Rolex 2023, A Timeless Classic Masterpiece, A Fake Rolex Watch

At the “Watches and Miracles” Haute Horlogerie Fair on March 27 this year, Rolex released a variety of masterpieces. Here are six of them.


Oyster Perpetual Day-Date 36

This is one of the three new Oyster Perpetual Day-Date 36 watches launched by Rolex this year. The first recommendation is because of the green aventurine dial against the 18K eternal rose gold.

The presence of gemstone dials in many Rolex watches is not tiny. Counting carefully, Rolex should have presented hundreds of different configurations of gemstone dials over the years. Because the texture of each gemstone is different, each gemstone disk is unique and cannot be copied.

Rolex has presented them individually, from lapis lazuli to malachite to agate, turquoise, mother-of-pearl, and even a meteorite disk. Still, this year’s appearance of this green aventurine is equally stunning.

We know that one of the most valuable parts of a Rolex is the dial, and green dials are extremely rare. This green aventurine dial is surrounded by an 18K eternal rose gold case and is inlaid with 18K pink gold as hands and Roman numerals. This configuration is also uncommon.

Since the Rolex Day-Date in 1956 became the world’s first calendar watch with a curved window at noon to display the entire day of the week, this year’s new Day-Date 36 is the same as usual, with a curved window at noon. The clock shows the week in full (and offers 26 languages to choose from).

The date is easily read under the small window magnifying glass at 3 o’clock.

Finally, let’s look at the iconic “head of state strap” of the day-date type (because many political figures, presidents, and visionaries worldwide have worn the day-date style, and its strap is so recognizable. ).

Three solid links, the middle link is polished and full of luster, and the surface of the external link is frosted; the whole strap shows a sense of high-end luxury.

It has a Rolex 3255 movement, within plus or minus 2 seconds per day, and a 70-hour power reserve.

Like all Rolex watches, the Oyster Perpetual Day-Date 36 was also certified by Rolex in 2015 as a Superlative Observatory.

This unique title proves that each watch has successfully passed a series of tests by the Rolex laboratory, and its accuracy is much higher than the standard of precision timepieces certified by the Swiss official observatory, enjoying a five-year global warranty. Fake rolex watch.


Oyster Perpetual 31, 36 and 41

At first glance, this year’s new Oyster Perpetual seems quite different from the series that has been around since 1926. This dial, full of colorful bubbles, has a very celebratory feel.

It is the same gem dial but with a blue lacquer effect on turquoise, full of bubbles in candy pink, turquoise blue, yellow, coral red, and green.

Who says Rolex is a conservative watchmaker? Rolex is also interesting and fun, from this series’s butterflies, palms, and flower patterns in recent years to this year’s most colorful multicolored bubbles.

The watch with colorful bubbles is no longer a daily time display tool but also shows the lively atmosphere we need every day: happiness, peace, eternity, gratitude, faith, love, and hope.

The watch inherits all the excellent qualities of the Oyster Perpetual series-precision timing, waterproof Oyster case, perpetual oscillating weight, and self-winding movement. Swiss replica watches store.

This Oyster steel model guarantees a waterproof depth of 100 meters, solid and reliable. This should also prove the Rolex in my mind. It is innovative, precise, and exquisite. Look at this polished stainless steel, which is as beautiful as a smooth mirror.

I also like the baguette-shaped hour markers of this watch, made of 18K white gold, and the Rolex crown at noon is neatly integrated into the celebration.


Oyster Perpetual Voyager

The Long Voyager is a high-end watch specially designed by Rolex for people traveling around the world.

This series is considered the most complex watch of Rolex because it has a 24-hour second-time zone circle and a magnifying glass calendar, which has a high degree of recognition. Three new watches have been launched this year——

An 18K Everose gold model with an Oyster bracelet and an elegant turquoise dial.

White Rolesor with a fresh mint green dial.

18K white gold case, shiny black dial version with black rubber Oysterflex strap.

There are four characters on the dial: the first line is SKY-DWELLER. A dweller, in the English interpretation, is a person who inhabits a particular place.

In the world of Rolex, only two watches use the word, DWELLER, one is the Deepsea SEA-DWELLER with a water resistance of 3900 meters, and the other is the SKY-DWELLER in today’s two places. This also shows the position of the vertical navigator in the Rolex family.

The second line is the OYSTER PERPETUAL waterproof certification, 100 meters waterproof.

The third and fourth lines are: SUPERLATIVE CHRONOMETER OFFICIALLY CERTIFIED Super Observatory certification.

This year, the three new vertical navigators are equipped with the 9002 movements, an innovation, and an upgrade based on the 9001 movements. One characteristic of Rolex is that all its changes are gradual, improving step by step to move work better.

The 9001 model is already one of the complex functional movements designed by Rolex. It has been mounted on the Long Sailer since it came out in 2012. It has outstanding performance in terms of accuracy, reliability, power reserve, and ease of use.

This time, the 9002 model is upgraded with the Rolex patented Chronergy escapement system.

This escapement is made of nickel-phosphorus alloy and is not disturbed by strong magnetic fields. Even if the temperature changes, the hairspring still works very stably.

In addition, the hairspring balance wheel assembly is equipped with the high-performance Paraflex cushioning device designed and patented by Rolex, which further improves the movement’s shock resistance and reflects the spirit of Rolex in pursuit of excellence.

The daily travel time error is within plus or minus two seconds, and the power reserve is 70 hours.

The shape of the vertical sailer remains unchanged, with a diameter of 42 mm and a thickness of 14 mm. This thickness is also acceptable to accommodate the most complicated Rolex 9002 movement. The weight is also good. After you start, you will be attracted by its functionality and ignore the others.

