Buy Replica Rolex 218238-83218 Gold Labor Watch

Rolex 218238-83218 is an out-and-out gold labor. The case and bracelet made of 18k gold are elegant and luxurious. When the triangular pitted bezel was first applied to the Oyster outer ring, it played a waterproof role. The outer ring and the triangular pitted pattern on the back cover of the case have the same function and appearance. Over time, the outer ring has been improved to the point where it is only mounted on the crystal glass and the case by friction in the later stage, but now this technology is just a persistent expression of the aesthetics of Rolex watches. The standard three-pin configuration for formal wear looks noble and generous. There are 10 diamond-studded hour markers on the 41mm gold dial, and there is a buy replica Rolex logo below the 12 o’clock position. The overall beautiful and generous appearance is enough to conquer any occasion that requires formal attire.

The Rolex 218238 watch comes from the Rolex Day-Date series, and Rolex’s Day-Date series fake watches are more eye-catching watches. The birth of the Rolex day-date watch is still relatively late. The first day-date watch came out in 2008. That watch inherits the traditional watchmaking technology. It not only has the function of displaying the calendar and the day, but also adds the function of language. In the following years, Rolex Day-Date watches produced many excellent watches one after another, and buy replica Rolex 218238 is one of them.

Rolex 218238-83218 adopts the classic appearance of buy replica Rolex, which is a symbol of excellent water resistance. Rolex’s gold is also made by itself, and the molding, processing, and polishing are all carefully taken care of to make the gold shine. This watch has no complex timing function, only a simple dual calendar display function. Nowadays, both white-collar workers and nerds are used to checking the date through mobile phones and computers. The calendar seems to be no longer so important, but as a loyal watch fan, it is absolutely irreplaceable. You must know that the thinking and time conveyed by machinery Ideas that electronics can never match. In addition, a shiny gold Rolex can bring you enough aura and become the focus of everyone. Compared with the ordinary three-pin, Rolex DD looks more business and formal, so whether you are attending a business occasion or a formal dinner, it is It will be one of the ideal table selections.

Range:Day-Date II
Case_size:41 MM
Case_material:Yellow Gold
Bracelet_material:Yellow Gold (President)
Dial_type:Champagne Baton
Water_resistance:Water Resistant
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