Second-generation Rolex Magnetic Type, Who Makes The Best Replica Watches

The second generation Milgauss Ref.1019 was produced around 1959. Compared with the first generation Ref.6541, its appearance has changed dramatically. In addition, the shape of the second hand is also different from other generations of magnetic models. It uses a slender straight needle instead of a lightning needle, which is also one of its most apparent features. As an aside, this series disappeared from Rolex’s official website in 2023.

The Ref. 1019 produced in 1967 shared this time is a scarce early black dial. Its circulation has decreased sharply in recent years, and both silver and black dials are complicated to encounter. As everyone knows, when the Milgauss was released, the demand was initially more minor than that of sports models. Although the original production volume was relatively small, it had a long production period, which did not end until 1988 with the prefix R. During this period, There was also a short-term production gap period. There are many exciting features. The dial has many variations among the models with only 2-color dials, so it is still beautiful.

Let’s first take a look at the dial of the shared picture. The small time scale is very characteristic of the early days. The most miniature scale in the picture is 0.2 seconds. In the 1980s, the most miniature scale was 0.5 seconds. The silver printing is also very eye-catching. I like that there are no noticeable scratches, so the dial is in excellent condition. Tritium luminous also uses a unique coating method. Most antique watches have the phenomenon of luminous falling off, and the one in the picture only has a slight lack of luminous at the 10 o’clock position. The important hands are at a mountain-shaped angle, which can confirm that they are original accessories. If they are replaced, the overall atmosphere will immediately become different. Who makes the best replica watches?

Although the case has some traces of polishing, its full shape retains its original appearance. If this is the first time you see Ref. 1019 or the first time you touch it, you will be surprised by the thickness of its case. If the bezel is deformed due to polishing, the case of Ref. 1019 will not look so full, and the whole will become very rounded. Therefore, an undeformed bezel is beautiful. The strap is a 7206 Swiss rivet strap with a grain number 80. The connection between the straps is very tight and does not feel loose. The number on the buckle is 1967, which matches the year of the strap. It is equipped with a perfect strap. The best match for watches in the 1960s is the rivet strap. Milgauss has minimal circulation, so more information about it must be provided. Some watchers believe that it is a particular model. This specialness refers not only to its performance but also to the fact that it was only produced once it was discontinued in 1988. period. The only model with no rules for back cover design is Milgauss. These exciting features are also the charm of Milgauss. Swiss replica watches.

Engine: Rolex Calibre 2813
Gender: Men’s
Series: Milgauss
Case Thickness: 12mm
Brand: Rolex
Model: m116400gv-0001
Band Width: 20mm
Band Color: Silver-tone

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