The red arrow under the crown points to the time in the second time zone of the 24-hour circle, and it is also very convenient to adjust the time. After pulling out the crown, turn the bezel to the far left to adjust the time in the second time zone, and the local time pointer will follow.

Turning the bezel to the middle makes the 24-hour circle rotate accordingly by adjusting the time when the watch is located. When the bezel is turned to the far right, it is the calendar adjustment under the magnifying glass at 3 o’clock.

At the same time, this watch can also display the month. Have you seen the small box on the top of the time scale? When the month of the location appears, the tiny box will light up red, and the current date of the watch is August 28.

Such a function surprised me when I saw it a few years ago. The patented Ring Command system hidden under the triangular pitted bezel connects the innovative interface of the rotating outer ring, winding crown, and movement so that the wearer can adjust the various timekeeping functions of the watch quickly, easily, and safely great.

At the same time, this watch is also equipped with another exquisite patented device of Rolex-the Saros calendar. It can automatically distinguish between 30-day or 31-day months and display the time correctly throughout the year. Only March 1 of each year needs to be adjusted because February has only 28 or 29 days.

Generally speaking, the Oyster Perpetual Navigator is full of playability, and it is also the watch that I have “appreciated” for the longest time on the spot.


Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master 42

This is the second Rolex watch made of RLX titanium. Given the large size of the first one, it is suitable for collection rather than wearing, so this one in 2023 can also be understood as a Rolex watch. The brand’s first “normal-sized” wearable RLX titanium watch.

Rolex watches have never been designed with “lightness” as their design requirement. Most of their eyes are heavy, primarily precious metal watches. We like the heavy feeling of them on the hand.

But since the first RLX titanium watch launched in 2019, we have been looking forward to its upgraded version. Because as an ultra-light alloy, RLX titanium is light, strong, and corrosion-resistant, which is very suitable for the case.

The large size of 42 mm and the lighter weight endowed by RLX titanium will give Rolex more room to play.

One of the most challenging aspects of making RLX titanium watches is the surface treatment and polishing of titanium. On this Yacht-Master 42 watch, Rolex should have put a lot of effort into polishing titanium to make the eye look brand new (this treatment is so good that it almost reaches the texture of a Rolex steel watch).

The frosted texture can be seen on the middle case’s side and the buckle cover’s side on the edge of the strap links. The chamfers on the top edges of the lugs are shining, bright, and shiny, and the position of the crown shoulder guard has been polished, showing the fine processing skills of top watches everywhere.

The dial is the matte black dial of the Yacht-Master style that we are familiar with. The oversized two-way rotating outer ring is matched with the same flat black Cerachrom ceramic word circle, and the reading time and date are precise at a glance.

Therefore, this watch is also the critical watch of Rolex this year. It is rare to polish the surface of titanium metal to be as perfect as stainless steel and return to the average wearable size.

I look forward to more series and styles of RLX titanium in future Rolex watches.


Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona

Before the new watch was unveiled this year, we were curious. 2023 is an essential year for Rolex. On the 60th anniversary of the birth of the Cosmograph Daytona, which established the brand’s legendary status, what kind of commemorative watches will Rolex launch?

On the 60th anniversary of this year, Rolex released a new Cosmograph, Daytona, which is also a gradual change to optimize the watch.

The devil is in the details, the 40mm diameter remains the same, and Rolex redesigned the Oyster case to enlarge the lugs, make the overall outline more prominent, and look more modern.

This year, the ice blue plate with a transparent back has attracted much attention. The 18K gold automatic rotor can be seen through the case back. On the plywood of the 4131 movements, you can see the Rolex Côtes de Genève, with micro-polished pits dotted between the adjacent patterns; the bottom layer is decorated with fish scales, and a large number of brushed and chamfered treatments are top Rolex—the embodiment of watchmaking craftsmanship.

This time, on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Cosmograph Daytona, it is rare for Rolex to show you all the details of a professional sports watch for the first time.


Perpetual 1908

1908 is the year that Rolex founder Hans Wilsdorf named Rolex and registered the Rolex trademark in Switzerland, so this series is not only a new Rolex formal watch, but its style also brings us back to a century ago.

Both traditional elegance and modern style.

With a size of 39 mm, the dial design is simple and elegant, with an 18K case, hour markers, Arabic numerals, and hands. There is a small circle at the end of the hour hand, and the minute hand is shaped like a double-edged sword. At first glance, it is exquisite that every part has been exquisitely designed.

There is small seconds dial at 6 o’clock, and the words “Superlative Chronometer” (Superlative Chronometer) are written in the curved window above. Equipped with the 7140 movement, 50 meters waterproof, and 66 hours of power storage, the daily travel time error does not exceed plus or minus two seconds.

The perfectly polished double frame and the outer ring with a triangular pit pattern identify Rolex at a glance. Combined with the round arch design, the slim case also has a beautiful curve from the side.

Looking at such a watch, you will imagine that the aesthetic style 1908 may be like this. It is so expensive and elegant that every place feels just right.

Moreover, the Perpetual 1908 is also a transparent watch because it is well done and shows you the minor details of the movement.

During the media viewing of the watch that day, Rolex even removed the strap, allowing everyone to enjoy their polishing process! Really, under the ordinary hotel lights, the whole movement looks as if it is glowing by itself!

This is Rolex, committed to perfecting each component, delving into various technologies, striving to master the watchmaking process thoroughly, and finally presenting a variety of new masterpieces.

Gender: Men’s
Dial Color: Silver Dial
Case Thickness: 15mm
Band Width: 20mm
Series: Cellini
Model: m50525-0008
Band Color: Brown
Brand: Rolex
Case Size: 39mm

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