A Breakdown Of The Combination Of Watch Brands And Ocean Charity, Fake Watch

The suggestion that watch brands have a relationship with the ocean has been around for a long time, especially those famous for their dive watches. On the one hand, these watch brands provide safe timing equipment for divers, deep-sea exploration, and other personnel. On the other hand, they spare no effort to cooperate with the government and marine protection organizations and devote themselves to public welfare actions to protect the ocean.


“DEEPSEA CHALLENGE 3D,” released by National Geographic magazine, records explorer and filmmaker James Cameron’s expedition to reach the deepest part of the ocean. Rolex has launched a new Deepsea diving watch to cooperate with this expedition. Unlike ordinary diving watches, the Deepsea diving watch can withstand extremely high water pressure and is waterproof to 3,000 meters. Its 44 mm Oyster-style case features The patented Ringlock system for tightening, which not only exceeds the most stringent requirements of professional divers but also sets a new standard for sturdiness, precision, practicality, and reliability. What’s even more unique is that it is equipped with a “D-blue” gradient dial that represents the deep sea, which is very beautiful. Swiss replica watches.


In 2011, Omega collaborated with the Better Planet Foundation and its founder, Yann Arthus-Bertrand, to film the documentary “Ocean Universe” to show the world’s greatest natural mysteries on Earth. Inspire humans to protect the natural environment. The two parties have launched two environmental protection projects in Indonesia called “Time for the Planet.” The Better Planet Foundation and Omega have set up two projects to restore and protect Indonesia’s coast. The two three-year projects, “Protect the Earth, Start Now,” are being promoted in partnership with local environmental activists to safeguard crucial natural heritage and protect local economic activity.


When it comes to Blancpain, we have to mention its Fifty Fathoms watch. Blancpain has specially set up the “Blancpain Blancpain Hans Haas Fifty Fathoms Award.” This award has been in existence for ten years. Previous winners include:

  • American deep-sea explorer and famous film director James Cameron.
  • Five-time Emmy Award winner.
  • American ocean photographer Stan Waterman.
  • A marine scientist.
  • Chief National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration scientist West Sylvia Earl et al.

In 2014, the winner of the “Blancpain Hans Haas Fifty Fathoms Award” was China’s “Jiaolong” manned submersible (the “Jiaolong” manned submersible is a deep-sea manned submersible designed and independently developed by my country. submersible). Afterward, Blancpain officially became a strategic partner of my country’s “Rainbow Fish” project, using its resources to help rapidly advance the “Rainbow Fish 11,000-meter” full-ocean deep-operated submersible scientific research project. Moreover, Blancpain has also sponsored scientific research projects, including National Geographic’s “Primitive Ocean Expedition Plan” and the Coelacanth Expedition Research Project.


The Galapagos Islands are 1,000 kilometers from the South American continent and are one of the last natural paradises on Earth. The Darwin Foundation (CDF) has maintained the island’s sensitive ecosystems since 1964. For more than 50 years, the Darwin Foundation stationed in the Galapagos Islands has been promoting the uniqueness of the islands to tourists and providing tourists with protection of the ecological environment. Conduct Guidelines. At the same time, the foundation also ensures that the waters are not infringed upon and that the island’s animals are prevented from falling prey to introduced poachers or predators. Hundreds of scientists and volunteers conduct scientific research to protect the flora and fauna here. The operation of the Darwin Foundation and the Darwin Research Station mainly relies on donations from all walks of life. Since 2009, IWC has provided a large amount of funding for the foundation’s environmental protection work, and in 2014, it launched the marine timepiece “Galapagos Islands” edition chronograph watch; part of its sales will also fund the Darwin Research Station. Fake watch.


Manta rays are one of the many marine species whose survival is seriously threatened due to overfishing. The Manta Trust, a charity organization from the United Kingdom, conserves and protects the living environment of endangered manta rays. It has been operating for more than 20 years. Countries implement conservation programs. The Swiss watch brand Bucherer maintained a cooperative relationship with the “Manta Ray Foundation” many years ago and fully supports the foundation’s manta ray conservation plan. 


The relationship between Oris and marine charity can be traced back to 2010. Since 2010, Oris has cooperated with as many as eight non-profit marine environmental organizations and has launched limited edition commemorative watches with these marine ecological organizations. The profits from the sale of watches are used as a fund to fund environmental projects. This year, Oris teamed up with the French shark conservation organization Pelagios Kakunjá and the international coral restoration foundation Coral Restoration to launch the Oris hammerhead shark watch, which is limited to 2,000 pieces, and the staghorn coral watch, which is also limited to 2,000 pieces. Participate in projects to protect endangered hammerhead sharks and artificial coral replantation.

The ocean is the origin of life. It is indispensable not only for us but also for life on Earth to survive. It is also urgent to protect the marine environment. I believe that in the future, more watchmaking brands will invest in public welfare activities to protect the aquatic environment.

Case Color: Silver-tone
Series: Sea-Dweller
Model: 116660-98210
Gender: Men’s
Band Width: 22mm
Brand: Rolex
Movement: Automatic
Case Thickness: 18mm

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