Cheap Rolex Replica Datejust Ii 116333 Watch Appreciation

Rolex has always been based on stability and durability, which is the essential thing about Tag Heuer replica watches as a product. It is undeniable that each series of cheap Rolex replica is widely recognized for this. This time, the editor will introduce the Datejust II watch, one of the two formal models in cheap Rolex replica. This series was born in 2009. The most significant difference from the previous Datejust watch is that the 3136 movements are used instead of the first generation. Caliber 3135, and the size has increased to 41mm, more in line with the wrist size of modern men. The 116333 watch is a very classic one of the Datejust II and is also one of the most popular models. Its symbolic elements are the pitted bezel, the Oyster strap, and the gold material.

● Appearance/Material

The triangular pit bezel is the iconic bezel element of cheap Rolex replica. It is just decoration in the Datejust and Day-Date, but it has its role in other models such as the Sky-Dweller. The log shape presented by the triangular pit bezel will be more masculine and individual, while the dome shape will be more gentle.

Another feature of this watch is the blue Roman hour markers. There are roughly three fonts in all Rolex Roman hour markers, but the font on this watch is currently the most used. Color fonts are rare in the whole cheap Rolex replica watch. Due to the particularity of color, the overall look and feel of the watch are more personalized.

The material of this watch is made of 904L stainless steel with gold. The gold in the middle of the chain is polished by a mirror, presenting a unique metallic texture. Cheap Rolex replica has a total of three kinds of straps, the Oyster strap, the commemorative strap, the presidential strap, and this is the oyster strap, which is relatively flat. The commemorative belt is very recognizable because of its multi-row chain links. The chain links are semi-cylindrical, more royal style.

● Movement

The movement uses the brand’s self-made 3136 signals. In contrast to the 3135, which uses the previous KIF, it is evident that the brand patented accessory buckling shock absorber is used. According to official data, the Paraflex shock absorber is in actual performance. 50% stronger than KIF. The new version of the self-produced movement, the hairspring part, is made of the brand’s patented blue paramagnetic alloy material, which is very good in shock resistance and anti-magnetic. A long time ago, cheap Rolex replica tested the currently very hot silicon hairspring, but silicon is brittle and brittle, so it was abandoned, and people developed the current Parachrom hairspring.

● Summary

Cheap Rolex replica has become the overlord in the watch industry, and the most fundamental thing is to rely on excellent products. Even with an annual output of 1 million, it can still ensure the superb quality of each watch. No brand can do this. Among the 11 models of the current brand, the Datejust II is the representative work in the formal wear watch. Although it has only been launched just five years, it has quickly won the market. After increasing its size, more people can wear it. Live.

Overall, this cheap Rolex replica watch embodies a relatively elegant style, and the overall design reflects a solid log-type II formal, casual element.

Range:Datejust II
Case_size:41 MM
Case_material:Steel & Yellow Gold
Bracelet_material:Steel & Yellow Gold (Oyster)
Dial_type:Grey Roman Numeral
Water_resistance:Water Resistant
Detailed address:

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