and the Omega movement is mainly 25200, both of which are ultra-accurate watches.

In the typical situation now, if there is no bump or drop affecting the watch’s travel time, the most important thing is to maintain it.

Jaeger-LeCoultre 849 movement

Jaeger-LeCoultre 849 movement balance part, swing frequency 21600 times/hour

Why can’t the pendulum frequency of famous watches be higher?

The mass-produced watches of mainstream famous watches have the highest swing frequency of 36000. The most representative are Zenith el primero, Grand Seiko’s 9S8 series movement, and Blancpain F385 chronograph movement. These are all movements with a swing frequency of 36000.

Is there a watch with a higher swing frequency now? Yes, but many are concept watches or models with small output (excluding the 10HZ timing parts used as particular timing in Zenith DEFY 21). This is because when the wobble frequency reaches a certain level, some problems will appear instead.

Zenith el primero movement, swing frequency 36000 times/hour

  1. The higher the swing frequency, the more complicated the lubricating oil required by the movement and the shorter the maintenance interval for the campaign. This is why the maintenance cost of a sign with a swing frequency of 36000 is relatively high. The type of lubrication used by the Zenith el primero movement exceeds that of ordinary watches.
  2. The higher the swing frequency, the more power loss. This is why high swing frequency watch tends to have a relatively low power reserve. Some movements deliberately reduce the swing frequency to increase the watch’s power. Like some long-power movements, the swing frequency 21600 is intentionally used to minimize power loss.

Omega 8900 movement

Omega 8800/8900 movement because Omega uses a unique coaxial escapement, so it has a swing frequency of 25200.

Therefore, to consider factors such as precision, durability, and power storage, movements like the early 18,000 swing frequency per hour have been gradually eliminated (Langer DATO has a swing frequency of 18,000, which is unique). In the mass-produced watches of mainstream famous watches, when the swing frequency goes up, that is, to 36,000 times/hour, a higher swing frequency is no longer popular. My favorite eyes are mainly 21600, 25200, 28800, and 36000.

Series: Daytona
Gender: Men’s
Model: m116509-0071
Brand: Rolex
Band Length: 19cm
Case Color: Silver-tone
Band Width: 20mm

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