Rolex’s New Fake Watch, “Exploration II”, Past And Present

Last year, the most anticipated new Rolex product by fake watch fans worldwide was released. Unsurprisingly, as everyone guessed before, last year was the 50th anniversary of the Explorer II series, and a new Ref.226570 will be launched.

The new version has the following changes:

  1. The appearance continues the design of Ref.216570, and the case size is still 42 mm. It’s just that the lugs are thinner, and like the new water ghost released last year, it is the design language of a new generation of Rolex.
  2. Equipped with a new generation of Rolex 32 series movement, the main change is that the power reserve time is increased from 48 hours to 70 hours. Because the fake watch changed the direction, an additional Rolex small crown was added in the middle of the Swiss Made words at 6 o’clock on the dial.
  3. The hour and minute hands of the black-faced version of the old Ref.216570 are “black and white”, while the new Ref.226570 is replaced with all-silver white. The hour and minute hands of the white-faced version of the old Ref.216570 are painted black, and the new Ref.226570 is replaced with a matte electroplating blackening process.

For a long time, the Explorer series, whether it is the first or the second, has had a relatively low presence in the fake watch circle. So today, in addition to sharing the news of the new Tan II, let’s review its past life.

The first generation: Ref.1655

The Rolex Explorer series was born in 1953 and is the earliest sports fake watch series of Rolex.

In 1971, Rolex released the Explorer II, commonly known as “Explorer 2”. It adds a 24-hour hand and a 24-hour graduated outer ring to facilitate accurate day and night identification in extreme environments, such as spelunking.39 mm steel case, equipped with Cal.1570 movement. The first-generation probe does not have a second time zone display function because the fake watch cannot adjust the orange 24-hour hand separately.

Second generation: Ref.16550

In 1985, Rolex released the second-generation probe, and this revision affected the subsequent decades.

First, the iconic Mercedes-Benz needle of Rolex has been replaced, which is more family heritage;

Second, it is equipped with a 30-series movement and adds a GMT function. People can adjust the red hand on the fake watch separately, and the non-rotating 24-hour scale outer ring can display the second time zone.

In addition, the case diameter was increased to 40 mm, a sapphire crystal was used, and a white dial was introduced. This generation of Ref.16550 has a unique cream dial model, which is beautiful and rare, so it has become the object sought after by collectors.

The third generation: Ref.16570

The production cycle of the second generation Ref.16550 is concise, only four years, from 1985 to 1989.

In 1989, Rolex released the third-generation Ref.16570, which has not changed much compared with Ref.16550. It is still a 40mm steel case, mainly because the movement has been upgraded from the 30 series to the 31 series.

The production cycle of the third-generation Ref.16570 is super long, reaching 22 years, and a large number of existing products leads to its low collection value.

Fourth generation: Ref.216570

In 2011, the 40th anniversary of the Explorer II, Rolex released the fourth-generation Ref.216570.

The changes in this generation are a bit obvious. First, the case size increased from the original 40 mm to 42 mm, becoming the “Big Mac” then; secondly, people enlarged the dial scale and pointer size and replaced the GMT needle with a larger size. They were striking all orange. The fattening appearance was widely criticized when it was first released, aside from the orange needle. Ten years later, it is not ugly anymore; everyone is more accepting of large-sized sports replica watches.

Rolex is not a revolutionary brand, and the updates of each generation of products have a historical inheritance. Therefore, the configuration and appearance of the fifth-generation Tan II Ref.226570 are only fine-tuned, which is all expected.

Range:Explorer II
Case_size:40 MM
Bracelet_material:Steel (OysterLock)
Water_resistance:Water Resistant
Detailed address:

Range:Explorer II
Case_size:42 MM
Bracelet_material:Steel (Oyster)
Water_resistance:Water Resistant
Detailed address:

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