Rolex Greenwich II Series 116713 Discount Replica Watch

All labor fans know that the Rolex Greenwich discount replica watch is specially designed for professional use. Its unparalleled functionality and design make it widely favored by tourists simultaneously. In addition to being equipped with time displays in different time zones, the solid material and easy-to-match appearance of the Greenwich watch are suitable for wearing when traveling around the world and for attending any occasion.

Waterproof performance For those who will never dive, 100 meters is enough, and Greenwich is relatively balanced. You can also check the time zone when you are on a business trip in the future, and it is more convenient to communicate with foreign customers to check the time difference.

The most prominent feature is that the replica watch can display the time in 3 time zones.

It is said that professionals will set the fat needle with the head of Daben as the local (home) time and the green needle as the GMT. You can easily read the corresponding 24-hour time by aligning it with the outside scale. And when you change the time zone, you only need to turn the outer dial correspondingly, GMT-rotate clockwise, GMT+ counterclockwise, but this discount replica watch has a disadvantage, that is, it can only match time zones that are multiples of 1, that is to say if you go to India (GMT+5:30) Either you don’t go, or you should change to an electronic GMT watch.

First, adjust the green hand (24-hour hand) to the time in the +8 time zone, and then adjust the time in the +8 time zone of the big galloping hand accordingly. If you are going to travel abroad, you can easily adjust the big running hand to increase or decrease the hour as appropriate. For example, if you know Thailand is one hour behind China, you can change the big running hand back one notch. If you are in Thailand, you can discount replica watch the big running needle, and if you want to know the domestic time, you can look at the green arrow. Why do you adjust it this way? Because the first click when the crown is pulled out is to change the big needle. The big Ben needle is directly related to the date, so when you are in Thailand, when the green arrow points to 1 AM, Big Ben has just arrived at midnight, and the date is precisely +1 day. Except for emigration or long-term exhaustion, the green needle must not be adjusted again. Save yourself the effort.

Range:GMT Master II
Model:116713 LN
Case_size:40 MM
Case_material:Steel & Yellow Gold
Bracelet_material:Steel & Yellow Gold (OysterLock)
Water_resistance:Water Resistant

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